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Practice With Adverbs --1

Practice With Adverbs --1

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Published by: jaimeigor on Jul 22, 2013
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Further practice with the adverbs



Instructions – complete the sentences with the adverbs – the first letter of the lexical items are as given –
i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. We didn’t go out because it was raining h….. Our team lost the game because we played very b….. I had difficulty finding a place to live – I didn´t find a flat e…. We had to wait for a long time but we didn’t complain – we waited p… Nobody knew George was coming to see us – he arrived une…. M Blanca keeps fit by playing tennis re….

Instructions – put in the right lexical item – adjective, noun or adverb
i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii. viii. ix. x. xi. The driver of the car was seriously/serious injured.. The driver of the car had seriously/seriouness/serious injuries…. I think you behaved very selfishly/selfish Rose is terribleness/terribly upset about the matter There was a suddenly/sudden/suddenness change in the climate Everybody at the party was colour/coloufully dressed in feathers Blanca was delightfully / delighted happy with her great English teacher!!! Linda likes wearing brilliantly/brilliant comfortable clothes… She fell and hurt her self rather badly/badness … Don’t go up that ladder – it’s been safely/unsafely put there against the wall. He looked at me in an angry / angrily manner yesterday….

Instructions – put in the right lexical item from the list – sometimes you need the adverb and sometimes an adjective…. There are some extra unnecessary placed words….
Carefully careful, quick quickly, elephant elephantly, financially finance, fluent fluently, special specially, happy happily, nervously nervous, perfect perfectly, continuous continuously, complete completely, great greatly, fool foolishly 1. Our holiday was too short – it was all over too……. 2. Thomas doesn`t take risks when he is driving – he is very ….. 3. Joanna works ………. She never seems to stop. 4. Alicia and Fred are very ………. married. 5. Michaela’s English is very ………..although she does make a few errors. 6. He cooked this meal ….. for you – it would be cool if you enjoyed it ! 7. Everything was so very quiet – There was …….. silence in the hall. 8. I put the shoes on and the fitted me ………… 9. Do they habitually feel ………….. before their examinations? 10. I would really like to buy a car, but it’s………. impossible at the moment….

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