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Reglas de la clase de español:

1. Hable español en clase: Speak Spanish in class. Whenever

possible, speak Spanish in this classroom. Use the signs around the room to help
you with things you may need or want during class. Try out these phrases. See
what using a little Spanish can get you!
2. Respete a la maestra y a todos los compañeros
de clase: Respect the teacher and all your classmates.
3. Levante la mano cuando quiere hablar: Raise your hand
to speak in class. This is a class about talking, but all that talking can get hard to
hear over. Whenever we are working as a large group, raise your hand to ask a
question or respond with discussion.
4. Traiga todos los materiales a la clase cada día:
Bring all your materials to class each day. Be prepared for class with your
textbook, your folder, and a pencil everyday.
5. Complete la tarea para la proxima clase de
español: Complete homework for the next Spanish class. Bring homework
with you completed the day after it is assigned. Late work will not be accepted.
Homework should always be headed with your Spanish first name (which you
will receive in class) and your English last name followed by the hour you have
this class.
Hace calor.

0 cero
Hace frío.
1 uno
2 dos
Hace fresco. 3 tres
4 cuatro
5 cinco
Hace sol. 6 seis
7 siete
8 ocho
Hace viento.
9 nueve
10 diez
Llueve. 11 once
12 doce
13 trece
Está nublado.
14 catorce
15 quince
Está nevando. 16 dieciséis
17 diecisiete
18 dieciocho
Hay tornado. 19 diecinueve
20 veinte

¿Cómo estás? ¿Cuándo es el examen?

How are you? When is the test?

Estoy bien. ¿Tienes un lápiz?

I’m well. Do you have a pencil?

¿Cómo te llamas? ¿Tienes papel?

What is your name? Do you have paper?

Me llamo ____. ¿Puedo ir al baño?

My name is ____. May I go to the bathroom?

¿Cómo se dice ____ en español? ¿Cuál es la fecha?

How do you say ___ in Spanish? What is the date?

¿Qué quiere decir _____? ¿Qué día es hoy?

What does _____ mean? What day is it today?