The time capsule Fill in the gaps using the correct form of the verbs (past simple).

Alfy and his sister ________ (find) a time capsule. They _____ (be) excited. Let’s see what is inside Alfy _____ (open) the time capsule and ______(take) the first object. He ______ (think) it ______ (be) a Knight’s helmet. Wow! This must be a Knight helmet! Alfy’s sister ________ (try) to see what else was inside. She _______ (find) some coins and she _______ (believe) that they were from an old pirate.

This must be pirate coins!

Then, they _______ (pick) and old book. Alfy ______ (suggest) that it was from famous person. This must be a very important book! He thought that ______ (belong) to George Washington. They ______ (discover) a bone and Alf _______ (imagine) that it ______(be) from a dinosaur that _____ (live) there a long time ago. Look at this bone! Finally, their neighbour ______ (tell) them the truth of the time capsule. All what Alf and his sister ______ (dig up) was from their neighbour. He ______ (bury) it yesterday.

Hey guys, what are you doing?

Extra help: Number 4 are regular verbs. Number 1 are irregular verbs. 1: Were, found. 2: Took, opened, was, thought. 3: Tried, believed, found. 4: Belonged, picked, suggested. 5: Was, lived, discovered, imagined. 6: buried, told, digged up.

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