New Delhi Team Members: Hiren Boricha, Benjamin Remos, Yuliya Melnik, Laetitia Tollon, Nidhi Mittal, Mohamad


Google Case Discussion Summary: Process:       The team initiated the discussion by making sure that each one of us understood the assignment. The team subdivided the assigned time to an individual skimming session of 15 minutes followed by a team discussion. Everyone started sharing their ideas and understanding of the topic. One team member took minutes. We managed to agree on the main points that summarized the case. The team scheduled another meeting after a more thorough reading of the topic of discussion.

Challenges:     The assignment created confusion with its ambiguous directions. Most of the team members had not done any pre-reading and did not have any idea about the case before the session. Conversation was occasionally side-tracked, but team members managed to bring it back to the main discussion. The team was very motivated to do their best even with the uncertainty involved and were under increased pressure when the CEO had reduced the time assigned for the case discussion. Everyone started to copy the discussion points from the minute taker as we were unsure of the nature of presenting our discussion. We were all coming from different backgrounds and newly introduced to each other but we managed to work together effectively.

 

Conclusion: It had been a very constructive and civilized discussion with no one’s ideas overlapping each other. What was memorable about our discussion was the surprise element that was introduced by reducing the allotted time, which highlighted the importance of time management and applying techniques such as a cognitive approach.

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