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Kati Wright

SPN 411
Circle Activity

The teacher will split the class into groups of eight, each group must have an
even number. Students will arrange themselves in two circles, one inside the other.
Students will ask their question to the person in the circle adjacent to them in the
target language, respond to their question in a complete sentence, and then
exchange questions and move to the next person to their left in the circle.

Theme: Ir de compras y la ropa

1. Do you go to the mall often?

2. What do you buy when you go to the mall?

3. What are you wearing now?

4. What do you wear when you go to a wedding (una boda)?

5. What do you wear when you are at home?

6. What do you wear to class?

7. What do you wear to the beach (la playa)?

8. What do you wear when it’s very cold?