2. Contemporary Shakespeare Just Browsing Open in new window. Type: t u m b l r .

c o m (or any site where I can find you) and scroll dooowwn, admiring each post, each photo as if it will bring me any closer to you. I know your name, your birthday, where you study (have studied), and what you do for a livingAnd we’ve never met. But I’m not a stalker (though I wish I was), not with the ocean between us. If ever the servers crashed, or the wi-fi was down, I would die. My day is never complete without seeing your face - the way your skin glows under the stage lights, how your eyes widen when your bandmates do something stupid, how those same eyes become fierce when it’s your turn to perform; how you move with ease at the dance break, how you lick your lips when you’re tired and the frustration never leaves me. Why can’t you be more than 2D? So I will just reblog and reblog each post, each photo if it will immortalize you.

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