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APPENDIX B calorie Scarsdale and Pritikin diets.

Some of the combinations and food lists given below may seem rather bizarre. That is in part because for "undemutrition without malnutrition" in the human we are still in the investigative stage, although I think solutions are not far distant. And if you find you are still eating such bizarre combitiations 120 years hence, you can hardly be displeased with them if they have allowed you to live so long. However, I believe more enticing combinations will reward further study . Some key substances can be helpful in achieving a pleasant lowcalorie diet. Because many salads and raw vegetables are apt to be on the diet, you should become acquainted with gourmet vinegars. Compared to other vinegars, these are apt to be expensive, but they are well worth the expense. Look in the gourmet stores for them! The dark Chinkiany rice vinegar available in Oriental groceries , or Aceto Balsamico (WilliamsSonoma; Box 3792, San Francisco, Ca. 94119) are both excellent. If you get to Fauchon's (26 Place de la Madeleine, Paris) you can choose, among seventeen different vinegars, from the expected ones such as sage and ·tarragon, to the unusual. The same holds for mustards . A low calorie, low meat, low fat diet is itself inexpensive, so you still come out ahead dressing it up with expensive treats like fine vinegars . The supplemental vitamins (see above) are easy to find in drugstores or health food stores . Additional additives, such as antioxidants and some of the other materials I've listed in Chapters 7 and 8, can be obtained from Gerontix Biological Research Products . 2802 Pacific Coast Highway, Torrance, Calif. 90505; (tel.: 213534-3530); Life Extension Products, 2835 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Florida 33020 (tel. : 305-925-2500); Health Maintenance Prograiru , Inc. , 503 Grasslands Rd., P.O . Box 252 , Valhalla, N. Y. 10595 (tel.: 914-592-3155). However, I do not recommend these materials for indiscriminate use by the general public.