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List of animal sounds
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This is a list of animal sounds in the English language. Most of these words can be used as either noun or verb. A majority of them are onomatopoeia. Alligators – hiss, grunt, roar, ugh-ugh Antelope – snort Badgers – growl Bats – screech Bears – growl, groan, moan, roar Bees – hum, buzz Beetles – drone, click Birds – chirrup, chirp, twitter, tweet, sing, whistle Bitterns – boom Blackbirds – whistle Bonobos – chirp, squeal, screech, shriek, squeak, hoot Calves – bleat Camels – grunt Capuchins – chirp, chatter, trill Cats – mew, purr, meow, miaow, hiss, yowl, caterwaul Chaffinch – ow Chickens – cluck, cackle, bock, chirp, crow, screech, peep, cockadoodledoo Chimpanzees – pant-hoot, grunt, scream, chatter, screech, bark Chinchillas – squeak Cicadas – chirp Cows – moo, low, bawl (calf), bellow Coyotes – yelp, cry, snarl Crickets – chirp, creak Crows – caw, cah Cuckoos – coo, cuckoo Curlews – pipe Deer – bell Dingos – bark, cry Dogs – bark, woof, arf, bay, bow-wow, howl, yap Dolphins – click Donkeys – bray, hee-haw Doves – coo-coo

Jackals – gecker, howl Jays – chatter, screech Kangaroos – chortle Koalas – scream, bellow, wail Komodo dragons – growl, snarl, hiss Lambs – bleat, baa Larks – sing, warble Linnets – chuckle Lions – roar, growl Llamas – maw Magpies – chatter Mice – squeak and squeal Monkeys – chatter, gecker, gibber, whoop, screech Moose – bellow Mosquitoes – whine Narwhals – squeal Nightingales – pipe, sing, warble Okapis – cough, bellow Orangutans Groan, grunt, smooch, wheeze, chirp, squeal, sputter Ostriches – chirp, bark, hiss, low hum Owls – hoot, scream, screech, shriek Oxen – bellow, low Parrots – mimic a variety of sounds, screech, squawk Peacocks – scream Peafowls – scream Pigs – snort, grunt, squeal, oink Pigeons – coo Porpoises – whistle, click Prairie dogs – bark Puffins – chirp Queleas – chatter Rabbits – squeak, drum, growl (when cornered) Raccoons – trill Rats – squeak, eek, brux

sputter Vultures – scream Walruses – groan Whales – sing Wolves – howl.chirp Hippopotamuses – bellow. squeal Swans – cry Tapirs – whistle.adelaide. screech. squawk Seals – bark Sheep – bleat. click Stags – bellow Swallows – twitter. mimic other animals. roar. hum. cry. baa Gorillas – hoot. twitter Squirrels – squeak. talk. rumble Emus – drum Falcons – chant Ferrets – dook Flies – buzz.Wikipedia. snort. yell Wrens – trill. snarl Thrushes – whistle. sputter Humans – whisper.animal-sounds. laugh. whine. chatter. scream. wail Giraffes – bleat Goats – bleat. nicker. sing Tokay Geckos – croak Turkeys – gobble Vervets – chirp. listen and use for free. bark.html) Derek Abbott. warble Zebras – whinny.wikipedia. snort Horses – neigh. whoop Ravens – croak Rhinoceros – bellow Robins – chirp Rooks – caw Roosters – crow Seagulls – scream. rumble. sing. hiss. whistle. ribbit. yelp. baa Snakes – hiss Sparrows – chirp. chatter. coo Hummingbirds – hum. grunt. roar. simper Frogs – croak. chirp. Multilingual list of animal sounds (http://www. cry. pant Grasshoppers – chirp Guinea pigs – squeak Hamsters – squeak Hares – squeak Hens – cackle. whoop See also Animal communication Animal echolocation Animal Bioacoustics Cat communication Zoomusicology Old McDonald Had a Farm. quack Gibbons – whoop. bark. gribbit Geese – cackle. each verse of the song changes the name of the animal and its respective noise External links List of animal sounds to download. moan. cluck Hermit 2/3 . (http://www. whinny. the free encyclopedia Ducks – quack Eagles – scream Elephants – trumpet. University of Adelaide en. roar. sputter. hum Foxes – bark. pock. twitter Hyenas – laugh. coo. growl Hogs – grunt. honk.eleceng. grunt. moan.7/16/13 List of animal sounds . squeak Tigers – growl.

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