THE BLVD Children’s Ministry Volunteer Process


Step 1: First Serve

– this is an opportunity for people who think the

nursery/children’s ministry may be something that they are interested in. We will allow persons interested in the ministry to do a “First Serve” where they can come in and serve in the ministry with “no strings attached.” First serve opportunities can come through the New Servant orientation, Servant Fairs, parental involvement, and/or one on one contact with parishioners. At the completion of the “First Serve” the Sunday Coordinator should have a brief discussion with the servant concerning how they felt about the serving opportunity. These comments should be shared with the Children’s Pastor as soon as possible so that it may be discussed during the next step.

Step 2: Application/Interview Process

– Once a servant has

completed the “First Serve” they will need to schedule a time with the Children’s Pastor. During this time the servant will discuss their “First Serve” opportunity, why they chose Children’s Ministry as a place to serve, program information, availability to serve, policies and job description. During this time every new servant that decides to serve in Children’s Ministry will consent to a background check.

Step 3: Partner Serving – We want every new servant to be as successful as
possible; therefore, once a commitment is made “on the job training” will take place. Each new servant will be paired with a current servant volunteer that is on the team the new servant is wishing to serve and will be able to work alongside them and “show them the ropes”. The Servant Partner will help the new servant get acclimated to the systems of the ministry. This is also an opportunity for the new servant to build rapport with parents and children in a way that is comfortable for everyone involved.

Step 4: Training – As a servant of The BLVD we make a commitment to be a
lifelong learner. Research improves and therefore strategies evolve rapidly. With that in mind, all Children’s Ministry servants will participate in once a quarter ministry training. The first training scheduled after the new servant begins to serve is mandatory.

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