Supervisor Name: Weekly Report 1 and 2: Roll No: Class Organization Name: Date


Mr. Riaz Hussain M. Ammad Shahid MBSE-11-18 MBA Evening The Bank of Khyber (Sahiwal Branch) 08-07-2013 to 19-07-2013

Practical Work:

July -08 Monday: 5th week I repeat the general banking. Enter data into the bank cheque (P.O) register. Enter data into the CDR register. Check balance for customers on bank system. Like  Current account  Saving account  R.F business  C.F account That day working account manager which is to checked accounts for the ZAKAT deduction. 2.50% of ZAKAT deduction which is limit of 41,872 rupees in Pakistani. That day I filled D.D and also mention in D.D register. I filled ZAKAT and USHER form which is bank doesn’t be a ZAKAT deduction on account.

Practical Work: I am working with sir Kashif (Credit officer). Sir introduction about what is credit and how can be credits. To read manual of credit working in BOK in Sahiwal branch. I learned about a two types of category of loan products: a) Tenor wise category

I learned about the procedure of loan or credits for their consumer finance and salaried employed. . Sir discuss me targeted area of BOK which is provide a finance. Short term  Long term b) Nature wise category  Fund based  Non fund based Fund based facility products that are:  Running finance facility (RFF)  Cash finance facility (CFF)  Demand finance facility  Export Refinance  Term Loans (Syndicate/Project financing)-Medium term financing  Term Loans (Syndicate/Project financing)-Long term financing I learned about the Non fund based facility products that is  Letter of Credit  Letter of Guarantee I learned about the different types of securities. Sir tells me about limit of loan and how can be prepare a limit of loan and discuss next week the whole procedure with practically.  Mortgage  Charge on asset  Pledge  Hypothecation  Lien  Guarantees I learned practically of working capital requirement of the loan.