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Do You Have What it Takes? ( monthly Series 06 13)

Do You Have What it Takes? ( monthly Series 06 13)

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Published by Marcia Harris
Is your year half empty or half full?
Is your year half empty or half full?

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Published by: Marcia Harris on Jul 23, 2013
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Do You Have What It Takes?

( to Jumpstart your Life and Keep it Running? ) Series Marcia Harris, MA, CLL, Inspirational Speaker June 2013

As you stop to view your calendar, you may consider the month of June to represent the first half of your year. You may then pause and ask yourself “has my year been half-full or half-empty? If you decide on the latter, consider that you have not because you ask not. If you listen closely, you are often reminded by testimonials that everything you need is only one person away. It is good that you are independent; however, it takes a greater skill to become interdependent which is the ability to recognize the resources around you and next interact to create a win-win for all involved. In living a full life, it is important to step forward with courage to communicate your present goals and needs. Keep in mind that each day is a test to see if you are ready to move to the next level in your life. Therefore, prior to beginning your plan of action, it is important to consider the “big picture” and the basics that you need to develop a solid foundation. Now that you have direction using your basics, ask yourself these simple questions: (1) Are my needs valid or is the item just something I want? (2) Have I done my homework to insure that I cannot do this alone? (3) Have I researched to consider selecting a compatible resource? (4) Will our common goals create excitement as we consider the benefits? Your plan of action should involve believing that each “no” will get you closer to your “yes”. In other words, you must work on being consistent. You may now ask “how”? Let’s consider that you express your need to a family member or friend without doing your research. The result may be that they are unable to support your need at this particular time; however, they are willing to support you at a future time and date. Learn to listen actively, and you will discover something of value that will help you with your follow up and your next challenge. When receiving valuable information, remember to keep in touch with your source and build a healthy working relationship. As you prepare to complete the month of June, I challenge you to visualize this last half of your year as half full versus half empty. Review your research considering the timing and priorities of others. Now be prepared to ask and to create a win –win for everyone involved. In closing, keep in mind that you have not because you ask not. Asking creates a great opportunity for building a healthy working relationship. Your partner will soon discover that he or she cannot give more than they receive. If the answer is no, reconsider your timing, research, and resource. Remember, with

vision and purpose, every “no” is getting you closer to your “yes”. Step out of your comfort zone, ask, and experience amazing results as you achieve your life goals. For additional questions and comments, contact Marcia Harris at 740 353 8056, facebook.com, or www.marciaharrislifeskills.com. Have a great month of change!

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