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Student Requirements

HONORS ENGLISH Mrs. Baniaga Course Description

Students are required to be juniors or seniors 
that pass a technology proficiency test and  Honors English will cover classical
interview with the instructor or have been 
recommended from the current British  literature while emphasizing a
Literature course. 
complimentary focus on 21st century
skills. Throughout the course,
Media projects will mainly consist of video 
trailers and a literary and media por>olio  students will pursue critical
hosted on Blogger. Discussions through blog 
posts will encapsulate the reading assignments  thinking and problem solving skills
while evidencing analysis and quality 
composi@on.  Collabora@on is not only  in a collaborative environment that
important online, but will also be necessary in 
person by aCending the weekly coffee shop  promotes life long learning.
sessions on Thursday evenings from 7:00‐9:00.  Creativity and design will also play
Class Rules vital roles through varied media
1.  Respect others.  
2.  Strive for excellence.   projects that encourage information
Class Policies and technology literacy.
Late work will not be accepted.  Emergencies 
will be dealt with accordingly.  Chea@ng will  Reading Selections
not be tolerated.  This includes any type of 
individual work that is done by another.   All  Count of Monte Cristo ‐ Alexander Dumas
work must use proper MLA format and follow  Dracula ‐ Bram Stoker
copyright law.   Uncle Tom's Cabin ‐ Harriet Beecher Stowe
Pride and Prejudice ‐ Jane Aus@n  
Grading Scale The Good Earth ‐ Pearl Buck
Blog ‐ 35%
Reading ‐ 35% Virtual Office Hours via Google
Media Assignments ‐ 20% Weekdays 8:00am‐2:00pm and by appointment
Par@cipa@on ‐ 10%

Featured 21st Century Skills

Creativity and Innovation - varied media projects
Critical Thinking and Responsibility - discussion sessions and Web 2.0 communication tools
Social Collaboration and Accountability - field trips and social networking
Information, Media, and ICT Literacy - eLearning and literature platform