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SWOT Analysis

1. Front runner in the Indian Private Banking Sector 2. Strong presence via its branches 3. High use of technology to make life simpler for the customers 4.Large no. of facilities for the customers in terms of products and services 5. Over 75,000 employees at ICICI 6. Decades of Experience in the Banking sector along with marketing has added to the brand name Strength 7. Presence in over 19 countries

1. Too much competition in the banking sector affecting employee and customer management Weakness 2. Many branches in urban areas has led to high cost

1. Opening more branches in the rural areas 2. Use of technology to penetrate rural markets 3. Venturing into countries like Africa where the economy is coming Opportunity up

1. Ever changing RBI policies 2. International and other Competitors Threats 3.Inability to adapt to changing conditions due to large size Competition

1. SBI 2. HDFC Competitors 3. Kotak Mahindra Bank