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Rainbow Factory

Rainbow Factory

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Published by: José on Jul 24, 2013
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Thanks Rocky for translating it into Polish. Thanks Douglas Khaos for translating it into Portuguese.

Thanks xPantherax for translating it into Spanish. Thanks Neon Explosion for translating it into Dutch. Thanks Stargaze for translating it into German. Thanks French-Brony.com for translating it into French. Thanks RainDH for translating it into Russian. Thanks Thornbough for translating it into Hungarian. If you like my stories, please consider donating. ^_^ Any little bit is appreciated! The unofficial ending is no longer available because an official sequel is in the works. Try a youtube reading: Setzertrancer's MicTheMicrophone's

A few things to consider. One, this is what I’d like to call a Gluefic. It’s pretty [Grimdark]. It contains blood and violence, and some swearing. Two, I’d like to thank the countless people who’ve helped me review the story and get it ready for public viewing, especially Autumn Wind, CradeElcin from ponychan, and superkikid from youtube. Three, it is based off of the song Rainbow Factory by WoodenToaster. Go search for it on youtube, and have a listen before reading this fiction. You’ll realize that A. it’s awesome and B. It’s 20% spookier than most other things you’ve listened too :P Finally, thanks to evildoctor and flight-warrior for letting me use their pictures, and #EquestrianStudy for editing it. And with that, my story begins.

Rainbow Factory
By Aurora Dawn “Now a rainbow's tale isn't quite as nice 
As the story we knew of sugar and spice” There’s long been rumors as to how, exactly, rainbows are made in Equestria. While a great amount of Pegasi ponies are employed in the Rainbow department of the weather factory, almost all of them do the low-end work. What’s know is that great streams of Spectra, the individual colours of the rainbow, flow through large grates and into vast vats. From there, workers carefully and equally mix the spectra into the coagulated rainbow pools that dot and run through the factory and surrounding city. Next, that mixture is pumped to the floor below, where other employees atomize it and store it until the active weather Pegasi deploy it in field. However, no one knows how individual Spectra is made. Supplies are never seen being brought in, leaving not even a clue what goes into a rainbow. Tourists, when visiting the factory, are treated to an extremely foreboding and plain wall, with massive solid doors baring entry to anypony at any time. While most of the facility’s various signs and architecture is bubbly and welcoming, the Rainbow Factory’s upper floor was protected by harsh imagery of potential

quietly thundering fog. “What’s the matter. and gulped. you weren’t allowed to be part of the ‘glorious collective’. yet fairly skinny pony. He fluffed his light brown feathers and gave a worried attempt at a smile as he stared around where he sat.” “Quit panicking. I don’t think I can do this. “No. She’s the one who was out sick for that month. chemicals and environmental hazards that no sane pony would tolerate. If you weren’t the best. Cloudsdale had always bred a form of nationalism amongst it’s occupants. “The only one here I think even might fail is that yellow pony with the dark green mane. in her last year of flight school. to find their cutie marks if they haven’t yet. if not even more reassuring. and become working ponies. I don’t know. She. destined to create the Spectra instead of raise a sun or moon. and live inside the facility itself. --“But a rainbow's easy once you get to know it With the help of the magic of a pegasus device” “C’mon. Workers are sworn to secrecy and forbidden from leaving. Those few who ever managed to make it out not in a body bag were twisted and disturbed. too damaged to ever bring themselves to talk about it. I know I will at least pass.. Orion! We’re gonna be late for our final test!” Scootaloo called to a friend of hers. Scootaloo moved a little to the side as Orion. That’s actually just as.” Scootaloo replied. Just visible in the distance was The Factory.. Orion glanced at it. None of them could be farther than the truth.” . What if I fail? What if I *don’t* fail. one or two from every class generally didn’t have it in them to perform the rigorous acts and maneuvers. While uncommon. And we’re not going to fail. Dark magic from captured unicorns. sure. you know. settled next to her.” “Oh. than the psychopathic hate everypony here seems to love to spread. “No one knows. and the cloud wall was made not out of the clean white of the rest of the city. a tall. A little known. Where do we even go. They were sitting in the large open waiting room onlooking the coliseum. you dolt.. and even thoughts of another unknown sister of Celestia’s. and hated.” she laughed. It’s just. was terribly nervous of the final test. She was older. yeah. but do just bad enough to still be disliked by everyone? I don’t know if I can take being deported. now. with all the other graduating pegasi. shunned. was of what happened to the fillies that failed their test. but of a black. then closed his eyes and sighed. or at least little thought-about fact.hazards and death. A lot of theories were proposed. Everyone here is going to be fine. “Thanks to the tips from Rainbow Dash. Those that passed were granted freedom into the world. To become an employee of the upper Rainbow Factory mean sacrificing any life outside those black walls. I’m sure to be fine. like all other pegasus in the school. Those that failed their tests were looked down upon in the worst of ways. anyways?” Scootaloo gave Orion a friendly punch. That reassures me. scaredy-wings. Orion? You afraid of getting a dead end job on the snow line?” Orion chuckled a bit. or didn’t show the potential of being the greatest.

Aurora pulled herself up to the proper altitude. Any less and you’ll fail.” Scootaloo and Orion stared slack-jawed. hollow SNAP.” Orion remembered as he craned his head in the other pony’s direction. The ramp bounced slightly from the force of the take-off. there can be no doubt!’” She smiled in excitement. Three. Clear. Complete. “Daisy Fields.“Oh. and carefully glanced at every single pony in the room. recover before you hit the cloud floor. who wouldn’t be in awe?” “Exactly. not of fear. and red plummeted into a cloud with a dull ‘thump’. Clear the clouds. but pride. turning to look at The Factory herself. “I hope I get some cool active weather job. Stretch your wings one last time. terrified. than walked forwards onto the path and took off. “That would be something. Every pony watched as Aurora quickly reached the starting altitude. It gave her chills. Close your wings for at least three seconds.” The yellow pony nodded and walked quickly up to the starting ramp with purpose. “We’re going to do this by name. green. collectively holding that relief. She stared at the watching judges. I’ll admit. as the blur of yellow.” “Praise the Flock. buff Pegasus walked towards the entrance to the coliseum. They turned back to the tuft on the cloud where Aurora landed and . the instructor walked forwards again as the three judges simply pointed down and started shuffling papers around. every pony. One. expertly shooting dead center through each and every hoop. Complete.” Scootaloo trailed. Finally. you’ll be failed. She looks pretty confident though. “Alright. You’re up first. Do not. Suddenly. DO NOT. and counted breathlessly.” “I suppose we’ll see. and finally Recovery. Aurora Dawn. Praise the Flock. fly through the hoops. and then took off with powerful force. Two. With expert timing and intelligent angles. Agility. Can you imagine? Everyone in Ponyville or Fillydelphia staring up at me. places. as another pony gulped. like Orion. going ‘There goes Scootaloo! Such an amazing flier! And from Cloudsdale. but keep in mind there’s no ‘extra points’ for extra seconds. and the group of students flinched in horror as they all heard the loud. Your adjudicators are on the east side of the field.. Mind you. Everyone’s eyes were completely focused on him. hovered. down towards the clouds. and none were creased with confusion. They sighed as they watched her wings open in the correct amount of time. Wasting no time. Fly. as others like Scootaloo could only watch. Understood? Any questions?” The instructor paused. and then fly to the marked elevation. only to be suddenly replaced by an unending. “The one who had that bad case of hoof and wing. immediately. fly too far west.. Fall. and closed her wings.” “Places. Scootaloo and Orion watched with open mouths as they watched the first testee pull fast and tight turns. yeah. The test will consist of three sections. I repeat. Many. Aurora’s wings whipped upwards. The group of students gasped as she started plummeting. piercing scream.” A massive. Fly. Speaking loudly... Finally. he called out again. shielded their eyes with their wings. Clear. the sky was soon empty of any moisture. forgetting her tension for the moment. Fall. Weather clearing. waited for a nod from all three. Take deep breaths. just coming from Cloudsdale. and then began a direct and purposeful attack on the positioned clouds.. as if nothing had happened. If they lose sight of you for any reason..

like me. She would be failed herself and sent away. “Orion Solstice. and the second they came he took off.. long before the starting altitude. hardly hearing her name called.No. Clear. but Scootaloo couldn’t fail herself.stared. Her legs weren’t broken. unaffected.” Aurora smiled. they saw the shivering yellow body attempt to move. He stared up at the judges. “Faraday Spots. After a brief moment.. and flew to the east gate. only to collapse with a cry. beaming hate with his vision. wailing with every step. He stared at the Judges. D-Don’t even pretend you care about my future if you don’t care about hers. However. Pass the test. waited for the individual nods.” the instructor shouted menacingly. he turned sharply and landed gently next to Aurora. Fly. Scootaloo blinked the tears from her eyes. and tears streamed down her face. happiness briefly replacing her sadness in her blackened. As the wind blew the fragments that were thrown up from the collision away. Thoughts passed through her head as she watched them all nod.” “Get the fuck onto that field before I fail you myself. She turned and looked at him. What are you doing? You’ll fail.” Orion seethed through closed teeth. unsure about himself. Scootaloo felt extremely sad for the yellow Pegasus. She couldn’t fail her friends. blood running down her forehead and sides. “Fine. recovered her thoughts. using his wing to brace the yellow pony against himself.” “I’d rather be exiled from a place that treats ponies like this than live my life while other’s don’t live theirs. tears welling in his eyes as a frown formed on his face.” “No one’s coming to help her. “You can’t just refuse your flight test.” Aurora still struggled to walk. It was a terrible shame. Fall. to a place where she and any other failed students could never stain Cloudsdale’s reputation. successfully passed the test. Get out there before you piss the judges off. she shook her head. One after another took off. Fall. and forced herself to watch the competing students. Orion leaned in close. far away from Cloudsdale and any familiar place on Equestria. Clear. You’ll be exiled. under the judges’ spot in the stands. “Holiday Shine. before looking back towards the ramp for the next contestant. she could use them fine.” “What?” The instructor took a step back. Clear. Live a happy life. They stared down. That’s all Scootaloo focused on. puffy eyes. and yet you let those that fail suffer unbearable pain. Complete. and she definitely couldn’t fail Rainbow Dash. before walking onto the ramp. Fall. and simply pointed down. “Wh.. Not after the care and help she had given her Scootaloo’s whole life.” Orion spoke sharply. She moved numbly up the ramp. Complete. until she stumbled again and intense pain flashed across her body. and looked to the judges. “You say you want me to get a good life. Fly. but it was obvious the pain from her wing joints and the loss of her potential life was crushing her. Complete. . but couldn’t see herself helping her.” “No. one leg left raised in the air. Fly..” “. Scootaloo stood shocked.” Orion defied. Fly to the gate. never taking her eyes off her friend and the pony he sacrificed himself to help. Scootaloo felt Orion shuffle uneasily.

only briefly. Before them stood a long. and then all stepped forward together. Defeated.. Maybe that didn’t count as a failure. and settled down next to him. she thought. In a matter of a couple dozen seconds. she slowly hovered towards Orion. Orion should have passed his test. she propelled forward through the first ring. she should have focused on flying... I’m sure he’s thinking the same right now. notifying ‘Test Failees’ to proceed down the hall. “Hey. almost at the west gate now. She did a quick loop in midflight. and then launched again. Scootaloo cranked into the bottom part of the ring. Orion knew what he did. She then walked around Orion. levitating off the ground. Three hooves. I can still fly. and cheered her on from the east gate. Instinct kicked in as the familiar rush of wind cooled her and blew her thoughts away. She stopped at the right altitude. tears welling up and blurring her vision.. she flipped herself onto her feet and began flapping her wings. They waited. She shouldn’t have looked at him. but. This wasn’t right. I’ll never see Orion again. Scootaloo’s focus shattered.” Scootaloo dropped her head and sobbed. He wasn’t looking at her. to gather themselves and prepare for where they would be taken. They were on the bottom edge of the coliseum. As she descended. We got some ‘dem worthless peguses. pointed down. What do I do? I can’t let everyone I know down. She took off. lifted a wing of her own. There was a distraction on the field. And then the second. She looked at him through her purple eyes. offering a smile. Boss. she caught sight of Orion and Aurora. the sky was clear. sensing and seeing every cloud. She glanced at Orion. He cared about her. aiming at the first hoop. and smiled weakly. heartbroken. With a sudden intense flash of fear. and then the third.. One of them happened to look up as the sorry looking trio stumbled out into the open. With a powerful flash of her wings. But there was no room for excuses. --“Let's delve deeper into rainbow philosophy 
Far beyond that of Cloudsdale's mythology 
It's easy to misjudge that floating city
 With it's alluring decor and social psychology” Against an empty carriage at the end the lonely hall were three imposing ponies. unlit hall. with only a cheap sign stuck to the wall. leaning in a disinterested and bored pose. and helped Aurora walk to the west gate. I suppose. He looked back. Orion turned his head. He’d miss her. She spun around to the judges. “I suppose it’s get ‘ta work time is it?” . formulating a game plan. She curved in towards the second last ring. near the bottom of the field. “You did a good job. Scootaloo started crying there.. None of it.” the first one called to an even bigger pony on the other side of the carriage. This shouldn’t have happened. expertly turning and drifting. falling backwards several feet and hitting the ground. with the vast rolling hills and plains of Equestria visible far below. I hope he knew that risk when he did that. and he’d never get to say goodbye. Celestia.Oh.

” “N-no. She never passed flight school. Now sit the fuck down and shut up until you get to your destination. You otha’ two. They’ve never come and taken her away. it is. alright. She was determined to hold on to as much dignity as she could.” “Maybe that’s why no Pegasus ever comes back. I just washed dat thing. hot shot. sheesh.. Regardless of reason. “It. she’s a Pegasus who lives in Ponyville. and offered his thoughts. As soon as the third of the large ponies finished bandaging her wings. They just don’t like Cloudsdale.. and dove legs first at Boss. Hey.” . Aurora carefully stepped onto the vehicle.. No one was ever told about where the pegasi were brought. watching each of them. Aurora’s wings. or any of Equestria for that matter.” Scootaloo jumped up from her seat. “Useless failures is what you are. Flutteryshy. The Boss pony was inside the back.” Scootaloo began quietly.” Boss spoke from the door.. onto the floor.. like where the Zebras hailed from.“Cool it. Patches. Most ponies considered it to be some odd land. trying not too speak too loud. Orion could only hang his head. “We did our best. What a fucking horrible place.” Aurora agreed with a nod. but made sure to leave room for Aurora. Orion overheard. too. “You’re Aurora? I’m Scootaloo. and then breathed deeply. Doctor her up before we head out. I’m sorry we had to meet like this. than there’s got to be a way to get back. Scootaloo inched closer to her. lifted herself into the air with her wings. That’s all we can say. That’s all any of us can say. It’s not as if we’re banned from Equestria.” Aurora spoke gently.” “Exactly. if where we’re taken is where Zecora’s from. “Alright. and lay down on the bench at the back. Who’s to say that the city of the deported isn’t a good one. “I can treat you however I want.” “Ain’t dat just a cryin’ shame.. He was swaying ever so slightly as the carriage was lifted and moved to an unknown location. an old friend of mine.” “Any meeting of a friend is a welcome meeting. “You shut the HELL up about us.. There may be more. with sincerity in her eyes.” She paused. you have no right to treat others like this!” Boss raised a hoof and backhanded Scootaloo out of the air. standing by the door. That made Scootaloo realize something even more profound. “I think the reason we’re sent far away is because no pony from Cloudsdale ever wants to admit that someone who failed flight school could come from their city.” Orion and Scootaloo hopped into the carriage and got as comfortable as they could on the hard seats. What’s it to us? All da better she don’t come flying back to us no more.” “We may have failed our damned test but that doesn’t mean we’re not worth keeping alive!” Scootaloo shouted in a flash of rage. Can’t even pass your goddamn test. She needs help.” Scootaloo spoke in sobs. I don’t want any blood on dem seats.. you three make me sick. No pony comes back from exile. “Hey. now that I think of it. I was the l-last student to go. they’re broken. determined to remain as strong as she could. she never took her test. It’s. and leaned down to talk as the door to the carriage slammed shut.” “You goddamn worthless ponies can hardly call yourself ‘Pegasus’. In the cart. anyways?” The thought struck Scootaloo as she considered it. “It’s just us three. You hardly classify as ‘Ponies’ to Cloudsdale. “So. I never want to go back.

. the doors shook. the uncomfortable quiet was broken by a sudden lurch as the carriage stopped in its flight. It was night outside. But. Several more ponies. and the carriage took off once again. not to mention the city. were moving around the area. Scootaloo blinked against the light from what she was seeing.. Scootaloo may be right. “This place. and some would never find out why. family.” Aurora mused. Friends. The complex was full of machinery and signs. loved ones and pets. It’s how it’s always been. loose fitting mask. They kept quiet as they waited through the unbearable trip.“Where are we being taken. scared of the unknown. some holding clipboards. and we get a bagful of coins to keep quiet about the whole thing. All will never see them again. We were travelling for way too long. Its face was covered by a dark. you guys should know. An hour passed..” The three fillies huddled together again. and noticed another figure staring in. some carrying briefcases and other important looking items on their backs.. it was maybe the same amount of time from when we left the coliseum to the place the carriage drivers swapped. “At least we can talk. unrecognizing.. all lost in their own thoughts. We hand this carriage off to ponies in suits.” Orion cautiously reasoned. for a thousand years. As her eyes adjusted. Scootaloo stared outside. And then another. and then swung wide open. and I’m sure as the deliverers. concealing it’s mane. “Ah. You ponies play nice now. having all resolved to conserve energy for whatever came next.. obscured by masks and suits. I think we’re in the weather factory!” Orion frowned. I’m confused.” . A second passed. The dark pony slammed the door shut. that it was from the swap place to here. We’ve got to be far away from Equestria now. --But with all great things comes a great responsibility 
That of Cloudsdale's being weather stability
 The carriage finally shuddered to a stop. it’s all so familiar. staring indifferently at the three ponies inside. “That can’t be right. Maybe that’s just a coincidence. All that was visible were rose coloured eyes. anyways? Not like we can tell anyone now. Pipes ran along the ceiling. Several of the blackened ponies were rushing around. now. Scootaloo gasped.. “There’s my stop. Finally. “Hell if I know.. It was dressed in a black suit. occasionally joined with other industrial sounds such as crashes and alarms.” Aurora whispered in the dark. but she stared back. Have fun in wherever the hell you’re sent to. They stopped on Scootaloo momentarily. its tail died an unnatural black that never occurred in nature. with hardly any light to see at all. The three desolate foals blinked their eyes awake.. the architecture.” Boss smiled. she noticed more details. I don’t know.. With a loud scraping noise.” “Actually. They were in a cloud building.” The carriage door shuffled open and Boss hopped out with a gust of cold wind. now. “I noticed. and a loud ‘whirr’ ran in the background. But they had nothing to talk about.

looking for any way out. drown. And then we got a delicious idea. through these doors. Allow me to show you around. Scootaloo stared up at him. dark red pegasus dressed in a white lab coat. er. follow me. Several of the suited ponies moved to make way for a deep. “But. trying to lose the tingling in her nerves. and don’t get too far behind. All three were watching. I’m sure you’ve all had the tour of the lower factory. and shook herself again.” Dr. Cloudsdale is where the weather is made. You’re in Cloudsdale! The Rainbow Facility. She turned and quickly looked at each of the suited ponies. no. you’re all hopeless as it is. None of them were the rose-eyed pony from the carriage. no?” The three ponies nodded slowly. or one of my helpers will be forced to. Atmosphere began in a tone not unlike the many tour guides in the lower floors. Begrudgingly. first. in case you’re picturing some dreadful surgery going on behind the scenes.” Scootaloo yelled. Atmosphere whinnied in laughter as they all yelped and fell. “Excellent! Who can tell me where the tour begins?” Orion spoke up.” Dr. My degree isn’t a medical one. where are my manners? I am Dr. he winked at the suited ponies. three of them at the rear leaned forwards and jabbed each of the pegasus’ with tasers. Strange how so many worthless pegasus get that idea. Orion and Aurora got off their seats and stood behind Scootaloo. thanks. today. shocking them to the ground. nodding in agreement. the building became cooler and cooler. You don’t find too many of them these days. one that can’t be tainted by.” A large and powerful voice commanded. “You simply must be careful in this department. What a pity you’re utterly useless to the Flock. ha ha. I’ll say. sensing. catching each of them in the eye when she could. Here. to be correct. I’m sorry. They couldn’t see any. now. Dr. mules. quickly now. Without us. “Now.“Welcome. Please. over a thousand years ago. You’ll be here for the rest of your lives! Oh. the rest of Equestria would starve. though. As they walked. no. I’m one of the Forecolts in this facility. “There’s plenty of nooks and crannies and vents and vats one could fall into. and offered a hoof inside. and continued into a soft chuckle as they all stood up again. After all. Atmosphere opened a heavy looking door in a cramped corridor. Scootaloo blinked more tears from her eyes. she started walked behind the red engineer. my degree is in engineering. No. Atmosphere smiled sadistically and patted Orion on the head. One must be careful not hurt themselves.” Dr. How could the world look up and trust us if pegasi like *you* are flying around wearing the Cloudsdale name? No.” “Very good. “You degenerates are probably wondering where exactly you are.” With that. any more so and even we couldn’t use you. With nods. But I digress. That gives us a special honor. They were walking down series of halls with vibrating machines and assembly lines lining the way. I shall reassure you. freeze. and generally be a not-very-happy place. before more encouragement is supplied. let me tell you a story. we’re on the upper floor.” He glanced behind himself maliciously as the three foals frowned in insult..” “What’s going on here? Do you expect to use us as slaves? Because I’d rather be deported.. occasionally ducking under low hanging wires or carefully stepping over steaming pipes. you could have been a smart one. Atmosphere. one day. incompetent foals like you. unsure of what was going on. He glanced at . Stupid fillies. we needed to do something with all of you. “Like you failures have a choice. encourage you. Those were some smart ponies back then. “Where the Spectra comes from upstairs and is mixed.

staring horrified at their friend. The pony spasmed in air. “At least we don’t have to go through it alone.. With an audible crack as he landed. six hoses broke off and lead above each of the individual vats. “I guess that option’s out. Some cried softly. At one end of the room. “Those suits. and lifted his chin. there was six square vats. those other ponies. Suddenly. almost like an theater room. as he laughed again. headed towards one of the doors on the scaffolding. From a central stack. I won’t be winning any races.” Aurora informed.a suited pony. I remember them from that trip.. He didn’t move. She smiled at him. They watched.” And with that. understanding his depression. Even further above that was a fairly complex looking object. those are from that other flight school across town. but. and then dropped like a stone. Above them was a peculiar looking machine. Scootaloo reached a reassuring wing over. there was a commotion in the group of ex-students.. “And. chatting quietly. After the previous display. “Eyes front and centre. see? I remember a trip we went on once with Levitating Acres private school. you ask. and a violent burst of twitching. with doors on either side leading out of the room. are they up to the task
 To which the answer is in a simple facility
 . a small collection of defeated.” she cooed softly. all the other ponies walked back. each one nearly full with individual Spectra. “But. Down on the floor. Immediately. Scootaloo and the others walked inside. no one challenged that order. there. In exchanging for helping someone.” Aurora quietly said to no one in particular. sitting over there. One pony from an unidentified school took off. this is where all the failures go? Not deported. “That medic guy. you can’t fly right now.” Orion questioned. Running even higher than the whole machine was a length of scaffolding. It was fairly open and empty. two suited ponies launched at record speed and both clipped the fly-away with their tasers. looking at each other with understanding sorrow.” one of the suited ponies shouted. --How. At the top of the stack was a single opening. with chains and gears hanging off of beams and pipes loosely. and stared at the scaffolding.” “So. and looked at the big room they had been lead too. I can fly again.” They slowly walked forwards and joined the group of ponies. Patches or whatever he was called. too far confused to feel any more emotions. sounding shocked. “Enjoy the rest of your pitiful life. for a long time. crying ponies sat. red with rust despite the rest of the machine to be shiny and clean. They all turned. hopefully. most others turned away. you inept mules. He popped my wings back into their joints and bandaged up where my skin tore. just as one of the doors opened. he slammed the door closed. he had doomed himself and his good friend to a life of servitude.. but forced to work forever?” Orion sobbed quietly.. anyways..

she was charged with three tasks. that’s also not entirely true. “A thousand years ago. There is no deportation. Several of the fillies gasped. “Only then could the Spectra be separated! And it was such a beautiful idea. Rainbow Dash couldn’t be this evil. And it finally gave us a way to prevent Cloudsdale from being tainted by all those horrible pegasus which couldn’t fly! Ahahahah!” . and it was so beautiful even a simple machine could do it. we could create exponentially more rainbows. “It is just such an honor. Celestia entrusted the Pegasi of Cloudsdale to make the rainbows for her. then yelled. maybe.” a second official pony walked out the shadows and up to the podium. we were given powerful unicorns to help create Spectra. where magic and Spectra ran freely together!” Rainbow Dash threw her head back and laughed maniacally. you’ve all clearly determined that you are not going into exile. and her mane was a gorgeous rainbow. Everything is full of Spectra.” he chuckled. You’re worthless to the flock as a Pony. “It had to be live ponies! Only in ponies. doesn’t that excite you?” The mysterious announcer grinned ecstatically. more intently now. Spectra is pure pigment.” The masked pony never took her eyes off the brave pink one. But it couldn’t be done with just anything. How. She originally was in charge of raising the sun. You are in The Factory. and the room started spinning. Scootaloo noticed that it was the rose-eyed pony from before.” the pink pegasus screamed. you know. or even Luna know about this and tolerate it? It’s slavery! It’s torture!” “I think you’ll find it’s more than that. The mysterious pony whipped off her mask. She was her friend. unveiling more than her rose eyes.A few official looking Pegasi walked in on the scaffolding. They discovered an ingenious way to extract pigment. she had to hand down the responsibility of rainbows. One of them stood onto a small podium set up in the center. from them on. growing angrier by the minute. everypony below glared with hate. You get to help us make rainbows! Beautiful. with the moon being an additional task. when Celestia banished Luna from Equestria and sent her to the moon. Scootaloo’s knees weakened as it hit her. It was Rainbow Dash. And while you may be called useless. The first pony walked off the podium and allowed the second to talk. She watched. it leaves every pony entrusted with the task speechless too! Now.. her mentor. and showering the land with rainbows. and turned to look down on the group with disgust. such a wonderfully horrible idea. “That is. walked forward a few steps. and masked. One brave pony. The pony was in a suit. So it was made artificially with magic. “How could you ever get away with this? How could Celestia. taking in all the disgusted looks from every foal on the floor below him.. magical rainbows. “By now. her only family. Scootaloo’s thoughts raced through her mind. until our top engineers made a breakthrough... of better quality with real Spectra. But. pure colour. You will never leave The Factory. Perhaps some neglected sister. you still have purpose! Purpose to all the ponies in this land. It couldn’t be. For the first dozen years. An evil twin. But. and began speaking loudly and clearly. How? How was all she could think. even if not by blood. It worked so well. The conditions had to be right. The voice was familiar. but you can’t just harvest it. far and wide.” “What did those horrible people do. You can never separate colour from an object. There never was. “I thought so. Her skin was a light cyan. a light pink one from Levitating Acres. do we have any volunteers?” Again.

” She stared at the floor for a moment... to run. But I learned a lot about this place. and the Suits clasped Orion into them. Aurora and Orion all jumped. I knew what they did here. but one of the stallions spun around and kicked at him. you know? I worked my way up. pretending to only be simple weather control. past them. You’re dead to me... They thought that. and noticed the amber-orange pegasus. backing off as suited ponies surrounded them and herded them back into the centre of the floor.” more Suits yelled at Aurora and Scootaloo as they dragged the whimpering Orion to the front of the room. All my life. and while she couldn’t see for the sadness in her eyes. running and screaming for where they came in. Scootaloo couldn’t take it any more. no love. Goodbye. alright! It was up to you to save yourself! You didn’t just fail yourself. I’m the manager here now. they glared at Scootaloo.. she looked straight at Rainbow Dash. “I DID LOVE YOU! I tried so hard for you! I taught you everything I knew. Ever since I performed that Sonic Rainboom. Suited ponies cornered Orion. to me! You were the only family I’ve ever had.. You didn’t just fail Cloudsdale. and she clung to it for stability. as she screamed in return. You failed me! You failed me! And that’s the worst thing you could have done.. Rainbow Dash noticed this. until Orion held open a wing. While all the other ponies were exclaiming their disgust and fear. “I tried.Scootaloo couldn’t take it.. I could help them make its components. you’ve treated me like a little sister! And I treated you like my big sister! You were my big sister. however. Her throat hurt from the crying and shouting. Everyone was silent. They wanted to find more ways to make Spectrum. How do you think I could afford that massive house over Ponyville? How do you. they couldn’t. Straight into those rosy eyes. He tried to leap out of the way. Well. “I thought you loved me! How could you do this to me? I thought you cared for me! After all the help. and they approached me. Then Scootaloo looked up slowly. The giant machine at the back started humming to life. and the assembly of chains lifted off the top and moved towards the floor. Her mind broke. and deep into Rainbow Dash herself. seething hate erupted from Rainbow Dash’s mouth.. “I thought. “I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!” She wailed. you’re just going to let me die? I tried so hard. for you... “Get back. Workers! The brown one. I love you. She stumbled slightly. You ruined me. The hoof connected to his shoulder. he turned to Scootaloo. there! Him first!” “No!” Scootaloo.” The room tilted as Scootaloo tried to comprehend what she was told.. Slowly. pushing the other two to the side. in hopes you would pass your test! You had it in you kid! I knew. and you knew it!” Tears were pouring down her face now. cutting Rainbow Dash’s laughter short.. only apathy. no care.” . obscuring her vision again. as she was totally unable to focus on anything. remembering her anger suddenly. now. Braving a look up. “After. if I was capable of making rainbows.” Rainbow Dash returned the look. and pointed and yelled with more fury. Scoots... shaking her head. Everyone noticed they were shackles now. Her eyes revealed no emotion.” She trailed. in secret. after everything.. “Don’t worry. “Huh?” She turned. but she couldn’t stop. and Orion collapsed with a shout. Pure. “You can’t have happiness. Now I’ll ruin you. you loved me. You aren’t just dead to Cloudsdale.

Wake up! Wake up!” Scootaloo shook her head. Orion.. overcome with what was happening. On the scaffolding. so the other frightened fillies could hear. and then nothing was left. tasers at the ready. briefly wondering where she was and what was happening. just like what was being tossed up from the mangled remains of Orion. “I have a plan. hurry. as the rest of his body was swallowed into the great machine. Scootaloo. as every filly that could actually fly took off. --In the Rainbow Factory. Her brain.” Scootaloo gasped. and the last thing she noticed was Aurora’s concerned. “We find the machine works better if the ribs are broken. her eyes widening. She repeated. I love you too. Scootaloo watched. Get up. Fall. as the chains spun around. louder now.Goodbye. in opposite directions. Complete. The suited ponies were slowly approaching.” Aurora squeaked. Blood. Fly. Fall.” Scootaloo started counting. looking for an exit.” Rainbow Dash explained apathetically.” “One. twisting Orion. Fly. The Suits were mere feet away now. Scootaloo’s vision started to fade. “Scootaloo! They’re coming for us! What do we do?” Scootaloo looked for an opening. “Two. and then the shackles opened. quiet rattle of breath. “Clear.. dropping the shattered pony into the single opening. The Suits were starting to approach the two now. One or two jagged bones tore through his side. Complete. tasers and shackles up and ready. “THREE!” A collective shout reverberated around the room. and his yells faded to a slow.” With that. as she backed into Scootaloo. the chains pulled tight and lifted the brown Pegasus all the way up to the gears. and stretched each of Orion’s limbs straight up and down. There was only one. where your fears and horrors come true
 In the Rainbow Factory. Got it.“. The chains grew taunt. . His screams almost covered the echoing ‘pop’s and shattering noises. it all came back. and she jumped too her feet. The suited ponies gasped and fell back. now. unsure of where to go. She noticed that the top of the machine wasn’t rusty. finishing with one lone hoof directed straight up. she realized. except for one. fright encasing her face. As the hoses over the Green and Red vats of Spectrum started spewing their brilliant colours. All the doors were blocked. “I.. The chains untwisted. Scootaloo spun around. A few of the faster thinking ones took off as well. There was too much confusion. detached from all emotion. Get up. Aurora was shaking her.” Aurora nodded in understanding. With horror. not rushing in order to prevent the fillies from freaking out. broken voice saying her name as Scootaloo flopped to the side. Fear was their tool. In a flash.” she whispered to Aurora.. where not a single soul gets through “Scootaloo. It was blood. “What’s that?” “Clear.

They wouldn’t last long. I can’t. I’m doomed. pounding harder and harder on the door. She would have cried. It was locked. and her rose eyes were drained of any sanity that was left.” Scootaloo pleaded as she spun around. Scootaloo and Aurora landed on the scaffolding. This is too much. and her failure had deleted that. all she knew is that Scootaloo had to die. She opened her mouth to speak again. twitching and yelping ponies were falling to the floor below. It’s over. In another few months. But for now.. as Rainbow Dash’s bloodlust tore them to pieces. Tell everyone what happens here. Rainbow Dash was no more. just as the door blew back into the hall behind. the majority of casualties were the suited ponies. turning around and bucking the door. recovered from her initial shock of the rebellion. peeking up at the scaffolding. Cloudsdale could take a small shortage of rainbows. and while some of the students fell lifeless to the floor. holding the enraged blue Pegasus and her cronies back. and she turned to Scootaloo and Aurora. Decades of working for the Rainbow Factory had fractured her. only this monster remained. forgetting her wings momentarily. Scootaloo. She opened her clenched eyes. “Oh god. focusing the brunt of her blows on the part of the wall where the latch would be. A small gash down her side leaked red. There was no logic in her mind any more. but was cut short as the pile of Pegasus blew apart. “We’ve got to fly if we’re going to live. An unearthly howl passed her lips. her front two rolling in the air. some even landing in the great maw of the Spectra machine. and her multicoloured mane was torn in a patch. Aurora followed her. and reached to open it. “You go. however. there would be more classes. “Step one. “CLEAR!” With her command. with Rainbow Dash standing enraged in the opening.” The pink pony demanded with pain in her voice. what do we do now?” Aurora cried. right by the door. she thought. The pink pony from Levitating Acres was there. Scootaloo closed her eyes. Any second now. no capacity for compassion. . The door started to split from it’s frame. the ‘failures’ started targeting the dark ponies in droves. and noticed Scootaloo pounding on the door. All the remaining ponies were there. Rainbow Dash will get here. Let them know. It wouldn’t be long until it was open. but there were no more tears left.” Aurora looked at Scootaloo with wide. on the other side of the scaffolding. “C’mon Aurora. and keeping the horrible secret with her since childhood had only lead to psychological problems that no amount of therapy could cure.” Scootaloo screamed. But nothing came. “Kill her!” She started to gallop towards the fillies. pressing together. Rainbow Dash. leaning inward. open eyes. Only hate. concentrated and evil hatred filled the gap her love for Scootaloo had once occupied.” She screamed at the other important looking ponies. almost dripping as she ignored the need for live ponies. Her blue coat was now glistening crimson. No care.” “I. She was the only one allowed out in public. violently if possible.. “We’re still on Clear!” She shouted. There would be more. almost bare now.aiming at the closest pegasus they could take. I haven’t healed.even as Scootaloo watched. She was on her two back hooves. More failures. now. It started to creak and splinter. Hooves connected with heads. “Fly. Pure.” She glanced back at the wall of students. “Kill her. Scootaloo was her last link on sanity.

her worries melted away and the thought of flying encased her very being.” With that. looked into the yellow pony’s eyes one last time. Goodbye. you heard the other pony. “Any meeting of a friend is a welcome meeting. I’m sorry we had to meet like this. and despite the terror she felt in her body. The door on the scaffolding closed with a gust of wind. Aurora stayed in front of Dash. She landed head first. The corridor was just like the one that lead to the theater room. She wouldn’t give in to Rainbow Dash. one trying to escape. standing in front of the door. Rainbow Dash grabbed one of Aurora’s bandaged wings and pulled. Both pegasi were completely straight. she jerked at the wing in her hoof. disconnected from the now convulsing pegasus. What’s ahead of me. Straight behind her. Scootaloo. Rainbow Dash would have at least one obstacle in her way to Scootaloo. With a squeak of evil laughter. broken pile of manure could possible stand in my way? You really make me laugh! None of you can compete with the awesome power I have!” “Love can overcome all evils in this world!” Aurora straightened herself in rebellion as Rainbow Dash stopped in front of her. Aurora. and slowly walked towards Aurora.” And with that. cramped. “How cute. she thought. and Aurora fell. the sorrow that had surrounded her. Fly. She had no idea where she was going. the other to capture.. Scootaloo looked forward again.” “. barring her entry down the corridor beyond. with dozens of obstacles jutting out at random intervals.. her heart pounding. focusing on what lie ahead of her. then. and I’m sorry we have to part like this. That’s all that matters. and the evil behind her. her ears throbbing along with it. over top of the machine. levitated and spun around. up and around various workers whose complaints and shouts were ignored. bitch. and launched down the cramped corridor. a useless. It. And there was no one around to see it. Fly.” Scootaloo cooed softly into the yellow pegasus beside her. hooves forward. She had found more tears.” She sniffed. --Scootaloo glanced backwards momentarily. a flood of instinct overtook Scootaloo.” Aurora reassured Scootaloo. wings beating at an impossible count. “Well. . tearing it off of her completely. “I’m sorry I never knew you until all this. “Now. laughing quietly to herself as the look of intense agony appeared on Aurora’s face.Goodbye. Aurora. the bloody mare that used to be Rainbow Dash was cruising along herself. But she didn’t scream. Let’s see if love will overcome this one. bringing the squirming yellow and green pony with her. Scootaloo. Focus. grinding her teeth in horrible pain. The noise of the constant thump thump thump drowned out any other sound in her head. There’s no changing what’s behind me. just as the machine began pumping out the brightest greens and yellows it had ever produced. but any chance at freedom was one she had to take. Aurora collapsed on to her knees. Down under wires and pipes she ducked. You think that you.“I hardly knew you. She lifted Aurora up by the wing. Rainbow grabbed her other wing. Rainbow Dash took to the air. Ignore it. too. Aurora blinked a couple times. For the second time in as many days. and dragged her kicking and moaning down to the centre of the scaffolding. The blue Pony tossed the last of the other students over the scaffolding. maybe 500 metres now.

her hooves pounded on the edge of the vent. “Don’t let her die! I must do it! Subdue her! Catch her!” She whinnied in glorious victory as the Suits shocked Scootaloo with a taser and. looking down into the vent. by now. She was in the theater room again. Rainbow Dash was paying no attention to any hazard as she sought her prey. One. bringing her small body eye to eye with a pegasus in front of her. She opened her eyes and her wings. Scootaloo thought she found a solution. Scootaloo blacked out momentarily as the electricity passed through her. tearing through electrical wires and ricocheting off heated pipes. down to the floor below. but was mostly the same red colour as her coat of fur. She struggled to get free. getting her bearings. zipped up and down countless sets of stairs. no. their masked faces seemed to be grinning at her as Rainbow Dash shouted orders down the vent. Momentarily she gave thought to where it may lead. glistening in the artificial light of The Factory. caught her and brought her to the floor. sticking out from the wall. She struck that idea down.only to be repeated momentarily as the raging pony behind collided with them. hovering. going through any obstacle rather than around it to save time. it was full of suited ponies. only to be replaced by a malicious grin. ahead of her. Her eyes were buggy and twitched. she was still too smart to overlook any possible spot Scootaloo may be. “Any final words. and her hair was ripped in some places. Two. “Oh. you miserable worthless whore of a foal?” Scootaloo brought her chin high. whether out of the factory or into some incinerator she couldn’t tell. A garbage vent of some kind. The pony was a deep. laughing again. The chains lifted her slightly. yet clearly. She could hardly shake. trying to shake her murderous tail. Three. Her body doing the flying. Her mane had small spots of glorious colours of the rainbow. closing her eyes and her wings. “Fall. Scootaloo’s thoughts turned to escape opportunities. She was too large to follow. “You moron! You never did have a good sense of direction!” She teased. as insane as Rainbow Dash may be. the cackle echoing down the vent and reverberating in Scootaloo’s mind. She counted silently to herself as shadows rushed past her closed eyes. and looked up. Only. Rainbow Dash was up above. but it was probably worth the risk. resisting the urge to start flapping immediately. hoping for her life. the anger in her face vanished. Chunks of skin were missing from small spots. . Scootaloo finally looked down. soft. but she came to lying on the cold cloud floor. The only clue Scootaloo had as to who this used to be were the rose iris’ focused on her. “You have beautiful eyes. She slammed to a sudden halt over the open vent. still demanding even the tiniest fraction of dignity. She snuck one last glance behind her to make sure the unstable mare was far away enough. but the collisions had slowed her down enough to give Scootaloo a chance. But there. bald patches of skin in others. as her limp body began to fall from the air. circling her. but to no avail. But then. the filly having barely made it in herself. She contemplated every nook and cranny she passed. She whipped around sharp corners at impossible speeds. She started laughing again. hoping for the best of where this vent lead.” she muttered.” she cooed. briefly considering hiding.” she squealed. blood red. metal shackles preventing her from moving.

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