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Once upon a time there was a hero named


He lived in New York.

When he was born he looked cute.

He is really nice man.

He played with other people. He loved to play with kids.

He liked to take a picture with other people.

Every day he climbed every where. He is a climber.

Everybody like to called him is Spiderman.

Because he don’t have any name. But
some people called him nice man.
Spiderman like animals, and animals like
Spiderman too. He had a lot of animals. He
loved to play with animals. He had a dog,
His dog name is Bubo. Bubo like him.Bubo
is cute dog and smart dog.
He has a best friend his name is Junior. His best friend father
was murder junior father like to killed people. But Junior
didn’t know that his father was murder.

He gets married. They love each other.