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a. Size of normal burst is ____156.25_____ bits . b. Encoding the burst so that it cant be interpreted by any other device, then the intended subscriber is called ___________________ . [ Ciphering , Authentication , Cryptography ] c. Transmission bit rate for GSM is _________ Kbps .
d. Each time slot on TDMA frame is _________ ms .

[ 270 , 200 , 360 ] [ 0.632 , 0.577 , 0.755 ]

Q.2: State TRUE or FALSE :

i. GSM subscriber . ii. iii.

[ M 5 ]

The multiframe structure specified for the UTRA mode allow subscribers for a seamless handover to

In class C mode of operation in GPRS allows an MS to have circuit switched connection only. The SGSN serves for all GPRS subscriber that are physically located within the Geographical SGSN service area .

iv. The SGSN provides ciphering & authentication . v. The SGSN is the interface towards the external IP packet network . vi. Range extension is not possible using smart antennas . vii. Some satellites might have special antennas to create smaller cell using spot beam viii. For all mobile terminated calls the GMSC takes care of the activity for locating the mobile in the network. ix. Pre-paid subscribers obtain their bills monthly . x. In post-paid service scheme payment is received by cheque

Q.3. Correct the following statements, if incorrect, by changing the underlined portions. [M3]
a. Foilage loss is due to man-made structures. b. Co-Channel interference is due to defective filter design. c. Sectored type of cells give better coverage than Omni-type. d. Hand-offs will be more if cell radius is more. e. Tilting of BTS antenna is normally used to reduce interference.