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Samantha Tosado

1682 Ash Ct. Apt #181

Kent, OH 44240
201-787-6278 (cell)

To gain experience in the world of communication and to obtain a well-rounded knowledge in
interpersonal activity.

Summary of Qualifications:
-Consistently meet and exceed expectations and company goals.
-Highly proficient in communication.
-Promoting appropriately and accordingly.
-Professional in appearance and work attitude.

Past Employers:
(References provided upon request.)
-Rite Aid Pharmacy
Vernon, NJ
December 2004-August 2006
Sales Associate/Front end cashier/Pharmacy help
-Provided customer service and helping
customers identify merchandise that best suits their needs.
-Maintained professional attitude and patience with dissatisfied customers.

-Kent State Banquet Sales

Kent, OH
February 2007-May 2007
-Set up and served fancy banquets for special occasions.
-Performed well under pressure during busy meal times.

-The Children’s School

Vernon, NJ
June 2008-August 2008
Camp Counselor
-Planned and supervised daily activities 5 days a week for up to 15 children.
-Coordinated skits and award ceremonies.

-Borders Express
Chapel Hill, OH
October 2008-December 2008
Sales Associate – Seasonal Help
-Stocking books.
-Cleaning store.
-Helping customers find books and products for the holiday season.
-Working mostly at the kiosk.
-Vernon Township High school
Vernon, NJ
Graduated: 2006

-Kent State University

Kent, OH
Fall 2006-Present
Pursuing Bachelor of Applied Communication degree
Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Writing
Graduating: May, 2010

-Daily Kent Stater at Kent State University in Kent, OH
*News Correspondent
September 2006-November 2006
*Full-time Features Reporter
August 2007-December 2007
*Full-time Entertainment Reporter
January 2008-May 2008
*News Reporter
August 2008-Present
-Kent Communication Society