Pomerleau Building 1 North Avenue Burlington, Vermont 05401
Michael E. Schirling
Chief of Police

Phone (802) 658-2704 Telephone (802) 658-2704 Fax (802) 865-7579 TTY/TDD (802) 658-2700

Informational Update Regarding the status of Deputy Chief Andi Higbee July 22, 2013 As was released yesterday, Deputy Chief Andi Higbee is on paid Administrative Leave subsequent to being processed for DUI on July 21, 2013. He will remain on leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation to be conducted by an independent contracted investigator from outside the Department. Efforts are under way today to find and employ an investigator. As with all personnel or employment matters, the inquiry will focus on whether Department rules or policies were violated. The Department will work with the City Attorney, Human Resources Director, and as necessary the Police Commission in this matter. It should be noted that the Department does not normally confirm or deny the existence of a personnel matter as they are generally confidential employment issues. In this instance its existence is obvious and DC Higbee has additionally given permission for the agency to discuss its existence and current status. This is a difficult and challenging circumstance for the agency and for DC Higbee. We are cognizant of the impact this incident has on the agency and on the community given the important role that DC Higbee has played.

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