Wisconsin Mathematics Formula Reference Sheet Shape


Formulas for Area (A) and Circumference (C )
A ϭ 2 bh ϭ 2 ϫ base ϫ height A ϭ lw ϭ length ϫ width
1 1



A ϭ 2 (b1 + b2)h ϭ 2 ϫ sum of bases ϫ height A ϭ bh ϭ base ϫ height





SA ϭ πr2 ϭ π ϫ square of radius
C ϭ 2πr ϭ 2 ϫ π ϫ radius

Rectangular Prism

Formulas for Volume (V ) and Surface Area (SA)
SV ϭ lwh ϭ length ϫ width ϫ height
SA ϭ 2lw ϩ 2hw ϩ 2lh ϭ 2(length ϫ width) ϩ 2(height ϫ width) ϩ 2(length ϫ height)

General Prisms

SV ϭ Bh ϭ area of base ϫ height
SA ϭ sum of the areas of the faces

Right Circular Cylinder

SV ϭ Bh ϭ area of base ϫ height
SA ϭ 2B ϩ Ch ϭ (2 ϫ area of base) ϩ (circumference ϫ height)
1 1

Right Pyramid

SV ϭ 3Bh ϭ 3 ϫ area of base ϫ height
SA ϭ B ϩ 2 Pl

ϭ area of base ϩ (2 ϫ perimeter of base ϫ slant height)
1 1


Right Circular Cone

SV ϭ 3Bh ϭ 3 ϫ area of base ϫ height
SA ϭ B ϩ 2 Cl ϭ area of base ϩ (2 ϫ circumference ϫ slant height)
4 4




SV ϭ 3πr3 ϭ 3 ϫ π ϫ cube of radius
SA ϭ 4πr2 ϭ 4 ϫ π ϫ square of radius


−b ± Then x ϭ 45˚ 1 b2 Ϫ 4ac 2a x-coordinate of vertex = Ϫ b 2a Distance Traveled d ϭ rt distance ϭ rate ϫ time . y1) ϭ point on line (x2 Ϫ x1)2 ϩ (y2 Ϫ y1)2 Combinations and Permutations Polygon Angle Formulas Sum of degree measures of the interior angles of a polygon: 180(n Ϫ 2) Degree measure of an interior angle of a regular polygon: n! nCr ϭ r!(nϪr)! n! nPr ϭ (nϪr)! Formulas for Right Triangles  opp  a sin x ϭ c ϭ  hyp    180(n Ϫ 2) n where n is the number of sides of the polygon Interest Formulas Simple Interest: A ϭ P (1 ϩ rt) r Compound Interest: A ϭ P 1 ϩ n x b adj  b cos x ϭ c ϭ  hyp  tan x ϭ opp  a ϭ  adj  b Pythagorean Theorem: a2 ϩ b2 ϭ c2 Special Right Triangles Quadratic Equations Let ax + bx + c = 0. y1) and (x2.Equations of a Line Slope-Intercept Form: y ϭ mx ϩ b Coordinate Geometry Formulas Let (x1. where m ϭ slope and b ϭ y-intercept y2 Ϫ y1 slope ϭ x Ϫ x where x2 2 1 midpoint ϭ  distance ϭ x1  x 1 ϩx 2 2 . where a 2 30˚ 2 3 2 45˚ 60˚ 1 1       c a ( ) nt A ϭ amount (including interest) P ϭ principal r ϭ interest rate (expressed as a decimal) n ϭ number of compoundings per year t ϭ number of years 0. (x1. Point-Slope Form: y Ϫ y1 ϭ m(x Ϫ x1) y 1 ϩy 2  2  where m ϭ slope. y2) be two points in the plane.

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