timer in java import java.util.Timer; import java.util.

TimerTask; public class TimerSample { public static void main(String[] args) { //1- Taking an instance of Timer class. Timer timer = new Timer("Printer"); //2- Taking an instance of class contains your repeated method. MyTask t = new MyTask(); //TimerTask is a class implements Runnable interface so //You have to override run method with your certain code black //Second Parameter is the specified the Starting Time for your timer in //MilliSeconds or Date //Third Parameter is the specified the Period between consecutive //calling for the method. timer.schedule(t, 0, 2000); } } class MyTask extends TimerTask { //times member represent calling times. private int times = 0; public void run() { times++; if (times <= 5) { System.out.println("I'm alive..."); } else { System.out.println("Timer stops now..."); //Stop Timer. this.cancel(); } } }

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