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1ISSS. Elizabeth Street, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858 + Telephone (889)775-2200 * Fax: (685)773-0631 NA Principal ‘sia Rip ‘asian Pia item See Jesrep| Thoens "Se Hem Sir oe Tima ‘Apa 17, 20097 LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION FOR KATHLEEN WRIGHT [have the pleasure of submiting this letter of recommendation for Kati Wright who is a candidate for Spanish teaching position. Kati will be completing her student teaching experience at Mt Pleasant High School on May 8, 2009. She has been teaching High School Spanish in a trimester schedule. Kati has worked very diligently and conscientiously to become an effective teacher. She has been very dedicated to her student teaching assignment and responsibilities, She has worked on a variety of instructional activities, short and long term lesson plans, preparation and design of instructional materials, grade book management, atendance records, discipline professional development, parentteacher conferences, crisis intervention, evacuation procedures, and many other duties that have ‘given Katia wealth of information she will be able to bring to any teaching position, Kati isa collaborative, yet a very independent worker. She has maintained a good balance in collaborating with me and has been very receptive to being mentored. She quickly learned to teach from the board adopted Spanish program and was able to use all the components making a lesson come together very effectively. Ihave observed that Kati has a good understanding of the Spanish language standards and benchmarks and has beautiful pronunciation, As anative speaker, I tend to have high expectations and Kati has lived upto them. She sets goals and deadlines for her instruction and continuously assesses them making the necessary adjustments to have quality instructional delivery. She unselfishly has dedicated numerous hours to students before and after school. She i also very sensitive to student needs. Issues have arisen in the classroom that have prepared her well when she steps into her own classroom, I believe Kati has also realized that there is more to being an. effective teacher, than teaching a great lesson. Kati has experienced some of the challenges in dealing ‘with various student personal issues, She is @ natural inthe classroom; she possesses many of the qualities that are critical to becoming a good teacher. Rigor, relationship and relevance as outlined in the Michigan Merit Curriculum are goals that Kati now has firsthand knowledge of. I believe that Kat is a quality teacher candidate. She would bea great addition to any district. 1 highly recommend her for any Spanish teaching position. If we had an opening in this district, I would recommend she be hired. As with any language instructor, would suggest that she continue to keep up her language skills by spending time ina Spanish speaking country. Ifyou should need additional information, or have any questions, please contact me at school: 989- 735.2200; EXT.: 4290; home: 989-772-3918. et em Rosa Johnson Spanish Teacher, Department Coordinator ME Peasant Palle School, together nth our community, inspires each student through geapti educational opportunites fo become an engaged citizen ina diverse, changing world.