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KBP Radio Code

KBP Radio Code

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Published by: Ian Cortes on Jul 21, 2013
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KBP Radio Code

headline and commercial load  News Schedule: Everday (Mon-Sun) .KBP– Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas PROGRAM STANDARDS A. 10min and or 15mins Excluding intro. 1. Length and Schedule of Newscast for radio  News Length: Minimum of 45 mins a day Subdivided into: 1min. extro. NEWS: Radio is a medium of the widest reach and thus has the capability of influencing the most number of audiences. 5min.

Voice clips are properly identified.name calling and personal insults shall not be allowed. News Sources . Childrens Program . Secondary – recorded material (print/audio) PUBLIC AFFAIRS. 3. PUBLIC ISSUES and COMMENTARIES: . Primary – a person from whom a piece of news originates.Not suitable for children shall be aired after 9 PM .2.

Rules and regulations should be clearly identified.4.Opening/ending dates should be announced. Quiz Shows .4 OPM’s should be played every clock hour . 5. Music .

Metro Manila Program length 1 hr 30 mins 25 mins 5 mins Commercial length 15 mins 7.5 mins 3 min and 30s 1 min and 15s .Time standards for commercial: A.

5 mins 4 mins 1 min 30s . Outside Metro Manila Program Length 1hr 30 mins 25 mins 5 mins - Commercial Length 17 mins 8.B.

Metro Manila Maximum of 2.5 to 3 mins per break will be allowed.No. Outside Metro Manila Maximum of 2. . of commercials/break A.5 to 3 mins per break as long as an aggregate total of 17 mins. B. Or as long as accumulated of 15 mins.

Airtime Classification AM Radio: A.4PM / 7PM – 9PM 9 – 12 Mn 12Mn – 5AM . Metro Manila Class A Class B Class C Class D - 5AM – 9AM/4PM – 7PM 9AM .

AM Radio: B.12NN/2PM-4PM/7PM-9PM 9PM – 12 Mn 12Mn – 5AM . Outside Metro Manila Class A Class B Class C Class D 5AM – 9AM/12NN-2PM/4PM-7PM 9AM .

Metro Manila/Outside Metro Manila Class A Class B Class C Class D 6AM – 8PM 5AM – 6AM/8PM – 9PM 9PM – 12Mn 12Mn – 5AM .FM Radio: A.

FM Radio: B. Outside Metro Manila Class A Class B Class C Class D 6AM – 8PM 5AM – 6AM/8PM – 10PM 10PM – 12Mn 12Mn – 5AM .

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