Questions 1 to 25 will be based on the text given below.
Of the older generation in my family, the one whom I remember most fondly is my maternal grandma.
She is the youngest child of a family of ten. She has five sisters and two brothers. She is in her late sixties
but she looks as fit and as young as a woman in her forties.
Although a pure Chinese, Grandma looks a little like a Eurasian. She has an oval-shaped face
with fair complexion, short curly grey hair and large brown eyes. The first thing that you would notice
about her is her warm and friendly smile. She is the kind of person you would turn to for help and she
never lets you down. Grandma is very careful about how she looks. So, no one has ever caught her
looking disheveled. She believes that a person should dress up neatly to face the challenges of the day.
She tells us that being able to be with us every day of her life is a great blessing.
In spite of her age, Grandma has an abundance of energy. She is always busy with something,
like helping a relative out or going out with her friends or doing social work. Her favourite hobby is line
dancing. She goes for line dancing twice a week. On the days she does not go dancing, she enjoys
reading and watching her favourite movies.
When I grow old, I hope I will be as happy and contented with life as she is.
Choose the best answer from the options A, B, C and D. (10 marks)
1. The writer’s maternal grandma is

2. Which of the following tells you

A. his mother’s mother

that the writer’s grandma gets along

B. his father’s mother

well with others?

C. his father’s grandmother

A. She enjoys line dancing

D. his mother’s grandmother

B. She is the youngest in the family.
C. She is very careful about her looks.
D. She spends a lot of time with


Curly hair 9. Which expression tells you that the have? writer’s grandma is a very active A. once every fortnight D. Fair complexion B. How many siblings does the writer’s grandma 4. except Grandma? A. she is the kind of person one can turn C. ‘has an abundance of energy’ 5. two times a week to for help D. Which one of the following does not describe 8. Round face D. 68 A. doing social work D. Line Dancing 2 D. Seven C. Two person? B. My Family .3. Short hair C. What could possibly be Grandma’s age? 10. A. Five A. travelling B. 61 B. 48 C. ‘with fair complexion’ C. helping a relative C. she has a warm and friendly smile B. ‘never lets you down’ D. The writer’s grandma goes for fond of her grandma except line dancing A. line dancing A. ‘warm and friendly smile’ D. Choose the best title for the passage. Honesty is the Best Policy B. Below are the reasons the writer is 6. every day B. she likes to spend a lot of time grooming herself 7. Nine B. she never lets people down A. once in a while C. 40 D. My Grandma C. Grandma enjoys the following.

Grandma likes cooking and doing household chores when she’s not dancing. have waited 3 D. has handed B. False Read and answer the questions below. (10 marks) 11. False 13. are waiting B. has waited . hand 24. celebrating as they have won the game. The writer’s grandma does not enjoy being with her family. False 18. True B. knows C. True B. A. is 23. When a friend or relative needs help. A team of players …………. Their teacher is glad that they have done so. knew D.Answer True (A) for correct statements and False (B) for incorrect statements. False 16. True B. have B. The writer’s grandma comes from a large family. has knows 22. True B. True B. False 15. have handed D. Although the writer admires his grandmother. A. A. A. Grandma is as strong and young-looking like a forty year old woman. Grandma is always there. A. True B. A. are handling C. True B. True B. False 20. A. A. Choose the best answer from the options A. A. All the students ……………… in the Geography project. he does not want to end up being like her. A. know B. A. The writer has a fond memory of his maternal grandmother. has C. False 12. A. A. Chandara is very sociable. False 14. C and D. The writer’s grandma’s hobby is line dancing . False 17. Grandma is a Eurasian. False 19. B. Grandma is an energetic woman. True B. do D. A. (15 marks) 21. She ………… lots of people. is waiting C. The monitor informs the teacher that all the boys ………… for her in the hall. True B.

me D. he B. …………. did you manage to find the missing locket? A. Why B.25. I can’t read this word. she D. Which D. Ina? A. I B. Which D. Which D. Those boys in Form 3 Cempaka …………… football since 8 o’clock this morning. you B. ………… did you hide my scarf.. A. Whose C. they C. I 34. Where 29. Why C.. Whose . What 30. What B. I C. …………. A. A. she D. Where 31. Many of _______________________ did not come for the practice. them 33. John always plays tennis with ______________________ A. have been played D. are playing B. Whom 28. Who B. was the first person to walk on the Moon? A. Darshinie? A. “Get ___________________ some sugar please. ……………. he C.. play 26. him D.” yelled mother. Whose B. have played C.____________________ is spelled “c-h-a-o-s”. she C. Can _______________________ tell me who gave you the money? A. Where C. ………. When C. we B. them 32. Why B. us D. he B. is the name of the boy who painted this portrait? A. it 35. Whom 27. How C. A. When D. is the matter with you. she C. they 4 D.

The river’s a winder. Choose the best answer from the options A. three C. C and D. The river’s a hoarder. The Singer 37. He just cannot be still. He doesn't choose any one place To set up his camp. (10 marks) The River by Valerie Bloom The river’s a wanderer. The river’s a singer. five D. The Baby B. How many stanzas are there in the poem? 5 A. six . B.Questions 36 to 45 is based on the poem “The River”. The countryside echoes The notes of his song. And sounds like he’s happily Sucking his thumbs. Hungry and vexed. He gurgles and hums. Valerie Bloom D. And he buries down deep Those little treasures That he wants to keep. The Monster C. Who wrote the poem “The River”? A. Through valley and hill He twists and he turns. As he dances along. He’s gobbled up trees And he’ll swallow you next. A nomad. four B. The river’s a monster. The river’s a baby. 36. a tramp.

It behaves like a baby. hills. eat and swallow quickly. It has to provide water to many different D. 40. C. The river becomes a …………….. D. B. A. wants people to stop using rivers. A. It has no place it can call home. sing songs. B. A. hoarder D. 42. It likes to run around the countryside. keep things. eat and swallow slowly. The river is compared to a singer because it……. eat a lot. C. A hoarder is a person who likes to………. hoarder C. A person who moves from one place to A.. appreciates rivers. In what way is the river a tramp? 39. does not like rivers. It twists and turns around valleys and D. drink slowly. has an echo A. makes musical sounds 44. thinks rivers are polluted. B. and hungry. has a good voice C. throw things. Why does the river have to twist and turn? 45. dancer B. A. C. another with no permanent home is a ………………… B. It follows the shape of the land. From this poem we know that the persona A. A. dancer C.38. C. To help it get to the ocean fast. places. monster B. nomad D. B. 41. D. monster B. when it is angry 43. 6 . chew little by little. To find little treasures for keeping. To gobble means to …………. gurgles and hums D. C. nomad D.

Questions 46 to 45 are based on the pie-chart below. Study the pie-chart carefully and complete the following sentences using words and phrases provided in the box. Internet 15% Doing homework and revison 40% Helping mum and dad clean the house and do laundry 20% Window shopping 15% Picnics and visits 10% GIRLS Internet 20% Helping mum and dad clean the house and do laundry 10% Playing outdoor games 25% Doing homework and revison 40% Picnics and visits 5% BOYS 7 . (10 marks) How Form 1 Students of SMK Seri Berjaya spent their school holidays.

From the chart. 55. 48. 53. 54. we know that both the boys and girls spent the least time of their holiday on _________________________________________________________________________. An example of an outdoor game is _____________________________________________. 47. 10% of the boys' time was spent on cleaning the house and _________________ in the garden. The girls spent their time helping their parents do housework and _______________________ ________________________________________________________________________. 51. 50. An activity which was ONLY done by the boys is ____________________________________. The boys and girls spent equal amount of time on __________________________________. 49. which is not enjoyed by the boys. 52. The girls have a favourite pastime.picnics and visits looking at goods without the intention of buying them doing homework and revision playing outdoor games cutting the grass hockey the internet cleaning the house spent their weekend washing dirty clothes squash window shopping watering the plants spent their school holidays 46. The term 'window shopping' means ____________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________. The pie-chart above is a comparison on how the girls and boys _________________________. 8 . The boys spent more time on _______________________________________ than the girls. that is ________________________.

You are invited to attend Justin’s birthday party. Give your reasons. Write a note in not less than 30 words to congratulate him. Write him a note of apology in not less than 30 words. (10 marks) _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ 9 . Your friend got 5As in his UPSR examination.56. However you are unable to go. (10 marks) Dear Ahmad. __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ 57.

(10 marks) Oranges Round. Look at the picture and write a short description using the notes given in a paragraph. Sweet.58. Juicy. High in fibre. Orange Colour. Rich in vitamin C ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ END OF PAPER Prepared by. Checked and Verified by. ……………………………………………………… Ms Hema Shunmuganathan ……………………………………………………… Mr Jaginder Singh Head of English Language Panel 10 .

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