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Lesson Title: ¿Qué vas a hacer?

Skills targeted: Grammar – Immediate future

Grade Level: Spanish IB (9-10)
Textbook: Realidades 1: Capítulo 4B

I. Objectives:
• Students will recall and produce words about sports. 1.1
• Students will identify and produce the immediate future using “ir” + a +
infinitive. 1.1, 1.2
• Students will compare the construction of the immediate future in English with
that of Spanish. 4.1
• Students will discus some famous Latino athletes. 2.1

II. Materials:
• Scarf or Towel
• Crystal Ball – Bola de cristal
• Partner Find Worksheets
• Missing Gap Worksheets

III. Lesson Procedures:

Warm-up: Escribir
• Transparency – students will write complete sentences about the sports they do or
do not play recycling the new vocabulary presented yesterday in class.

TPR: TPR/escuchar
• Review TPR from yesterday

Missing Gap: Hablar

• Review forms of “jugar”
• Students will ask their partners what sports each famous Latino/a athlete plays
(recycled from yesterday) and ask where he or she is from (recycled from last

Presentation: (New Material) Escuchar

• Tell students that today I am “Doña Lupita” and I am here to predict their future.
• Tell volunteers to come up to the class to have their future told. Give each
volunteer a script to read.
• Students will not produce the new grammar point in their scripts. They will
recycle old vocabulary describing them for “Doña Lupita.”

Attention: Grámatica
• Draw students’ attention to the grammar point by asking how I used the forms of
“ir” they learned last chapter.

Co-Construct: Grámatica
• Ask students what they think that “ir” means when it is used in this context.
• Write the following on the board
o “voy a ver el futuro.”
o “vas a estudiar”
o “van a ir de pesca”
• Ask students to see if they can create a sentence for “he is going to swim,” and
“we are going to eat pizza.
• Have students open text books to page 206. Call on a volunteer to read the
English paragraph on this page.
• Watch Grammar Video – students should respond verbally during the video.

• Around the world in 60 seconds with “ir”
• Whole class: Give students a subject and have them complete the sentence –
“____ a jugar al tenis.”

Extension: Hablar
• Partner Find
o Students ask their classmates if they are going to do the activity that they
are going to do in order to find a partner.
o Students should ask “¿Vas a _____ conmigo?”
o Students should replay “Sí o No voy a _____ contigo.”
• Missing Gap
o Students guess what their partner will do this weekend using picture sheets
provided by teacher.
o Students will ask “¿Vas a _____ este fin de semana?”
o Students will respond “Sí o No voy a _____ este fin de semana.”
Presentation script:

Hola clase. Yo soy Doña Lupita. Voy a ver el futuro. Miren, puedo ver el futuro en mi
bola de cristal. Voy a hablar con ustedes y adivinar que vas a hacer este fin de semana.

Primero, voy a adivinar el futuro de la Srta. ______. Srta., ven acá y siéntate. Dime,
¿cómo eres?

-Yo soy estudiosa y trabajadora.

Aja. Yo veo bien tu futuro. Tú vas a estudiar este fin de semana. Tú vas a estar muy
ocupada con la tarea. No vas a hacer nada con tus amigos. ¡Qué pena!

Ahora, voy a adivinar el futuro del Sr. _______. Sr., ven acá y siéntate. Dime, ¿cómo

-Yo soy muy sociable y simpático.

Aja. Yo veo bien tu futuro. Tú vas a hablar por teléfono con una chica. Sí, tu vas a
hablar por teléfono por horas con una chica muy bonita.

Ahora, voy a adivinar el futuro del Sr. ______ y la Srta. _____. Vengan acá y siéntense.
Díganme, ¿cómo son ustedes?

-Somos atrevidos y graciosos.

Aja. Yo veo bien su futuro. Ustedes van a ir de pesca. Sí ustedes van a ir de pesca y es
un viaje muy romántico.
Partner find:
Missing Gap:

Yo voy a

Tú vas a

Yo voy a

Tú vas a

Yo voy a

Tú vas a

Yo voy a

Tú vas a