JASMINE-THE PURE AND ENCITING FLOWER S ESWARA REDDY Jasmine is one of the most popular f and Almost

all species flower during summer and the rainy seasons. The species J.pubescens flowers during winter in Northern India. J.auriculatum, J.grandiflorum and J.sambac are South India. Importance: Jasmine flowers are used for making garlands and are for adorning the hair of women. Some species of jasmine (J.grandiforum, important in

J.auriculatum and J.samboc) yield a very valuable oil which is used in perfumery industry. In the gardens the Jasmine (J. sambac) is raised as a dwarf growing shrub and a few species (J.

grandiflorum, J. auriculatum etc.) are grown as climbers over pergolas and arches.

The Jasmine flower oil is said to blend well with every floral scent and is highly valued for







perfumery. The essential oil of Jasmine is known in commerce as ‘Jasmine concrete’. The world production of Jasmine concrete is estimated at 5000 kg per year and nearly half the production comes from France. According to some reports one kg of Jasmine concrete of the highest grade was prices at about Rs. 11,700 – 12,000/-. The oil is extracted from Jasmine flowers by the solvent extraction process. Petroleum either of good quality and free from impurities is used as the solvent. The resultant waxy extract is the Jasmine concrete and it is further purified by alcohol and by means of vacuum distillation to produce ‘Jasmine absolute’, which is used for making perfumes. The Jasmine oil of commerce is largely

extracted from J.grandiflorum (Pink variety). The concrete and absolute prepared from Indian

J.gardiflorum (Jathi Malli) were found superior to

the products from Egypt and Isreal. J.auriculatum had a scent factor The cost of Cultivation of Jathi Malli be approximately the same as for Mullai. But because of the higher market values for its flowers, the gross income per ha will be around Rs. 37,000/from the third year. The net profit can be about Rs. 20,000/- per year per ha. . Jasmine plants are perennial and can live as long as first years and more. Good yields can be obtained upto 15-18 years.

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