LSP Low Speed High Pressure Pumps

Chip Bin Trim Liquor Heater Flash Tanks Chips In Sulzer Pumps has been manufacturing pumps for over 100 years.Pumps specially made for digester service Sulzer Pumps is strongly involved in the pulp and paper industry. Sand Separator EPP Wash Circ. We have designed. An effective quality control procedure includes pressure testing of the casing and a pump test run in the factory test loop. Sulzer pumps are running in most of the continuous digesters all around the world. This is why we know the hard conditions and the tough requirements related to pump applications in pulp cooking. We also have 50 customer support service centers to serve our customers. Quench Circ. head and efficiency are checked. Furthermore. Level Tank High Pressure Feeder EPP APP Flash Liquor Digester APP LSP LSP White Liquor Gold Blow Pulp Out Flash Tank Low Pressure Feeder Heater EPP Trim Circ. Manufacturing quality starts with the design and manufacture of patterns by CAD-CAM systems and with precise castings from our own foundries. built and run digesters ourselves and today we supply complete systems and equipment for this industry. Top Circ. All important performance data. such as flow. . Flexible Manufacturing Systems assure consistently high quality of our products. Wash Heater Chip Chute Circ. Customers are welcome to witness these tests at our factories. EPP Modified EPP Cooking Circ. Make-up Liquor Manufacturing quality Sulzer Pumps has manufacturing and packaging facilities in 14 countries all over the world and representation in over 150 countries.

Sulzer Pumps has manufacturing plants in several countries and a worldwide sales and service network. liquor pumps and high pressure pumps. stock and process pumps. LSP pumps are also well suited for replacing high speed pumps in digester service. offer you the most complete pump program available. like wear resistant non-clog slurry pumps and low-pulse fan pumps for demanding paper machine headbox service. Pumps and spare parts are stocked at various locations for quick and reliable deliveries. Capabilities • to 220 m head • to 300 l/s capacity • to 180 °C temperature AHLSTAR™ EPP Digester Pump where the system pressure is high and pressure/temperature shocks occur. horizontally mounted back pull-out design. Good parts interchangeability within the different pump groups will guarantee a reliable and low cost spare parts inventory. Capabilities • to 140 m head • to 1700 l/s capacity • to 210 °C temperature AHLSTAR™ APP Process Pumps for all normal pumping applications in digester service. end suction. LSP Low Speed High Pressure Pump for continuous digester feed has a two-stage. These pumps together with other pump lines.Complete line of pumps for the pulp and paper industry Sulzer Pumps can supply almost all types of pumps needed in digester service. Capabilities • to 160 m head • to 2000 l/s capacity • to 180 °C temperature .

Axial forces are balanced with wear rings and balancing holes resulting in longer bearing life. Press fitted to the casing. deflector and lipseal for long bearing life. Non-contacting bearing protection with the combined advantages of labyrinth ring.863. The casing also has a 3 mm corrosion allowance for longer operational life. Oil or grease lubrication. Prepressed packings and split stuffing box gland provide easier service and quicker change of packings. top centerline casing prevents air-lock in the top of the casing. EPP. Lipseal protects in standstill position. WPP. and easy disassembly.05 mm giving long me chan i cal seal life. NPP. It is not sensitive to axial loads created during pump operation. Seal Fittings Mechanical seals and packings fit the same casing cover reducing spare parts inventory and giving maximum interchangeability. flection at the stuffing box less than 0. to be a part of the pump assuring more reliable operation with reduced wear. significantly reducing maintenance downtime and costs. Maintenance is quick and easy.Design Features and Benefits Hard-coated wear rings and sleeves protect the casing and impeller against wear for long operational life while maintaining high efficiency. reverse run safe. *US Patent 4. DeJackscrews for simple ROTOKEY* impeller mounting provides a self-locking. ARP and ASP (except the shaft) reducing spare parts inventory. The self-venting. Uses the same bearing units as AHLSTAR™ pumps APP. Heavy-duty shaft.353 Strong and rigid bearing suppor t foot improves mounting stability. strong and reliable power transmission. no adjustments needed. Ready-fitted mechanical seals designed Closed impellers provide high efficiency and low NPSHr values. Simplified heavy duty bearing unit design. This means increased reliability with less breakdowns and reduced maintenance costs. . High strength duplex stainless steel is standard shaft material. The LSP pump’s low speed operation gives it a considerably longer operational life than that of a corresponding high-speed pump. Back Pull-Out Design The pump can be opened for inspection without disturbing the piping when the rotor assembly is removed as a unit.

Performance Data Head H (m) 240 Technical data Capacity Head 300 l/s 220 m max 2. Weight without coupling and motor. * Dimensions for the biggest motor normally used. NOTE! Dimensions not to be used for construction.5 MPa (25 bar) Temperature max 180 °C to 1800 rpm oil or grease 52-150 200 Pressure 51-80 61-150 160 Speed Lubrication 51-100 61-200 120 100 40 60 80 100 200 300 400 Capacity Q (l/s) Main Dimensions L Y W SP P1 DN2 P2 X DN1 D HD L1 B Type LSP51-80 DN1 200 DN2 80 100 150 150 200 Y 450 450 560 500 500 W 790 790 790 900 900 D 400 400 450 400 400 X 500 500 630 500 560 P1 320 340 385 350 350 P2 370 380 440 410 410 SPmin HD* 300 300 300 300 300 770 770 770 770 770 L* 3120 3120 3230 3280 3280 B* 1160 1160 1160 1160 1160 L1* Weight kg 2850 2850 2850 2850 2850 1280 1290 1290 1475 1490 LSP51-100 200 LSP52-150 250 LSP61-150 250 LSP61-200 250 Discharge opening (mm) Casing cover number Bearing unit size Pump series All dimensions in mm. .

15-0.5-7 Mo 1.10 24-26 23-27 Ni 4-6 4.06 0. Shaft sleeve Distance sleeve Duplex Stainless Steel Duplex Stainless Steel SS2324** ASTM A 890 Grade 3A* (Hard coated HBN720) Chemical composition (%) Cmax Cr * ** 0.50 1.30-1.75-2.25 – (comparable to AISI 329) .Materials Name of part Volute casing Casing cover Diffuser Impeller Shaft Wear ring Stainless steel design Duplex Stainless Steel Duplex Stainless Steel Duplex Stainless Steel Duplex Stainless Steel Duplex Stainless Steel Duplex Stainless Steel ASTM A 890 Grade 3A* ASTM A 890 Grade 3A* ASTM A 890 Grade 3A* ASTM A 890 Grade 3A* SS2324** ASTM A 890 Grade 3A* (Hard coated HBN720) Other materials can be delivered on request.80 N 0.

Directions for use and safety will be given separately.Check our worldwide offices at E00522 en 4. contact us for a description of the warranties and guarantees offered with our products. Please. Copyright © Sulzer Pumps Finland Oy This brochure is a general presentation. All information herein is subject to change without notice.2005. It does not provide any warranty or guarantee of any kind. .sulzerpumps.

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