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2013-14 Academic Catalog

2013-14 Academic Catalog

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The viewbook is a small pamphlet with information about our university's many programs and exciting campus atmosphere.
The viewbook is a small pamphlet with information about our university's many programs and exciting campus atmosphere.

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Published by: Oklahoma Baptist University on Jul 23, 2013
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The Intensive English Program provides an
atmosphere of language learning through classroom
instruction and hands-on experiences for the
purpose of learning academic English. In addition,
the program is designed to facilitate the learning
process as apposed to rote memorization of
information. Outside of the classroom, the program
personnel help the student with cultural adaptation
and social involvement using experiences and feld

The nine levels of the Intensive English Program
represent language profciency ranging from
beginner to advanced. Based on English placement
exams given at the beginning and/or end of each
term, each student is placed in the appropriate
language level. In subsequent terms, placement
considerations may also include previous academic
performance and attendance.

This program is structured in the skills of listening,
speaking, reading, and writing but also provides the
student with the opportunity to expand his or her
language knowledge of special interests and careers
in and outside the classroom. American culture is
injected in all aspects of learning.

An English Language Learner (ELL) may choose to
enter the IEP at the beginning of each seven-week
session in the fall or spring. Moreover, these four
(4) seven-week sessions allow the ELL to advance
quickly and effciently through the language learning

Field trips, cultural experiences, and one-on-one
tutoring are also incorporated in the student’s
English language learning experience.

Faculty for Intensive English

Sandra Bradley

Director of the Intensive English Program

A.A., Seminole Junior College, 1994
B.S., Oklahoma State University, 1996
M.R.E., Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2000
Joined OBU 2013.

Jennifer Barnett

Instructor, Intensive English Program

B.A., University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2000
M.A., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, 2003
M.A., University of Massachusetts, 2009
Joined OBU in 2008.

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