Invention vs.

There are different terms used in the Quran related to making of things: (1) Amr: This refers to Allah’s DIRECTION to something “to Be or Become” [2:17; 36:82; 40:68] (2) Bid’a: It refers to ORIGINATION or coming into existence out of nothing. The relevant Allah’s attribute is Al-Bad’ee [2:117; 6:101] (3) Fitra: it refers to the CONSTITUION or NATURE the things would attain after creation. The relevant Allah’s attribute is Al-Faatir [6:14; 12:101; 14:10; 35:1; 39:46; 42:11] (4) Khalq: It refers to CREATION of the physical constitution from things already existing. The relevant Allah’s attribute is Al-Khaliq [59:24]. [Khulq refers not to the physical constitution but the inner character]. (5) Tabri’a: It refers to PERFECTING a thing after initial creation. The relevant Allah’s attribute is Al-Baari [59:24] (6) Tasweer: It refers to SHAPING or FORMING a thing into its final form. The relevant Allah’s attribute is Al-Musawwir [59:24] The word “Bid’a” is also used for INVENTION by humans. The word “Khalq” is also used for INNOVATION by humans. INVENTION may be defined as the creation of a product, a process, a service, a basic idea or a basic principle for the first time. INNOVATION occurs if someone improves on or makes a significant contribution toan existing product, process, service, idea or principle. As far as Islam is concerned, all the fundamental principles and basic laws are perfected by the Almighty Allah in the Quran [5:3]. There is no need for further INVENTION or Bid’a in this regard. However, INNOVATIONS may be made in WAYS and MEANS for better implementing the fundamental principles and the basic laws given by the Almighty

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