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NUJS Students Petition

NUJS Students Petition

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NUJS Student Juridical Association sets out its grievances
NUJS Student Juridical Association sets out its grievances

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Published by: legallyindia on Jul 22, 2013
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!! /

The WB National University of Juridical Sciences
'NUJS Bhavan' 12, LB Block, Sector III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700098 Phones: 2335-0534/2335-7379 (PBX) • Fax: 2335-7422 E-mail: nujs@caI3.vsnl.net.in/nujs_sja@caI3.vsnl.net.in. Gram: JURVARSITY Website: www.nujs.edu




July 19, 2013

The Registrar, W. B. National University of Juridical Sciences, 12 LB Block, Sector-III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata- 700098

Respected Sir,

Sub: Request to allo\v SJA representatives before the Academic Council on July 20, 2013.

On behalf of the General Body, we humbly request you to allow SJA office bearers to address the Academic Council scheduled to meet on July 20, 2013 on several issues affecting us. In this regard, we also request you circulate copies of the attached letter (together with the anncxures) which outlines our grievances to members of the _-\cad~c Council and the Executive Council.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Warm regards,


(president, SJA)

(Vice President, SJA)



ASSOCIATION July 19,2013

The WB National University of Juridical Sciences
'NUJS Bhavan' 12, LB Block, Sector III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700 098 Phones: 2335-0534/2335-7379 (PBX) • Fax: 2335-7422 E-mail: nujs@caI3.vsnl.net.in/nujs_sja@caI3;vsnI.net.in. Gram: JURVARSITY Website: www.nujs.edu



To, The Academic Council, West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, 12 LB Block, Sector III, . Salt Lake, Kolkata - 700 098

Dear Honorable Members of the Council,

.Subject: Expression academic irregularities

of discontent· over deteriorating

quality of faculty and other

On behalf of the students of NUJS, it is with immense disappointment

and anguish that we write

this letter to all of you 'highlighting various issues plaguing our University and causing a rapid decline in academic standards.


Loss of Faculty: We believe that the role and importance institution of quality faculty in the ,growth and reputation of any

need not have to be stated much. In the recent past, NUJS has consistently been

acknowledged for having the best faculty 'amongst all the law schools in the country. Every year, hundreds of students join this institution in -the hope of being taught by India's finest legal minds and being gwded towards excellence in various spheres of law. As a result of the efforts of such guiding stars, in avery short span, NUJS had phenomenally emerged as an institute of repute across " the globe, largely owing to the excellence of the faculty and their extraordinary efforts beyond the




The WB National University of Juridical Sciences
'NUJS Bhavan' 12, LB Block, Sector III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700098 Phones: 2335-0534/2335-7379 (PBX) • Fax: 2335-7422 E-mail: nujs@caI3.vsnl.net.in/nujs_sja@caI3.vsnLnet.in. Gram: JURVARSITY .Website: www.nujs.edu . STUDENT JURIDICAL

normal calls of duty. As a testament to this fact, we attach herewith several media articles which acknowledged the competence of our faculty. Such documents are marked as Annexure


However, since th.e beginning of the last calendar year, a disturbing trend of attrition has been observed due to which we have been deprived of learning from some of the best faculty members, who our seniors were fortunate to learn from. The outcome of such good faculty can be felt throughout the legal fraternity where our 'alumni hold various respectable positions. In the recent past, almost nine distinguished faculty members have either left their positions for other offers or are on leave for higher studies or other commitments. We attach herewith the names of the faculty members who hav~ left the University or have been on leave for a considerable number of years. This document is marked as Annexure "B." It is most surpnslng to note that in spite of these vacancies, we have not been able to

commensurately fill up the vacant slots. Consequently, we are left with an acute shortage of good faculty members and the teaching standards have fallen drastically from previous years. It is particularly shocking to note that we have a woefully short number of per~anent faculty

members, vety few visiting faculties and no emeri~s professors. We believe that the problem is two pronged. Not.only is it becoming curiously dif~cult for a prestigious institution like ours to retain its best faculty, but its inability to find suitable replacements is even more tragic. A natural consequence of this problem has been ·that many a time, teachers are compelled to double up for courses that are not their area of specialization or are overburdened with too many courses. We would esp.ecially like to point out that the past tradition of new appointees being made to present a paper before the entirely faculty has been discontinued. As a result, the new appointees are not going.~through a reasonable screening process before they are being inducted. Admittedly, any educational institution has a 1M of teachers whom the students think are excellent and inspiring and

'%.1!! 'IIJI;.~~~.





The WB National University of Juridical Sciences
'NUJS Bhavan' 12, LB Block, Sector III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700098 Phones: 2335-0534/2335-7379 (PBX) • Fax: 2335-7422 E-mail: nujs@cal3.vsnl.net.in/nujs_sja@cal3.vsnl.net.in. Gram: JURVARSITY Website: www.nujs.edu




those who are not so much. Unfortunately, the growing opinion amongst the student body is that NUJS is now being filled up by the latter category. Recent Faculty Recruits: We would also like to bring to your notice that the most ·recent faculty recruitments that have been undertaken have been such as to arouse suspicion, on account of the transparency and quality of the recruits, both of which we find lacking. It may be pertinent to note here that an LL.M. student in the university (who has not yet obtained his LLM) has been entrusted with the daunting task of teaching two specialized courses to the senior batches, one of which is a compulsory course, namely banking law. He has already begun taking classes and teaches around 12 hours a week in two subjects. This fact exemplifies the extent of paucity of faculty members in the university. In another instance, the fifth year students. are being taught by a teacher who is legally not allowed to teach law in any University in India. It is suspected that recent teacher 'recruitments haye not taken place as per the required norms. There was no proper advertisement given in the newspapers or the website. Advertisements for teacher recruitments must be made in such manner so as to attract the best legal minds from across the country, which has clearly been missing in the recent faculty appointments. While the situation here continues to deteriorate at an alarming rate, it is being observed that other universities are recruiting top notch faculty members aggressively with enviable academic records. Annexure "C," "D" and "E" provide the details of the' faculty recruitment undertaken by

NALSAR,J~'JLU-Delhi and NLU Jodhpur

respectively in the previous academic year alone. In

comparison, NUJS has barely added to the large number of vacancies, neither has it made attempts


The WE. National University of Juridical Sciences
'NUJS Bhavan' 12, LB Block, Sector III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700098 Phones: 2335-0534/2335-7379 (PBX) • Fax: 2335-7422 E-mail: nujs@ca13.vsnl.net.in/nujs_sja@cal3.vsnl.net.in • Gram: JURVARSITY Website: www.nujs.edu STUDENT JURIDICAL ASSOCIATION

to. bring an campus the best legalprafessianals

to. impart education. This has also. dampened NU]S's

reputation in the legal circle in the last few years.

Elective / Optional Courses
Our University also. holds the unique distinction of pianeering an extremely versatile and innovative model of imparting education in th~ farm of various elective courses, allawing a student ample opportunity to. nurture his talent by pursuing his areas of interest and gaining an expertise in them. This arrangement has subsequently been incorporated in a number of law schools in. India.

However, despite such a glariaus beginning, we now find ourselves in a position where the choice of optional subjects is dawn to. an unprecedented law and we barely have electives to. choose from. , What was seen as an extremely progressive mechanism has now became a reason far students' apting far courses they have no interest in. This problem can again be attributed to. the fact that we have lost several extremely distinguished faculty members who. offered a wide variety of elective courses. The present batches of students are witnessing a steady decline in the academic standards due to. lack of adequate faculty recruitments and the improper quality of the recruitments. Students have been arbitrarily informed through e-rnail thattheir elective or compulsory courses shall not be




taken by the regular faculty members, but on the contrary by newcomers with no. demonstrable teaching experience and who've not been put through any rigorous screening pracess. The elective courses at NU]S were supplemented by diverse credit' courses from not only professors all over the world, but also by several of our alumni and ather litigators and people working in law



fIrms. In a semester, there were no. less than ten such credit courses offered. Sadly, such courses from diverse Individuals are now rarely offered. The jay of learning from professors who. have



The WE National University of Juridical Sciences
'NUJS Bhavan' 12, LB Block, Sector III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700098 Phones: 2335-0534/2335-737.9 (PBX) • Fax: 2335-7422 E-mail: nujs@caI3.vsnl.net.in/nujs_sja@cal3.vsnl.net.in • Gram: JURVARSITY Website: www.nujs.edu STUDENT JURIDICAL

taught at the best universities in the world sitting in Kolkata is something that only the batches that have graduated can boast of. Transparency Issues and Lack of Redressal:

Additionally, we would like to bring another serious matter to your attention. There is absolutely no transparency with respect to academic matters. In order to inform the authorities of our grievances, we filed a petition with the Vice Chancellor, enlisting all the details. This petition was submitted on the 15th of March 2013 and as per Clause 9(9) of the West Bengal University of Juridical Sciences Act, 1999, these grievances ought to have been presented before the Ex~cutive Council. We did not get any response from the Vice Chancellor's office. We are including a copy o~ the aforementioned petition as ANNEXURE F. Another connected petition was submitted to the Vice Chancellor, pointing out grave discrepancies in the assessment of answer scripts in the monsoon semester of 2013 and demanding consultation and reassessment of answer scripts among other irregularities. This petition is included as ANNEXURE G.

H Once again, there

Another petition, regarding the arbitrary, unfair manner of allocating elective courses was filed with the Vice Chancellor on 8th July 2013. It has been included as ANNEXU~

was no response from the Authorities and the same 'first come first serve via email' basis used for allocation persists even now. We strongly believe that this college is not just for the rich and privileged with sophisticated smart phones that can access emails and send emails immediately and gain the ben~fit of fu:st come fu:st served p~licies. It is also meant to represent many of us who have no access to such devices. This policy is discriminatory and effectively prevents poorer students to effectively ope for elective subjects, which are instrumental inadv-ancing their careers prospects.

-----r~----------:-----------------:::==========~-----'.........•... "-"-- •.. ,--'" ....


~~1!! /



The WB National University of Juridical Sciences
'NUJS Bhavan' 12, LB Block, Sector III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700098 Phones: 2335-0534/2335-7379 (PBX) • Fax: 2335-7422 E-mail: nujs@cal3.vsnl.net.in/nu~s_sja@cal3.vsnl.net.in. Gram: JURVARS-.l~ WebsIte: www.nujs.edu




Further, it is pertinent to note that most of the decisions made with respect to issues like plagiarism and project 'submissions are not only unreasonable but are carried out in the most arbitrary and ad _ hoc manner. What is even worse is that there is absolutely no grievan<;e redressa:l mechanism and students are made to run from pillar to post, having to endure long and painstaking hours before a decision is arrived at. Students charged with plagiarism are not -informed if their appeals have been considered even as late as one day before the end semester exam and it has also happened that at times, the result of the plagiarism inquiry has been conveyed only after the student has written the exam. We urge you to treat this matter with utmost urgency and act upon it in a way that can restore NUJS



to its former gloq of boasting the best faculty in the country.

Thanking you, (On behalf of the entire student body of NUJS) Yours sincerely,


A::::;{yer (Vice-President, SJA)

Akshat Gupta (president, SJA)

Copy to: Executive Council members.






Top law colleges I Debatestrumpiecturesat NUJS - Print View- Li\ernint

r\N "lDuR£ A.

Tue, Jun 23 2009. 08 20 AvlIST



_ .. ---_ - -.- .---------



Top law colleges' I Debates trump lectures at NUJS
Top law colleges
By A veek Datta

I Debates



Kolkata: What is perhaps most striking about West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, or NUJS as it is popularly known, is the age of its faculty members. _ Growing demand: The Nati~mal University of Juridical '. Sciences was starte(f~yttie-C€lntre as part ofa policy decision to.set up1-2~inC!ep.~ncfent-lawinstitutes t{l asmany.states. Indra~i1;E3h:C;-GhirkfMint Most

teachers at NUJS, a 10-year-old law sc~ ~re in their 30s~haps ~!':..e..wayt~~~nstea~:!!~ringJEl~t~r~ they ~.~@. stu~~_~~~n_de~_ate. GroW]ng dem1tl"ld:Th~J:jatJ'bnilf8niversTtYof s<ci~~ces wasstarted'~ythe-d~ntre de9isj,ontosetqp 12indepenoentlaw state~.lkdranirBhoumikl Mfrit JUridical

on the eastern frin~f

because th~yar€l}Qung,th€lY .

"With students and professors arguing to establish their point like lawyers in a courtroom, a class of 20 minutes would at times carry on for hours," says Sarbojeet Nag, 23, who graduated this year. Nag secured a job with Allen and Overy Up.-a the UK-even leading law firm in .

~sP~rt ofa policy institutes in as many -

before completing his undergraduate course. He will

move to London soon. Nag declines to disclose his salary, but says foreign law firms can pay p to £38,000 (around Rs30 lakh) per year. Universities such as NUJS and the National Law School of India University, or NLSIU, Bangalore, are redefininq legal education in India. "The concept of a national law university has emerged in India only rece president of the Student Juridical Association, the student bodyo ,~says Soumik Das, who graduated this year and was vicerecruitment, "Coupled with the

NUJS that manages on-campus

emergence of big law firms, both in India and abroad, offering ha: dsome .••alaries , it is making many students take to legal studies: Teachers at the university say it is the way the lessons are taug nile uis they . Prasad Panda, a professor. "This helps them think independently--a It's not just its faculty, NUJS itself is a younq university. It was la UniversityofLaw, Hyderabad, and the National Law Institute Urnve institutes in as many states. to set up 12 independentlaw ld sst _ complex laws, we at times deliberately confuse students so rai -, rrn and derive a clear picture on their own," says Bhavani . - -, - at everylawyer needs to be successful." . en lr • ~{l9.a d was the fourth law university after NLSIU, the Nalsar "-" g;;.. ;J. e Union government started it as part of a policy decision

NUJS offers three courses in law=one each at the undergrad a~ - -'5 _ "':; "E:::!_c:e levels, bes ides a one-year master of philosophy (MPhil) programme. It has .125 seats in its undergraduate progrararr e, :=-: : 2'3 -ve, respectively, in its master of law and MPhil programmes. The MPhil isa one-year bridge course for s e 3 ,',-:; ,~-:=::::-&searc in law, Last month, around 16,000 students aspiring to be lawyers sa:' effort by the Bar Council of India, a regulatory body that pres Commission (UGC), a government agency that provides fu s::-' '-s'::.:-'" ss::::::-.: _ --;

n Law Admission

Test; or Clat. The yearly test is an law

. es S::="-':-""3 -- s~:=

ractice and education, and the University Grants ntry's 12 national law schools, of which NUJS is ,200 made the cut, an acceptance rate of9%. JS.htm?facet=print

3=-~-<::::<-';h~ieducation, to cut down on the multiplicityof

school entrance exams in the country. Clat, at present. applies ::: --one. In 2008, around 13,000 students sat for the common a

~=- --'-::--Q




:;'d t

.' -?i

Also See Top Law Col/eges (Rankings) The rise in student applications is due to the growing demand for legal services in areas such as intel/ectual property, taxation and



Top law colleges

I Debates trump lectures

at NUJS - Print View- UlA3mint

mercantile laws. Plum corporate legal jobs are proving attractive, though yuung lawyers facethe criticism that most of them do not enjoy the rough-and-tumble of litigation, The university has had legal heavyvveights at its helm, a factor which has contributed to its success.1\t the invitation ofthe West Bengal government, N.R. Madhava Menon, who has worked in legal education for five decades and founded NLSIU,led founder vice-chancellor. Besides Menon, former chief justice of the Calcutta high court Chittatosh Mookerjee and former West Bengal chief minister Jyuti Basu, who was also a barrister, have been .connected with the institute. "Theywere members of the governing council and their association with the institute since inception helped build confide~ce (among recruiters) that we deliver good students," says D. Mukhopadhyay, the registrar. Despite the economic downturn, NUJS managed to place 90% of.its graduating students this year with top law firms and state-owned companies. Some nine students landed foreignj.obs Group in the UK. with firms such as Allen and Overy, Clifford Chance Up, Herbert Smith Up and the Norton Rose the launch ofNUJS as its :(:

"Some of the other law col/eges produce students who are academically brilliant but too bookish in their approach, while those that are confident may not have sound legal knowledge. But in NUJS, students show a 'balance," says Abhijit Joshi, partner at law firm AlB and Partners, which regularly recruits from NUJS: (AZB and Partners conbibutes a fortnightly column to Mnt.) The school wants to expand infrastructure but is strapped for funds, says Mlkhopadhyay. Unlike other law schools that receive financial

support from state governments, NUJS' only source of revenue is the tuition fee students pay. NUJS raised the course fee this year for its undergraduate programme from Rs60,OOO to Rs 1.4lakna year. The steep increase, says a hefty salary hike.

Mukhopadhyay, was due to rising staff and faculty costs, a result of the Sixth Pay Commission "The cost of maintenance, too, has gone up a lot," he says.


The school has also applied for a UGC grant "We want to build a central library in a separate building and make mecampus enabled ...butwe can'tdo anything until UGC releases funds," says Mukhopadhyay. aveek.d@/ivemint.com







Making NUJS one of the best law institutes.

I The

Opus WayBlog

'/RSS Subscribe: RSS feed : -e The Opus Way Blog Dedicated blog for law entrance arid fashion design entrance examinations. We give you the latest news and updates for .CLATand design enhance examinations.

Making NUJS one'of the best lawinstitutes.
Posted on November 14, 2011


National University of Juridical Sciences or NUJS as it is better known is a prestigious law studying institute in India. Located in West Bengal, NUJS has successfully attained the tag of being one of Indiaa.€™sprimary law education centers. NUJS has been established quite recently when compared to other law teaching institutes in India. Yet in a very short time, NUJS has achieved national recognition for producing talented lawyers and providing legal breakthroughs with the help of NUJS faculty and students The reason why NUJS has achievedsuch high rankings in all surveys conducted for top law colleges is because NUJS boasts of a highly qualified and trained facul which' are instrumental in teaching and imparting similar legal qualities to NUJS students. NUJS facul ... comptis.es Qf a_number of well educated and highly trained professionals who ha~.La. out~ sub'ect from :toplaw schools of national and international reco 'tion, making NUJS one of the top law coli es in our c unt . The facul!Y.. at NUJS is the primary reason why; NUTShas achieved such a high status amongst law t'eaching institutes oithe country ..The faculty members of NUJS :are highly repute~ties 9£ all well recog~~d law S<i1ools in the country. NUJS faculty is known for their reg~ar resear<:.h..ill the field of law, which keeps the NUJS faculty updated.cfttdacguainted with the world of law.~ research works help the NUJS faculty to be in touch with legal courses of actions and later incorporate. their works when teaching students at NUJS. NUJS faculty is ~ for their"active participation m a wide variety of legal works, the most important being publishing their research work and lectures in legal publications. The works of NUJS faculty and their opinions on legal matters are used by NUJS students during their researches or other academic work. NUJS has also been the center of attention for a wide variety of academicians from all over the world. NUJS has been visited by a number of professors and academicians from reputed law colleges of the world: The excellent rapport shared by NUJS faculty with leading law colleges of the world makes NUJS prone to be visited by foreign academicians and share their law teaching experience. Academically, NUJS ranks highly amongst the law colleges in India due to its national and international academic exposure. NUJS also boasts of proper placements for its students once they have completed the course. Many NUJS students have found successfulplacements in law firms across India
e •



theopuswaytJlog .YoOrdpress.coml2011/11/141221



Making NUJS-one of the best law institutes. I The Opus Way Slog

A large number of NUJS students are also practicing law in courts allover India. : NUJ$ .students also engage themselves in research work and enter the field of academics, making NUJS an institute that offers everything for every aspiring student who is able to enter NUJS. Click here (http:Utheopusway.comD to know more.

:/as well as abroad.

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• 7f1!J/13


The farce of magazine rankings -law


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The farce of magazine rankings
JUN 21,2011

:-. ,,-'-".. -

-!-~, __ .





,The Sports Law '--. \', _ Programme is Live nowl " j l6
, Enrol today, Play the game to win,


I ----.-~~

Bishen Jeswant describes the parameters on which law schools have to be ranked

.. » I

d7 . I

I'm not going to mince any words; magazines like The Seven Days and Bahar Oekh simply have to be put to task. A recent edition of one such magazine released a ranking of law schools, which would have made the eyes of most people associated with the law and law schools, pop out. These rankinqs don't really affect people like , me, who are already studying in a National Law University. Law firms and law students do not have any say in these rankings. However, many law aspirants rely on these rankings. These students, striving to get admitted into the country's top law




schools, often do not have the resources or contacts to get accurate information situation, about a specific law school. In 'such a doled out by these magazines and in the course of four

they gather information

of good repute. I was once in theirshoes,

years in law school, I've seen numerous others who are similarly placed. Considering that these rankinqs have the potential to determine the course of student lives, there is a falrlvheavv responsibility on magazines such as these, to ensure that their


research is in-depth, adequate, and accurate.


;~13 rr¥-aw.net - The farce of magazine ranl<ings- Law schools


"'-" l





"My dream is
15,581 people ike ITl)'law.net.

to direct Rajnikanth. "

----------------11 F acebook
sodal plugin








The rankings that made the author angry.

I'm not sure how many law aspirants will read this article,

bilt I'm

writing it hoping hope that it will make a. difference somewhere down the line. Next week, in a sequel to this article, I will also give my opinion on what the rankings (top ten) should be. These rankings may only be the opinion of a Fourth Year law student, I think even that is a good deal better than that of a magazine whose law school rankings page is followed by a full page adverti~ement of one of those law schools. Go figure! but

While ranking law schools, the most important considered are:

parameters to be

1. Faculty 216

Iil}Law.net- The farce of magazine ranlcings - Law schools

5. Industry reputation


Some things are merely a matter of opinion, and assessing the quality of a University's faculty is one such thing. There is a general dearth of good law faculty in the country and the reasons are obvious. Students passing out of the country are usually lured away by high paying jobs and consequently the 'best legal minds are not the ones teaching. Even so, some 'Universities naturally have better faculty than others. N.U.J.S., Calcutta is widely known

to have the best law faculty. The Director, Professor M.P. Singh, . has managed to attract the best faculty, young and old, educated in India and abroad. N.L.S.l.U., Bangalore


not far behind either,

and is able to attract good faculty by virtue of being the oldest and most prestigious National Law University in the country.

Top 3: N.U.J.S., Calcutta;


Bangalore; and N.L.U., Delhi.


The NLU Delhi campus, which scores on location.


rr¥-aw.net - The farce of mag azine rankings - Law schools

Some law colleges have an inherent advantage over others thanks to their location. N.L.U., Delhi is a young institution benefitted universities that has

largely due to its proximity to the Supreme Court. Other like G.L.c., Mumbai, and Symbiosis, Pune also benefit

from being close to India's commercial, and consequently legal, hub. Colleges located. in cities which are well connected byair and rail, benefit with respect to drawing not only good faculty, but also recruiters. Universities like H.N.L.U., Raipur; N.L.I.U., Bhopal; and N.L.U., Jodhpur suffer in this regard. Having said that, we must remember that these Universities have still done very well for as

themselves. Among the seven oldest National Law Universities, is the case with faculty, N.U.J.S. and N.L.S.f..U. are probably the best located.

Top 3: N.L.U., Delhi; N.L.S.I.U"

Benqelore; N.U.J.S., Calcutta


I've had the good fortune of having visited almost all the National Law Universities infrastructure and a number of other law colleqes as well. The Bhopal and N.A.L.S.A.R., Hyderabad has

at N.L.I.U.,

to be the best among law schools in the country. R.M.L.N.L.U., Lucknow and N.L.U., Jodhpur are not far behind either. Some of the facilities at. theses institutions include moot court halls, guestclassrooms,

houses, floodlit sports fields, air-conditioned conference halls, and auditoriums

among a host of other facilities.

Top 3: N.A.{.S.A.R.,



Bhopal; N.L.U., Jodhpur


Many Directors shirk the responsibility

of providing their students

with jobs by hiding behind the excuse that the country's top law schools were meant

to- improve the Bar. The fact is that if this

disclaimer were to be made first up, the quality of students joining the premier law instihtites would dwindle. So, good or bad, placements are an important criterion while assessing law schools. Here, the numbers speak for themselves, that N.L.S.I.U., Bangalore; and there is no doubt

N.A.L.S.A.R., Hyderabad; and N.U.J.S., .

Calcutta lead the pack. This year, these three National Law

rTl]t.aw.net - The farce of magazine rankings - Law schools


placed 100 per cent oftheir


sat for

placement process.N.L.U.,

Jodhpur and N.L.I.U.,

Bhopal are not

far behind, both being able to place around eighty per cent of the students who wished to secure jobs.

Top 3: N.L.S.I.U., Bangalore; Calcutta

N.A.L.S.A.R., Hyderabad;


Public perception

As superficial

as it may seem, public perception is important


choosing a college. Nobody wants to wants to work hard and eventually perception, get into a college that is not known. However, public is usually based on fact, at least partially, and there is

no doubt that N.L.S.I.U. leads the pack in that respect. Being the only Indian team to win competitions like the Jessup Moot, the

Manfred Lachs Moots, Louis. M. Brown Client Counseling . Competition, The All Asian Debate, N.L.S.I.U. deserves every bit

of the goodwill that it gets. Universities reputation University.

gain goodwill and in moots,

through the successes of the students

debates, and how well they perform after they graduate from the

Top 3: N.L.S.I.U., Calcutta

Bangalore; N.A.L.S.A.R., Hyderabad; N.U.J,S'

Next week I shall put these parameters culminating law colleges.

into perspective,

in what I believe are accurate rankings of India's best

Bishen ]eswant Bhopal.

studies in the fourth year at the N.L.I.U.,

You can enroll for Legal English and Communication

. " .. -"--,--,,,-.,-,--,-, ••...



•• __




F1 r

myl.aw.net - The farce of mag azi ne rani<ings - Law schools





,- '

The pitch is ready for Indian sports law. Come, train with us!




may be edited.

Please avoid abuse




NR: Notraoked last year




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22. 2009


Top 15: Social Work & Law Schools'
TISS. Mumbai in Social Work and NLSIU, Bangalore in Law

Top 15 Colleges For Social Work

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Name of Institute


Tata Institute of Social . Sciences (TISS) Delhi School of Social Work Col/ege of Social Work, Nirmala Niketan Xa'IAer Institute of Labour Relations Madras School of Social Work

Mumbai Delhi Mumbai Mumbai Chennai

737.9 486.2 351.7 275.9 224.1 203.4 186.2 179.3 144.8 131.0 131.0 127.6 120.7 110.3 103.4

Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) Dept of Social Work, Christ Col/ege Dept of Social Work. Jamia Millia Islamia Dept of Social Work, Pune University Dept of Sociology, Mumbai University School of Social Work; Mangalore University .Bangalore Delhi 'pune

Mumbai Mangalore

Dept of Social Work, Lucknow Lucknow University Dept of Social Work, Annamalai University Loyola Col/ege of Social Sciences IISWBM Chennai lhiruvanan thapuram Calcutta

.' 15

Top 15 Law Schools



VvWN.outJookindia.com I

Name of Institute

1 '2t/' 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15


NALSAR Univ of Law ILS Law College Symbiosis Society's Law College




440.0 380.0 363.3 360.0 313.3 293.3 163.3 133.3 130.0 123.3 110.0 106.7 103.3

Hyderabad Pune Pune

Faculty of Law, University of Delhi Delhi National Law University The Government Law College Dr Ambedkar Law University Jodhpur Mumbai Chennai Bhopal Bangalore Delhi Delhi Allahabad Chennai

The TN National Law Institute Univ Banqalorelnstitute Studies Amity Law School Indian Law Institute Faculty of Law, Allahabad University Department of Legal Studies, Madras University 'of Legal "

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(List of faculty members who haveleft the University or have been on leave for aconsiderable number of years)
1. Chinmayi Arun 2. 3.

Dr. Prabhash Ranjan RukminiSen

4. Pritam Baruah 5. Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan

Supriyo Routh

7. Jasmine] oseph

8. Vishwas H Devaiah 9. Anirban Chakraborty

ANNEXUREC (Details of the faculty recruitment undertaken by NALSAR)


'", •• " _,._ ," •• __ N.V. __ ,,_"'_ ~_.


Specialisation International Commercial Laws with focus on International Arbitration

When joined?

Qualificatio ns

Teaching / work expenence

.-_'_.·A~·_"··· __~_.·cV._

., __ ."

.~~~= .._ '';''~ Y"._

Rajesh Kapoor

Assistant Professor

August 17,2012

Symbiosis Pune LLB (2002), King's Assisted Prof. College LLM ' Martin Hunter (2010) (2009 - 2010) Nalsar Hyderabad LLB (2010), New York University School of LawLLM (2012)


. Assistant Professor

International Law & Human Rioghts

Septembe r 12, 2012

Law clerk to , Justice ; Markandey : (2010 - 2011) . Katju, Supreme Court ofIndia , Research . . Associate assisting Prof. BD. Chattopadhyaya ,JNU Delhi (1998 - 2001)

HotaAgni Kumar

Assistant Professor


Septembe r 12,2012

JNU Delhi M.Phil. (History) '(2008)

. Surya ; PrakashMisra

: Assistant Professor

. Microeconomi c Theory and Game Theory

Symbiosis College, Gokhale ./0 Institute , PuneMA Economics (2005), Clemson , University USA MSin Applied January 4, Economics 2013 (2009) Nalsar LLB (2010), New York University School of

Assistant Professor - II (Economics) with the School of Law, KIlT . University, Bhubaneswar, . Odisha. (20102012) , Teaching Assistant at NYU, U.S.A.. (2011 - 2012)

Akshaya.Karnal , nath

Assistant Professor

Corporate Law

January 11,2013

LawLLM (2012) ; January . 02,2013 • Nalsar ILB. . (201~ Associate Luthra&Lu thra (2010 - 2012)

Ashrita Prasad Kotha

Teacher Assistant

. Taxation

; SidharthChauh . an

' Assistant ; Professor

Political theory, Statutory interpretation, Indian legal system

. June 2013

Research Assistant in the office of the · then Chief Justice of India K.G. Balakrishnan (2008 - 2010), Taught courses · on political theory, statutory: : interpretation NLSIU • and the Indian Bangalore legal system.for LLB (2008), University of LLB students at Pennsylvania • NLSIU · Bangalore (2011 law school - 2013) LUv1 (2011) AIL.Mohali LLB (2009) N alsar LL.M. · Tutor at Nalsar LLB (2013) 2013) CNLU Patna LLB (2011) N alsar LL.M. (2013)

: Jagteshwar
, Singh Sohi

Assistant . Professor


•June 2013


Sudhanshu Kumar

Assistant • Professor

Corporate law

June 2013

Tutor at Nalsar LLB (2013)

; ......•" ........••...........

Delhi , University ; LLB (2011)

AnshumanShu kla

. Assistant ' Professor

• Jurisprudence

I' Nalsar UJ.M. , June 2013 : 2013)


Tutor at Nalsar. LLB (2013)

Kakatiya University Watangal LLB Ashwini Kumar Assistant· Professor Nalsar LL.M. 2013) LL.M. University of Hong Kong Tutor at Nalsar LLB (2013) Taught IT Law at Nalsar in Jan - April, 2013

. Jurisprudence
•• "A •• ~ ••.•• ,.~ •• A' ,

; June 2013 February 25,2013

Irene Kafeza Visiting . Scholar

Information Technology Laws



...... _ ..... __ .

, LLM (2003) [Wayne State university : Law School Detroit J.D.
(U.s.A ..)


•• >

: Martin Price , Malvika Prasad

• Professor Teaching ' Assistant

Restorative Justice Law'& Poverty

; January,

. Director, Victim ; Offender . Reconciliation , Program, U.S.A., Tutor at Nalsar ILB (2013) Tutor at NalsarLLB

June 2013

Ni\LSAR LL.B. (2013) NALSAR LLB (2013)

Contract Law

June 2013

ANNEXURED (Details of the faculty recruitment undertaken by NLU Delhi)


Position atNLU Delhi



When joined?

Qualifications NLSIU Bangalore vice chancellor (2009)

Teaching / work experience

Prof (Dr) A Jayagovind Law and


ProfK Seetharaman'

Visiting professor

globalisation and human rights


Centre for the Study of Society and Culture Taught for 15 years at the Punjab University's i department i of law

Dr AnupamaGoel

Constitutional, human rights, tort and public international law


i -;-."



Criminal law


I Bangalore Yale Law 1-(2002-6, School Ph.D i 2009-10), (2013), LLM I assistant . (2007); NLSIU professor Bangalore LLB NJA Bhopal (2001) (2007)
: NUJS , Kolkata (2010-12), 2007c2008 AZB& Partners, 2006-2007 London School Ernst & of Economics Young, (LSE) LLM Fellow (2009); Nalsar Centre of Hyderabad Internet and LLB (2006) Society




•..: ..


Assistant professor

Internet governance, media and information policy and regulatory theory.


. Bangalore

Aparna Chandra


Assistant professor

Constitutional law .and theory, gender.and the law, judicial process reform



: Tutor in Law : at Yale Law School , (2011-12), : Visiting' • professor ! NLSIU : Bangalore Yale Law ~ (2009-10), . School LLM : assistant . (2007); NLSIU i professor Bangalore LLB NJA Bhopal (2006) (2007-09)




Assistant ( professor



Oxford University DPhil (2012), lYfPhil (2010), BCL (2008); Nalsar Hyderabad , LLB (2006)
, SOASLLM , (2012); NUJS Kolkata LL13 (2010)
. -t ...




, Research MoisTundavala
, associate

Constitutional law


Pratyush Kumar

Research associate

International investment law

. George Washington University Law School; NLU Jodhpur LL13 Independent ; advocate; ' Human ! Rights Law i Network Mumbai


: Research ' associate

Juvenile justice
. . _----_ .. _ ..-.... __ .. _ ......

_. _ ..._ ....


, University of ! KentLLM; NLSIU LLB (2008)


ANNEXUREE (Details of the faculty recruitment undertaken by NLU Jodhpur)

Position atNLUName


. Specialisatio n

When . joined .


Teaching / work experience

ProfDrKL Bhatia

' Professor

Constitutional law, administrative law, human rights law, Research methodology
V~ __ "W ___ " __ "'~'_' y.¥_ •..••• y.•••••• -.,


: Founder Director and former dean and head of the Law School i University of Jammu : (2003-2007) LLB (ILS Pune :Former director 1969) Amity Law School Naida (2007-2008) LLM (ILS Pune 1971) Former dean and Professor Emeritus PhD (ILS Pune University of 1982) i Petroleum and Energy DAAD and I Studies (2008-2010) Max-Planck 1 UNDP Professor fellow and alumni (1994 and 'Public Law in Africa (2010-2011) : 2008) . LLB (Delhi University 2003) LLM, International trade and , investment law i Assistant Professor (School of NUJS Kolkata (2007Oriental and ,2012) ,African Studies Guest tutor King's ~i'ldUCL College London (April London 2007) 2011) PhDVisiting faculty IIFT • International Delhi (2008-2009) ' investment law 1 Visiting faculty ILl (King's College Delhi (2005-2007) London - 2012)

Dr Prabhash : Ranjan

Associate Professor

International investment law and world trade law




Assistant Professor

. Criminal law and human rights

:LLB (Nuals Cochi 2008) LLM - criminal law and human rights (ILT Delhi • Jun-12 2010)

,Research Associate . NI~U Jodhpur : (September i December 2010) Assistant professor NLli Jodhpur (2009-

. .. .

:2011) ~

Anindita . Jaiswal

• LLB (NLU • Jodhpur 2007) Academic ; May-" LLM (Current, NLU Jodhpur) • Associate . Corporate law . 12


Associate Majmudar & Co (2007-2011)


! ::,-:~ .;.(

.: ~!




, Students-of Through authorised

3 rd Year B.PJB.Sc. ,

LLB. (Hons),

Class Representative-

Shri Rohan Kothari, WBNUJS Kolkata. 15th March 2013.

To, Shyi

r. Ishwara

Bhat; Chairman-Executive Council,


Vice- Chancellor&

\\lBN"UJS Kolkata.

Subject: Dissatisfaction \VBNUJS Act. 1999.





to th~

Vice Cham:;ellor and/or petition to the Executive

Councii Under Clause 9(9)

of Schedule I of



THS letter i:S wnnen
.,1<i .»


~ '~-'Q • cunenr

to :/011 wun constderable regret and drssatrsracnon amongst students :)~ l:.l.C ." ',,",' B .,:'-\.. i\ IT> 0~ r -L n rH"rons.j'b'oaten h or £"1'{1 '" IT :"Co 't-, ~ : ~ •. .'h~ •.", .•, ..," y'.... <:tt l::>.u~·~ Lf .o , \ •...... umversny an:d rerates i() l,.u_~--=· recenuy














L :-.

results of the batch vide emailed notice of the Assistant


fAcaderni'c) on : )tb
••. .'

March 2013" The following

are the reasons and grounds for concern and dissatisfaction



", ••

h d results: .
more than three months after the commencement of the examina.tions of the


The results were published semesterand semester. impossible

barely one month before commencement for students to take any corrective measures.


the next

This has resulted in little scope for improvement and make appropriate

in future and made it We would therefore humbl v in the current

request YOU to issue guidelines




ensure th~t all Results henceforth

are Dublished latest within

45 days of commencement

of the next semester.
TIm would ensure improvement to make preparations ~ ofstudent'sperformance in future and also help students passed.

for repeat exams of the subjects not successfully

V'/e ",.MQuJd.also 111.J.n1b(y· request you to ensure highest possible transparency, arbitrariness and fairness in all correction of answer scripts and publication

of results. ;·c·[

'tQM .,
,.:.:.. •••






h???iif!!rHh~!~r '
·:"'i/. ", ..'

...J/ ,11,<,,-. this purpose, amendments

., ... :, we would request you to issue immediate

. ,..:, g~idelines and suitable

to the existing Rules to ensure that copies of the an,swer scripts of all

students should be distributed mandatorilv within 30 days of publicatiQn: of results and reasons should be orally accorded for the, marks awarded to all students through a
prompt and swift consultation process. for substantial fe-assessment by an external evaluator

We would also request a provision students are dissatisfied by passing a resolution • Further, the answer comments excellence.

of marks awarded by a faculty member for imorovement

in marks if in .any subject

with the marking and more than 2/3rds of the batch: so applies

in writing through the authorised

class representative,
recorded in writing and ail highest quality of


contain cogent


appropriate apprehensions academic "

for the marks awarded

to students to ensure fairness, eliminate of students to achieve

of bias and ensure improvement

It should also be made mandatory feedback and comprehensive other such tests/submissions should also be provided

for all faculty members to immediately on the proiect/mid-semester

provide written and



within 30 davs of submission

deadline of such assignments .. and appropriate feedback

Also there should be fair conduct of viva/presentationsetc, for the same.


Further the policy of asking students for re-submitting their original marks obtained given the choice or flexibility final paper afresh,

the proiects. in case orJ~~m etc. while givl?g the main

exams should be done av:ay \-vith. Students should be given the -option of eitheneLc!lnigg in projecTs, viva. presentation exam or giving the other COmpOl}ents afresh before giving the paper. Students should be of retaining the previous project marks while giving the

We would request you to consider the aforementioned
guidelines/frameappropriate rules.


and issue appropriate

Kindly consider this as a grievance Schedule I of the WBNUJS hearing through a delegation reaching a conclusion.

to the Executive Council under clause 9(9) of Act, 1999 if so necessary. We would request you to grant LiS a oral
submitted of the students so authorised

by the

Class Representative


The list of students who. have endorsed and support this petition is annexed to this letter and marked as


~#f~tq¥)t:.~~t~~1~~;~~~~-:;(?~~' -1
'" .~;l



.ianking you i~' anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

f..O'rll1rJ , ( CUt;,
9u;>h.ot, ~

kDT Htft I

R. 61'R~SENTAmE.; g I<P 'II?) -' 0"

kJ..1f,,/ 1kL sij...Jo,,'... i 1<;. pek/t.~,

i~ 301 80D:>'L

u;.. k.(..'d ~


! : f'-'


:,,:~;.t .:","!


3rd Year B.A.lB.Sc LL.B. (Hons.) Students,


Through authorised Class Representative- ShriRohan Kothari, , ,lo .• ••

-WB.NUJS Kolkata.

To, '111e Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, Shri P. Ishwara Bhat

\VBl-JUJS, Kolkata.
1sth March 2013.

fi!IJlle batch of 20 10-7015

Dear Sir, This

a petition on behalf of the Balch of 2010-2015 (3rd year) seeking rechecking and

reassessment of Vth semester answerscripts in light O'~'thesevere and grave discrepancies. Wewould like to bring to your notice the following: 1. It has come to light that there were certain students whose marks showed grave inconsistencies . It should be noted that whereas~,:k Yashaswi Kant Sharma (Id No: 21(043) was

awarded marks in the written component of lOS, despite being absent .". - . .. In IOS'gespite not appeaiuge for the 108

tor the same.

Similar case was also with Mr. Advait Malviya (Id No: 210088) who was awarded marks


I ,



. f ". ~f


On the contrary,

ML Ajay Paul Minz (Id No: 209109)


no marks

for the

Jurisprudence project and viva; despite submitting and appearing for the Sfulle. 2. The marksheet
obtained for the two compulsory subjects,


of Statutes &
between the marks


total project

marks without any distinction

in the viva, and the written submissions,

This was despite the fact that separate papers.

vivas were conducted 3. This is in addition

for each student of the batch in the two compulsory

to the fact that during the Jurisprudence

vivas, several students who

had already given their vivas according to schedule, were asked to reappear for the same
viva again, only to find out that the viva, when it was originally 4. Further, only one personwas

account whatsoever was kept of their performance


scheduled. awarded Grade E (7) in Jurisprudence

while no person was

""""awarded E gra~e in the International taught by the same Professor

Law Applicable



Conflict papers,


grave discrepancies

in the marks and also that , image of one on the nature

many meritorious

students have not got the marks that they deserved,

It should be noted Sir, that this is highly' inconsistent of the premier National of management apprehension Law Universities

with the fair and professional

in the country. and casts grave aspersions Furthermore,


in the institutions.

this leads to an understandable pattern of the

in the minds of the students regarding

the fairness of the evaluation

answer SCripts. It should also be kept in mind that the marks and International that have been allotted in Interpretation Armed Conflict

have in

Statutes, Jurisprudence,
has been highly consonance

Law AppH'ctablr During
of the batch,


for the majority

and is not at all keeping

with the general. performance mentioned, regarding

of the batch in the past semesters. apprehension

This, adding to the' in the minds of the

severe inconsistencies students of thebatch, were evaluated.

gives rise to a reasonable

the fairness and non-arbitrariness

with which their answer scripts

In"light of these gross discrepancies,

we request

you to do the following:



Re-assessment of the Jurisprudence,· Amied Conflict and IOS answer scripts of all the students by other evaluators io proportionately increase the marks awarded on the. basis of merit. 2. Re-tabulation and re-checking for any arithmetic discrepancy for all subjects for the entire batch in order to ensure error free results, 3. Moderation of all the papers of the batch to ensure proportionate in~re·ase in marks for all the students on the basis of merit This should be done on an immediate basis as low grades for the students would reflect poorly in the recruitment·pro'cess·and future career


prospects, especially in light of the highly competitive environment, where students of other law schools are usually awarded higher grades.


i :

4. lnimediate reconsultation for those who have applied for the same within the next ten days.

We request you to act urgently and accept this petition as this issue has a direct and enormous on the recruitment process and future careers of the students, which ultimately reflects on our University itself Further.we would request you to grant us an oral hearing through a delegation of the students so authorised bythe Class Representative, The list of students who have endorsed and support this petition is annexed to this letter and marked as "Annexure A". Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

R ()H"I'I

«otu It/{


@LI/'Y,. 11 E PR E'fitVT~nvt£, ~>.1 y.t)

o~ J.e

hf 1?t.. /t~•••. ia

Of ~~o 1- (s>oC>S 2.."
9t.Dl4Y\. • cJ•.-<:v/tt4.~ idJ


iI<4 . relr'll 0"--

a .....•. "



CUl . Cf)!fiA.



; ~ ! :--:

• 't":- .~t
, ': t"''''~f



Jay N. Savta


LLB (Hcms.) Student! Id No, 210047, WBNUJS Kolkata.

Mobile: 08981298130, Email: ·jnsayta(ZiJ.gmail.com 08th July 2013.

To, The Vice Chancellor, WBNUJS Kolkata.

Subject: Unreasonable and unfair method of allotment of Elective courses in the Monsoon Semester 2013-14. Sir, This is ~r.bring to your notice request letter dated 4th July 2013 addressed to you a copy of which wassubmitted to Personal Assistant/Secretary in )'0\.' •... office on 6th July 2013. A further duly acknowledged and received copy was also submitted to the Receiving Section of the University. In my request letter I had stated that I was not allotted the Entertainment & Media Law course as the allotment was done on a First-cum-first serve basis by emailed applications and I was unable to apply on time only for the reason that I did not have expensive tables, smartphones or other electronic gadgets.


I would thus request you to allot me Entertainment & Media Law course as. I was unable to apply promptly due to absence of electronic gadgets and internet connection owned by me. In connection to the Academic & Examination Regulations 2012 (Part-I) ("the Regulations") as passed on 06/09/2012 and notified to the students; governing allotment of Elective Courses, I would like to challenge the validity and legality of the following aspects: . 1. As per Clause 5.4 of the Regulations,. the list of electives to be offered has to be uploaded on the University website ~ "t ee weeks in advance before co~~ncement of the semester. No sue " list has be n uploaded on the University website till date.



2. As per Clause 5.5 (2) of the Regulations, allotment of electives can be done on a firstcum-first served basis on the emailed/hard copy applications. However, in reality applications are invited and submitted via email only" This is grossly discriminatory, unfair and illegal as only students having access to smartphones, tablets and internet and other expensive electronic gadgets are able to promptly access and submit the forms and thereby able to comer all demanded elective courses. 3. The said Regulation 5.5. also discriminates against students from underprivileged and financially backward backgrounds who do not have access to internet, smartphones or tablets. 4. The unreasonable, illegal and discriminatory "cap/restrictions" on important Elective courses which we in demand and essential for furthering career prospects denies students to effectively develop in the University, Given these various points raised by me, I would humbly request you to: a) allotme Entertainment & Media law course instead of allotted Comparative law course as I was unable to apply promptly due to lack of expensive electronic gadgets and

by direct formulation of reasonable Regulations for allotment of Elective courses which grants
equal cpportunity to students from all backgrounds or remove all caps for Elective courses.

Thanking you in anticipation.

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