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Various farming operations improperly carried out lead to adverse effects such as loss of top soil though water and wing erosion. Due to improper management of irrigation water, stabilization and alkalization of soil takes place. An area of 6 m ha of lands is affected by water logging and another 7 m ha is salinised due to faulty irrigation practices. Water logging due to inadequate drainage, depletion of ground water due to

excessive extraction, pollution of surface and ground water with pesticide and fertilizer residues, loss of biological diversity and erosion of germ plasma resources though removal of natural fauna and flora are the adverse effects of faulty practices. Alternative land use system: Crop production in dry land is gamble with monsoon in most of water shed situation substantial. Percentage of land is found to be degraded thus resulting in poor productivity. Of late, due to population explosion, more and more marginal and sub marginal lands are being brought under cultivation. Apart from being uneconomical in the long run, cultivation of such land can lead to serious imbalance of ecosystem. Therefore, for such lands an efficient land use system would be more appropriate. In addition to this day by day demand for food, fodder, and fuel increasing can fulfill such demands. According to national remote sensing agency, cultivable wastelands in India occupy 38.8 million hectare. Income from dry land could be increased though alternate land use system is

applicable to all classes of land of land to generate assured income with minimum risk through can be practiced and beyond that arable farming is considered as a risky proposition


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