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Shelby Starnes - The Healthy Bodybuilder & Powerlifter

I have known Shelby for many years and have literally seen him grow into an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and what I would easily describe as one of the best physique transformation consultants in the world. I have seen Shelby do amazing things with his clients ranging from fat & out of shape Powerlifters to IFBB Pro’s. I have personally used Shelby’s Consultation Services several times in the past with each time being a great and HEALTHY experience. Working with Shelby was not only about dropping bodyfat (my biggest goal at the time) but getting Healthier. Shelby Starnes also has a strong desire to give back as demonstrated by his article submissions and 60 plus QAs he answers every month here at elitefts. As a team member of elitefts™ he embodies what it means to Live, Learn and Pass on. When he sent me this book I thought to myself NOBODY IS GOING TO BUY THIS! This was because when you really step back and look at all Strength Sports none of them are “healthy”. What we have done and are doing will beat us up, tear us down and destroy our bodies more than we realize. We are not meant or designed to push the limits these sports ask of us. All of us in the game KNOW this and have come to just accept it as fact. However once I began reading the book I began to see in greater detail why Shelby had me do many of the things he was prescribing. I also kept saying to myself “I wish I knew this 10 years ago” and “I wish I did that 10 years ago”. Had I done so I could have side stepped many of the health issues I have had to battle over the years. Maybe we can’t take ALL the risk away but there is A LOT we can do to minimize it. What I am saying is I learned the hard way – YOU DON’T HAVE TO! I HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone but more so to those who are pushing the limits to be the best they can be. I also suggest actually USING the advice in the book. It very well could extend your carrier, avoid injuries and save your life. It’s really hard to break a PR when you are sick, even harder when you are hurt and impossible if your are dead. How’s that for being blunt? – Dave Tate founder Inc

Excerpt from The Healt hy Bodybuilder & Powerlift er

T he liver is the largest and most complex internal organ. All blood in the body passes through the liver and is detoxif ied. T he liver metabolizes most proteins, carbohydrates, and f ats. It also perf orms drug metabolism along with a wide array of other f unctions. One of the most important f actors to consider about the liver is

approximately two days. leak into the blood and can be measured. this does not mean damage isn’t occurring. and a host of prescription medications. Luckily. liver damage won’t always show up on bloodwork. certain types of damage cannot be repaired (cirrhosis f or example). and even dieting. and damage to muscle tissue (as in resistance exercise) will elevate serum levels greatly. • Basic Liver Enzymes – AST and ALT are f ound in liver cells. as long as it isn’t damaged too much. • Alkaline Phosphatase and GGT – T hese two liver enzymes are common on most liver panels (you may have to request GGT ) and are important f or identif ying bile duct issues and gallstones. • Bilirubin – T his protein is metabolized by the liver. here are some general guidelines. T he liver can also regenerate itself if damaged. elevated levels can indicate many issues. you must avoid strenuous exercise f or at least 3 days bef ore the test. AST and ALT For these values to be even remotely accurate. Because of this you can apply a great deal of additional stress to the liver and not notice any ill ef f ects f or a long time. LIVER FUNCTION BLOOD TESTS T he liver can be stressed by various supplements. T here are a broad range of liver f unctions. including OT C medications like acetaminophen and ibuprof en. including liver disease. and f ull interpretation of liver f unction tests is best lef t to your doctor. • Albumin – T his protein is manuf actured by the liver and low levels can indicate damage to the liver. Unf ortunately. We will go over the basic liver f unctions tests and what they mean. GGT is one of the best tests f or early detection of liver damage. Most liver enzymes produced by liver damage clear the body relatively quickly so damage can be missed. these enzymes are easily elevated by many things that stress the liver. T hese can of ten be elevated f rom strenuous exercise alone. and some liver tumors don’t increase liver enzymes. alcohol. that when damaged. imaging of the liver is necessary. with a half -lif e of approximately one day. AST clears the body f airly quickly. but less so than AST. Alkaline Phosphatase and GGT . Long term elevations (chronic) are a risk f actor f or cirrhosis (scar tissue) of the liver. consuming large amounts of f ood. as long as they aren’t more than twice the upper limit of the normal range. It is important to note that liver disease is not always indicated by elevations of these enzymes. ALT is also elevated f rom strenuous exercise. Short term elevations (acute) are considered f airly normal. AST is abundant in muscle tissue. Because of this. ALT has a longer half -lif e in the body. It is important that the bodybuilder have his liver f unctions tested several times per year as part of regular bloodwork.that it generally operates at only a f raction of its f ull capacity. Normal ranges will vary slightly depending on the testing method used by your lab. which the body cannot repair. Besides exercise related elevations. INTERPRETING YOUR RESULTS While it is important that your doctor interpret your results with you.

however GGT elevations are a good indicator of bile duct issues. If you have a MSCT Heart Scan procedure. If you do need to take something that stresses the liver (such as ibuprof en f or an injury).95 LIVER IMAGING Bodybuilders. the best thing you can do to protect it is to remove all stress and let it repair. such as alcohol. although it is also possible to use a MSCT scanner – as discussed in the Heart Scan section. make sure it is included in your bloodwork. T he liver will always be under some degree of stress. but your goal should be to minimize this stress whenever possible. also consider having them scan your liver at the same time. .Elevations of either of these enzymes should be considered a risk f actor f or bile duct obstructions. Your goal should be to minimize everything possible that places stress on the liver. it is important to have your liver imaged. minimizing stress to the liver is the best way to protect it. GGT may be the most important liver enzyme f or the bodybuilder to have tested. even things known as “liver detoxif iers” are of ten just one more things the liver must metabolize. Because these benign tumors of ten show no indications on bloodwork. Ultrasound is the most practical route f or liver imaging. It is important to consult your doctor about abnormal levels of these proteins. you will not be able to eliminate all of it. and much more. PROTECTING THE LIVER Besides testing f or abnormalities. For high level bodybuilders competing f requently. Anything that the liver must metabolize will cause stress to some extent. Albumin and Bilirubin Low levels of albumin. Because the liver has the ability to repair itself . T hese are blood f illed tumors in the liver that can burst and cause serious internal bleeding. In f act. Most bodybuilders should probably have their liver imaged once every 5 years. or high levels of bilirubin. f ood additives. Most MSCT Heart Scan providers of f er this service. are at risk f or hepatic adenomas. In the case of bodybuilders who compete f requently (once a year or more). specif ically. this includes any f oreign substance that enters the body. environmental chemicals. which can lead to cirrhosis of the liver. imaging is recommended annually. Alkaline phosphatase elevations are relatively common and of ten benign. having the liver imaged once every 3 years may be more appropriate. E-book Price – $19. artif icial sweeteners. are an indicator of liver disease. it is best to use it f or as short of a duration as possible. Talk to your doctor about having a liver ultrasound perf ormed. prescription and non-prescription medications (ibuprof en and acetaminophen especially).

or if your goal is to live healthy f or as long as possible. BOOK SUMMARY Your health is the pivotal f actor in reaching your bodybuilding and powerlif ting goals. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to get as big and strong as possible. • Have your liver imaged to screen f or hepatic adenomas by ultrasound or MSCT scan every 1-5 years depending on how much stress your liver is under. the harder you will be able to train and the f urther you will be able to advance. pref erably twice per year. the key to your goals is the same thing: maximum physical health. and up to f our times per year if necessary. From bloodwork to body scans to supplements. Shelby and Rob explore the latest techniques necessary f or optimizing health and detecting problems bef ore they have a negative impact.LIVER HEALTH SUMMARY • Have bloodwork done at least once per year. T he greater your attention to health. • Avoid long periods of using mildly liver toxic drugs like ibuprof en and acetaminophen. T his book covers the details necessary to address every aspect of physical health relating to the bodybuilder and powerlif ter. Table of Contents . you will suf f er immense setbacks. T he moment your health f alters f or any reason.