How to Study Accounting Successfully

Your Goals in Studying the course

1-2 Skill Set Required to be Successful in Business world are: SKILL SET Technical / Analytical Skills Communication Skills Personal/Self Skills Interpersonal Skills .

Teaching Learning Cycle Meaning and Objectives PreviewPreview Learning Objectives Assign Present Read 1-3 Test Teaching/ Learning Cycle Learning objective Structure Learning Cycle Teaching Cycle .

MY INSTRUCTION TO THE STUDENTS 1-4 Read and understand the learning objectives carefully Study your courseoutline and know the rules of the course Realize that in this course each session builds on the previous one .

1-5 Learning Aids  Textbook cases  Corporate Insights and Decision Points  Power-point inputs lecture  Review and reinforcement  Presentations and reports .

1-6 Grading 11 point grading scale .

• Pre-class preparation.1-7 On time Presence and class participation Coach respects punctuality and time on task. . • After allowing two grace absences. Just follow the rule here. Quality of In-class enquiries. • Attendance will be taken as class begins or at the end and again if required. • No exceptions save the certified illness. approach or discuss the issue with the instructor. Quality of answers and the In-class body language all will be useful for getting your class participation marks. tardiness or early departure for any reason or situations including illness. There is no reason to email. job interviews. each additional absence. tardiness or early departure will cost you 1 point. • On time presence in the class is essential to an effective learning environment.

1-8 Evaluation Scheme Continuous Evaluation Class participation in Cases:10marks  Project :10marks  Quizzes: 20 marks Assignments &Books of Accounts/Reflective notes marks nil but mandatory to maintain  Mid term Assessment : 30marks  End term Examination: 30 marks  .

. GET SET ………………….1-9 SO ON YOUR MARKS…….


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