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MINUTES DRAFT Charter Review Committee City of Nacogdoches, Texas May 7, 2009 — 2:00 p.m. Planning Conference Room 117 City Hall - 202 E Pilar Street Chairman Leon Hallman called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. Committee members present: Leon Hallman, Judy McDonald, Jackie Warthan, Jack Ledbetter, Mike Bay, Jimmy Partin, Steve Bartlett, Ruben Rodriguez and Patrick Sanders. Others present were: City Manager Jim Jeffers, City Attorney Rob Atherton and City Secretary Lila Fuller. Chairman Hallman welcomed all members and introductions were made, Contact information was verified. The meeting schedule was discussed and tentative dates set. City Attomey Atherton reviewed the Open Meetings Law and the Texas Public Information Act for the members” information. Chairman Hallman opened nominations for Vice Chair. Jimmy Partin moved to nominate Judy McDonald. The motion was seconded by Jack Ledbetter and unanimously passed. Chairman Hallman announced that Judy McDonald had been nominated Vice Chair. Chairman Hallman reviewed the operational rules for the committee charged with reviewing the City of Nacogdoches Charter for corrections, revisions, additions or deletions juorum: Chairman Hallman recommended that 7 of the 9 members be considered a quorum. Judy McDonald moved that 7 of 9 members be considered a quorum for the committee. The motion was seconded by Steve Bartlett and unanimously passed. ve Chairman Hallman recommended a simple majority for all votes, with the Chair as a voting member. Chairman Hallman stated the majority of all communication would be by email, with the city manager’s office sending a copy of the agenda to each member as notification of meetings, with a request that a verification of attendance be made to Jan Pigg prior to the meeting. Media contact: Judy McDonald moved that all media contact be referred to the Chair so that consistent information is given. Mike Bay seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Abstentions: It was the consensus of the committee that committee members voice abstentions, with a silent vote being considered a negative vote. It was the consensus of the members that all meetings begin in prayer. Chairman Hallman reviewed the timetable outlined as follows: July 31 — recommended last day to request US Department of Justice Pre-clearance August 4 ~ present recommendation to the City Commission and public hearings September 1 — finalize by City Commission and call election ‘November 3 — Election Chairman Hallman discussed with the committee members how they wished to proceed with the review of the Charter, giving options as follows: 1. Chapter by chapter 2. By categories: Corrections, Revisions, Additions, Deletions 3. Complete re-write City Attomey Atherton explained that complete or major re-write would require a different process and was not an option. It was the consensus of the committee that any legal conflicts or major problems with the current Charter be received from city staff to be considered at the next meeting. It was also decided that the review would be by Article. Chair Hallman requested that the members review Articles I and II prior fo the next meeting. It was suggested that any questions from the review be brought to the next meeting and clarification would be given to everyone. It was also the consensus that any significant issues identified by ‘committee members be brought for discussion at the next meeting. City Attomey Atherton explained that any proposed charter amendments must be listed on the ballot separately for vote by the citizens, and suggested that the committee consider honing in on specific issues and prioritizing them to better facilitate the voting process. Chair Hallman adjourned the meeting at 2:52 p.m. I | Care Riven Conmumtiee, 971-09 d0CO px | i oe ga 3039 | Pranents ody, Drilee, | ne fy Des Goce | Ofheros Chur, ‘Pobe, Hila. la WOateorns by Hatha: Mroduckicivs ue Lmade poked 30.0 Se ee |dotwo Bub. | Lo rowed open Naaetvne,. hutea. [osc Ye Tas Ruttic Silo Qe j ¥* Open Open rromumnatiions. Yor Vee Char. Rerton > Sudy Ss oy. Adbebtec . Uiar. apptd UOhnows . puso Rules: Chore - feconun. Aas nnargortbes., M~ Oyoduy S- Bouter Una: Qusreoon of 1, Iu - ban a Choir oo AL Pond do. Urol «