All Hands on Deck

Over the past several years, I have watched many people get laid off from work and show up at a career group with a blank look on their face...what do I do next? These people are lost. They have not had to look for a job in 15, 20, or 25 years. They do not have a resume. They do not even have a personal email account, having relied on their company’s based email system. They are stumped. I have also seen many people land their next great opportunity. How did they do it? That is what I want to explore. Some of the topics will be short. Others will go into more detail. You may already know some of these career-tips, and hopefully, you will learn some new ones.
YOU ARE INVITED When: 13 AUG 13 Where: FFSC BLDG 3175 NAS Fort Worth JRB Time: 1000-1130 Space is limited, please R.S.V..P. by 09AUG13 to: or call 817-782-5288

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