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Published by: Zainul Arifin on Jul 22, 2013
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Here is a useful reminder that thought and ingenuity may be more important than large-scale studies for

certain purposes. The author of this paper discusses how data on accident occurrence in a communitv may be obtained so that necessary control activities may be developed. For this purpose a special accident morbidity survey is not always necessary.

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where.' These problems have delayed the effective organization of state and local accident control programs in some instances. have been the fundamental deficiencies faced by both state and local health jurisdictions in being able to document the scope and extent of their own particular accident problems. Perhaps basic to and underlying all these problems. Modern public health practice now demands this careful documentation of the parameters of any health problem. the reluctance with which appropriating bodies have established new budget items to support accidentcontrol. It is not so strange that the quest for data about the extent of the Community's accident problem has been one of the first difficulties encountered by public health program planners. and. injuries. In many respects the problems associated with the development of safety activities as part of the over-all program of activities of the health department have been no different from those which have been faced in developing other new program areas ti public health.ber of state and local health departments initiate a variety of different program activities with the objective of controlling deaths. and the equally puzzling questions of "what to do first. may have completely discouraged the less determined. the difficulties in adding new functions to staffs already saturated with activities and functions. however.HE PAST FIVE YEARS have seen 3 T num. for most basic primers in public health administration carefully admonish the administrator to determine the extent and character of the problem under consideration before planning . and how" can all be cited from the experience of one or more health departments considering accident control activities. 1959 771 program activities. These attempts to mobilize within the ranks of official health agencies a potent community force to make home living healthier and safer have caused several noteworthy problems. JUNE. and undoubtedl y much of the success of the public health movement in the world can he related to careful epidemiological survey' of various problems so that control activities could be pin- The shortages of trained persnmel. unfortunately. and disabilities resulting from home and farm accidents.

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