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Last Call From Heaven

Last Call From Heaven

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Messages Of Warning
Messages Of Warning

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Words From Jesus 11/30/11 30th NOVEMBER 2011 My Child, the mountains will awaken, the hills will roll forth with great might as the earth opens up in the middle of America and you will no longer see a Grand Canyon rather a greater one. You will see a war begin as the north will ignite manmade missiles against the south as the two Korea's cannot make peace with one another. I tell you My children you seek to find stability within the markets yet I tell you your peace is not in the ways of the world, for until humanity converts to My mercy greater turmoil will come. You will hear thunderous cries of your brothers and sisters as the battle between heaven and the beast intensifies. Put on your armor My children and clothe yourself with the protection I have given you through the Eucharist, through fasting and prayer and most of all reconciliation. You would not choose to attend a great feast wearing clothes that are soiled and smell as they are rotten for the gatekeeper would turn you away. Just as I tell you that heaven is awaiting you but you as caretaker must take care of the things that stain your soul so that they are removed so you are prepared for the time of My visitation for I am Jesus. Come My children and reconcile yourself before your King, now go forth in haste for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

11/30/11 My child, I come to My children with a message of love. I tell each of My children that you are each the shepherd of your own soul, you are each the caretakers. There is no other besides you that shepherds your words, your thoughts, your actions. What deeds you do are all shepherd by you. As you enter into this time of winter when the cold air comes in and the flowers and trees have no sign of life, I desire for you My children to meditate on My birth. I came and brought new life into the world so that mankind would not lose his soul to the darkness of sin. You My children have been given the keys, the invitation into the kingdom of heaven. I came into the world and even remain here for you through the Eucharist to continue to bring light into your souls. You are the caretakers of your own destiny My children. Come My children and allow Me to shine light into your souls and that is by the way of My Mother. She was and is the first example of obedience to the will of your Heavenly Father. Live by her example. You must respond to your life with the same words My Mother spoke to the angel Gabriel, "Let it be done to me according to thy will.” The words of My Mother only echoed from the cross at My Crucifixion. When I spoke to My Father asking that this cup pass by Me, but let it not be My will, rather the will of My Father. If you seek heaven My children then you as caretaker of your own soul must shepherd your thoughts, actions and words to the will of your Heavenly Father. Now go forth My children with peace in your hearts for I am Jesus and all will be done according to My will.

11/29/11 My child, My peace be with you at a time when the world prepares for the celebration of My birth. I call My children to a time of adoration of their King for I am Jesus. A time to come to Me in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament to pay homage to your crucified Savior. I will come My children and sweep the hearts of mankind. There will come altercations within the universe and the sun, moon and the stars will pronounce the time of My visitation. My children, take heed for if you are striving to walk in the light, joy will then radiate from your heart and others will witness My love. I will come and show the world the fullness of My mercy. You My children are being tempted now more than ever. Do not give in to Satan and his companions, for you are each the caretakers of your own souls. Conversion does not come in one day, one hour for you My children are being converted each and every day to prepare for the kingdom of heaven; but your hearts must be open. I call My children to a 30 day Rosary for My chosen sons. I ask that you recite the joyful mysteries of the Rosary beginning on the feast of the Immaculate Conception of My Mother and offer each Rosary for My priests to remain united to the guidance of the Pope, and to shepherd their flocks in the truth.

the Redeemer of the world. By the Divine Power of God. No individual. Anticipate that great events will begin to take place and prepare yourselves. but to deny the very existence of the Father in Heaven. You have supported schools and institutions. who have attempted to not only deny the Son. 2011 At the Atlantic Ocean. Southampton. Listen My children. family. your communities. The changes will be frightening and terrifying for those of you. NY. and the legions of God’s Angels have been called by the trumpets of Heaven in these times to wage the final battle against the forces of good and evil. many of you have refused to listen. who have been sleeping and ignoring the realities of mankind’s situation here on Earth. For the beginning of the great changes will necessarily take place with a transformation of the consciousness of all souls upon the face of the Earth. Message from St. The wakeup call that will take place will energize many of you. and now is the time that the sands of time have run out. It is time now for the great forces of good from the Eternal Realms to wage war on the evil that has been perpetrated upon humanity by the evil one and his followers. as well as out of your schools and institutions. as well as within your own families and communities. For those of you who are the followers of the Christ. Defend us in this day of battle. as the Lord and Saviour has instructed many of you to do. May God rebuke him.December 1. Now go forth for I am Jesus and be at peace for My mercy and justice will prevail. Michael the Archangel. You have allowed the so-called elitists and power brokers of the world to implement their plans and designs to enslave all of you in a draconian plan to suppress all of God’s children into a lifestyle of godless and hedonistic existence. O Prince of the Heavenly Host. for those of you who recognize that Jesus Christ is the Son and Redeemer. we humbly pray.December 1. 2 . and the patience of your Father Almighty in Heaven has worn thin It is time then for the great events to begin. Be our protection against the wickedness And snares of the devil. listen with great attentiveness for your Savior is calling you each back into the light of My love. all of you. you will experience a period of great turmoil throughout the world. You have been warned over the centuries that the sins of mankind will come to bear on all of humanity. and out of your governments and nations. Michael the Archangel Lo and Behold! The days are now short! The great events are about to begin. who are the followers of the Father’s Son. or nation will escape the reality that is about to take place for humanity. Who prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. For those who have taken up the evil ways of darkness. Prepare yourselves. Yet. This is the plan of the evil one. 2011 Message from St Michael Archangel . The beginning of the transformation will affect each and every one of you directly and interiorly for the better. and leaders and governments that have not only refused to recognize the existence of God but that have driven God out of your hearts and minds. the future will be terrible indeed. You have been warned that unless there was a return to God by your families. and your nations. 2:30pm St.Take this time My children to have quiet prayer to avoid the ways of the world that traps your soul in the darkness of sin. community. Shinnecock Inlet. And the destruction of my mission. And do Thou. Amen. Cast into hell satan and all the other evil spirits. that terrible events would befall mankind. Ned Dougherty .

These rumors are true. I am not waiting for you in the distance for I am waiting for you in all the tabernacles in the world. Many said that one man could not save the entire world but I am here to tell you that all the men in the world cannot even save themselves without Me for I am your true Messiah. so you must all be prepared to thwart his evil plan to dominate and enslave humanity. Trust My children. You will be rewarded in Heaven for following the plans of the Father to defeat his enemies. 10/4/11 3:15 PM 3 . I am the hand of mercy. 5. both in the spiritual world where satan and his fellow demons are now writhing in agony in their last breathes. My children. for their ultimate goal is to use their hoarding of the resources of humanity to further suppress and control the rest of you to dominate you into a further form of earthly slavery. Many of you have already prepared yourselves for the events that are to take place in the very near future. It is through Me and only through Me that I can bring forth the changes in your life that are necessary and fruitful. I have come to tell you that hearts must change in order for peace to come to mankind. I am the king of mercy for I am Jesus. 2011 10/5/11 My children. 10/4/11 6:10 PM My child. the last. The Father in Heaven will not allow these evildoers to have their way with God’s children. who are satan’s minions. You may be hearing in the winds the rumors of war. and it is your responsibility to warn your family members and friends. do not put limits on My mercy for it is limitless and so are the miracles that come from Me. Come. The great days of battle are about to begin between the forces of good and evil. are preparing to thrust all of you into a deepening war in the Middle East to increase their power and control over humanity by seizing more of the resources of the world. Come. My children. Ultimately the Father in Heaven will prevail over all. the final battle for the salvation of all souls. My people say I am the God of justice and I say to you that is reserved for My Father. many will say to you that things cannot happen for you this way or that way but I tell you that they are not your God. The world will offer you everything that is of the world but your soul claims nothing that prepares you for heaven. is about to begin.October 2. I am the heart of mercy. Prepare yourselves through your prayers and meditation to don your spiritual coats of armour to be counted among the soldiers of God’s legions to battle against the forces of evil. as well as your community that it is time to prepare for the coming of the Lord. your food sources. come for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail. the beginning and the end. for the power brokers of the world. I have come to tell you that I am Divine Mercy and it is through Me that My children obtain heaven. Come. and you will be fulfilled through the Grace of God for responding to His Call! Message ended 3:00pm Jennifer . My children. 4. My children. I am waiting for you in adoration. and I will prepare you to be My witnesses in the world. There is no other source but Me for I am Jesus. and your water supplies. and claim the goodness that awaits you through Me. as well as in your world where the dark one’s minions have been doing his work. Beware of the plans of the evil doers to acquire more of your natural resources. I am the first. I am waiting for you in the seat of the confessional. trust for I am Jesus. For the evil one in these times will be futilely accelerating his attacks on all of God’s children.This ultimate battle. so now it is the time that the trumpets of Heaven are blaring and God’s Angels are being called to arms.

My children. What should be most important to you is the love of your family. 10/2/11 1:30 PM My child. What else can you think of that is more important? You undoubtedly will be experiencing many events now in your earthly life that will continue to show you that this material world is fleeting and without substance. through the preparation of the host and the chalice to present you with the true body and blood of the Risen Christ. as it has been ordained by the Holy Father in Heave Today is a day of celebration for all of the souls of humanity. miserly. My children. Do these events cause you to pause and think of your eternal destiny? I’m sure that they do. in these times. My children. you must recognize that it is the love of your Father and Creator that allows you to express your love as God has intended you to do. who have forgone any interest in the true eternal life for a greedy. except as a journey in which you express your undying love for your Lord and Creator. and next would be your love for all of humanity. for mercy is now and My love is unending. My children. anoint you and welcome you into the mantel of Divine Mercy. It is time My children to open your hearts and let the miracle of My love heal you. the love of your neighbor and friends. So what is it that you must consider then? You must consider what is most important to you right now. Buildings and temples can be rebuilt but once your soul is judged it is forever. But remember that these comforts of which you seek are only temporary and will not last through even your own earthly lifetimes. you should be planning for your eternal life in the Heavenly Realms. My wounds run deep out of the depth of your sins and the light of My love seeks to pierce you out of the darkness and into the light. an existence that is so fleeting and quick in the greater context of what the Father in Heaven has intended for each and every one of you throughout your eternal existence. who not only deny His existence. right here. It is in your sleepiness. the world has entered into a historic time. Do you see. Ned Dougherty . Think of all the events that are happening in your world now. Rosalie’s Church. I have called you here from the Meditation Garden to this holy place within the church. I look down upon the world My child and many question My mercy but I say to you that if mankind continues on the path which he is on he will come to the point of no existence. the number of My little ones being aborted? Do you see why I tell you that only a small remnant will remain for man is man’s greatest enemy. so many children are starving not only for food but for love and care. Now go forth for I am Jesus and be at peace for My mercy and justice will prevail. Particularly now. despite the sinfulness of the world. St. a connection that will forever bind you. as well as. where all of you are intended to spend all eternity in the loving presence of your Creator. on planet Earth. who have passed on from their mission in this world to the afterlife. Alas. I tell you that it is the denial of life that man is destroying himself. You are precious. that you fear for your own selfish reasons and fail to see the destruction that is happening now.My child. Hampton Bays. 1:45pm Message from Jesus the Redeemer My son. there are so many of God’s children. I tell you. and most importantly. in these times. NY. who recognize your Redeemer. and temporary existence in your earthly realm.November 2. and My heart bleeds for you. 2011 All Souls Day at the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. My children. next. to an eternal life with your Lord and Saviour. A time when those who are prayerful will find many of their prayers being answered and great graces being bestowed upon them. you must recognize that life here on earth itself is fleeting and the things that many of you value the most will disappear over time. do not allow moments in your life to define your judgment by way of failing to take heed to My mercy. Those who are seeking to be their own God will find themselves stumbling before they fall. but who also cast aside even a belief in the eternal life. Too many are focused on the events that are coming and ask why would I send My people into an hour of chastisement and fear for the destruction that may come. Now go forth for I am Jesus and be at peace for My mercy and justice will prevail. It is for this reason that so much greed and materialism have taken over a world dominated by those in power and control. where I reside for all of you to partake in the most divine connection between you and your Lord and Saviour through the sacrifice of the Holy Mass. What has become most important for many of you in this humanity are your creature comforts in the material world. My children. So what is it then that you should be planning for in these times? Most of all. But over and above all of this. Open your eyes. You sin upon one another and with each other and your pleasures are causing you to fall My children. You seek to remove Me from everything that comes from Me. 4 .

Do not let the flame of faith extinguish within you. Ever since the beginning of humanity here on Earth. This is the message I give you today on behalf of the Most Holy Trinity. Embrace the Divine plan for you must let go of the things of this world that do not fill your soul. You are living in the most exciting times. The most important way for you to connect with your loved ones. the gift of the Holy Eucharist. Son and Holy Spirit. and you are eternally connected to all of your brothers and sisters in the eternal realms.546 Message of Our Lady 09/29/2011 24th Anniversary Dear children. is through the reception of the gift of life that I had presented to you during my earthly life. Do not wait for greater turmoil to come throughout the world. If you seek out work so as to earn the wages necessary to nourish your body then why do you not seek out the same nourishment for your soul which is the Eucharist? 5 . My elect will experience great joy in the ultimate triumph of My Immaculate Heart. Soon it will be your turn to make the transition at the end of your earthly life. I ask you to recognize that here in this Eucharistic Chapel you have a place here on Earth that brings you closer to your Lord. It is through this connection that you must honor and recognize your connection to your brothers and sisters on this particular day that you celebrate as All Souls Day. God is on your side. For it is through the reception of the Sacred Body and Blood that the Father in Heaven will imbue you with His greatest gift to you. mankind has been on a journey that eventually leads to the Heavenly Kingdom. This knowledge and information should be the most important thought on your mind at every moment of the day. who seek to honor your Lord and Saviour. Go in Peace with a heart filled with precious love and prepare for the future of humanity. The time of harvest is not far in the distance and yet what am I to harvest if hearts are not prepared to allow Me to take refuge? My people cry out for justice at a time they should be embracing the abundance of mercy that I am pouring out all over this world. I come from heaven to offer you My Immaculate Heart as a safe haven for these troubled times. Flee from sin and serve the Lord faithfully. I ask your consecration to my Immaculate Heart. So to you. all of you have transitioned and continue to transition to the Heavenly Kingdom through the deaths of your physical bodies. Bend your knees in prayer. The righteous will live happy and see the mighty hand of God at work. so that this gift shall be carried on for all of humanity even until the end of time. and your Lord and Saviour will oversee the activities of all of humanity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite you here once more. you have been preceded to the Heavenly Kingdom by your ancestors and loved ones throughout all of the history of humanity. the Son and the Holy Spirit. You receive all of the Father. There will be peace on earth and no harm will reach the children of God. You will soon join your brothers and sisters. but you are vested in the Lord. Forward without fear. the time for change is now. I ask you to spend as much time as you can with me in the chapels throughout the world where my presence is revered and recognized. For those of you who are still living on Earth. Amen.August 2011 8/8/11 7:20 AM My child. I tell you that you are important to me and I want to see you happy already here on earth and later with Me in heaven. Cherish the reception of the Holy Eucharist as your greatest connection to my Sacred Heart. Saviour. Divine means all. who have passed on before you into the eternal realms. for it is through presenting yourself to be in my presence that the keys to the Eternal Kingdom will be yours. When mankind chooses evil it will come. Rejoice because your names are already written in heaven. Do not lose your hope. Jennifer . my son. a life and love that is available to all of you. The only boundaries that come between mankind and My mercy is his own failure to take heed to it. My children. Message ended 2:12pm Pedro Regis . Brazil 3. I bless you in the name of the Father. When mankind chooses his way it will only rebel against him. as well as with all of the members of humanity who have come home to the eternal realms. You are in the world. Stay in peace. as you are ushered into an Era of Peace.I want you to recognize that ever since God has created the living souls that have been imbued into your earthly bodies. The time of change is here. because I want to lead you to Jesus. and Redeemer better than any other way that is available to you.24th Anniversary Queen of Peace in Anguera. Tonight I send from heaven upon you an extraordinary shower of graces. I offered you the first Holy Communion. As your Saviour and Redeemer. After all the tribulation the Lord will wipe away your tears.

but graciousness. I am calling all hearts to be open to the truth for I am Jesus. I tell you My children. You have worked so hard. embrace on Earth what awaits you in heaven for I am Jesus. Too many are consumed by a world that does not free you to take time to pray and fast. Fast. August 14. You are ready. Please Pray for the following people: Carol Ameche . children. 2011 External locution through Carol at Ameche Prayer Group. Do not panic. The exchange will not be gold.August 14. I am your Mother. you are our faithful ones. My children are restless because their hearts and minds seek peace yet they are searching out for peace in the world and peace can only come from your heavenly Father. of kindness to each other. you are weary. Oh My dear ones. Never has there been a group of people like this in the world. 2011 My dear ones. of course. Each time you cleanse your soul you are magnifying My creation for your hands. heart and feet are an imprint of your heavenly Father.Your body may be good and strong but your soul is empty and is seeking out in ways that will only starve it further. Your way of life has changed more than 6 . for it is time to prepare your hearts for the time of My visitation and the way in which you prepare your hearts is through My way of simplification. and realize that you will acquire greater reward in heaven than anything you acquire on earth that is of the world. It is time to prepare your hearts today for the awakening of tomorrow. the Way. If your body is weak then I say come to Me and I will give you strength. of your prayers. Because I speak of these things does not mean tomorrow or even the next day or the next day. Too many are seeking comfort in a way that is leading them to sin and their souls are not prepared to meet Me. Now go forth in being My instrument of love and peace for I am Jesus and all will be done according to My will. or a greater need for you and your prayers. You are so faithful. children. How are you preparing My children? And what are you preparing for? Are you preparing for your time on Earth by storing up earthly treasures that remain here to wither and disintegrate or are you preparing your soul and the souls of your children. My children. the Truth and the Life? I am the Divine for I am Jesus and it is My mercy and justice that will prevail. It is a time to unite yourselves in prayer with those who strive for holiness. the Truth and the Life for My mercy and justice will prevail. The world consumes you in a way that does not permit you to be silent to let My voice speak. in love and warning that what is taking place in Africa will spread throughout the world. of healing for the world. Think of yourselves as becoming innkeepers. As the winter winds blow forth the snow will come and cities and towns will not be seen as a great cold will come that has not plagued mankind before and will not cease for a great period of time. and nourish your soul at a time when you are being tested by the spirits. Come My children. and My own gratitude for your devotion and your fidelity. Your refuge is coming My children. poor wounded ones. and as I have said. I will come to those who gather in numbers in My name and bestow My heavenly graces upon them. 8/18/11 1:50 PM My child. Your very person is a healing balm for the sorrow in My heart. 8/23/11 5:15 PM My child. If you could open your eyes. I love you so much. I came in love and I come in love now to bring My children to the tabernacle of truth for I am Jesus. because many will come to each of you and stay. to Us who speak words to your heart to use for these poor. for My love and mercy are bountiful. My children. China will push forward making a greater presence upon America as the change of power and currency begins to come forth. Do not become nervous. Is your faith in the world that continues to erupt in greater chaos and confusion or is it in Me for I am the Way. patience. My children. You are prepared. I tell you that your true nourishment is through the Divine for I am Jesus. trust. Do not become worried. but I ask for a new state of alertness. You are instruments of peace and mercy. a new awareness of the importance of fidelity. Your children will lack direction if you are wandering in the darkness. or coins of any kind. openness to the Holy Spirit. I say to My children. or silver. I am here with you. destruction is close. I bring the thanks of all in Heaven for each of you.

Each one of us will encounter ourselves. His presence.. After the great tribulation the Lord will transform the earth and (the people) will see the mighty hand of God at work. 1926-2004 Maria Esperanza -. of an adult. their Creator God. your commitment. Carol Ameche Pedro Regis . "Children. leading to the new "light".you know.!" "Children. Listen to the feasting in Heaven for the day that I returned in My body. and Heaven and earth will sing together. We will be able to achieve the innocence of a child but with the maturity and knowledge. it's mercy we hope for. 1987 . that wonderful something. You have no idea how much hearts will be emptied of trust and perseverance.!" "Yes. It will be the beginning.. the Father says: "Spread hope..! You are here to learn. love You and always live by Your side with Your Mother.. see clearly and determine what is happening around you.. Amen. How I love you. Rivers of supernatural light are awaiting us -. I pray for you. with a heart which beats with the Heart of My Divine Son Jesus. Be very aware of My presence. which communicates to the soul the quality of the discernment of His presence among you... and that. and henceforth live to bear witness and to proclaim. entering to dwell forever in My Father's House.. safe..! Sons and daughters. she says. My Mystical Body. for You have promised to come. very weary brain and will.. the wisdom. who feel a new need for leaning on the might of our Father's Arm." Please pray for my very. the miracle of your own existence. will pave the way to what she describes mysteriously as "a new dawn of Jesus.." And that. yes the consecration of your very souls.m. in My mercy. Lord. for you will feel His Breath.. Amen. accepting all the supernatural hope Heaven desires to pour out upon each one. glorified. right into Heaven. God will show a great sign and the men will have no explanation.August 15. My dear ones. retire in silence. We are all in need of renewal and strength and all those things we pray for." She sees events... His warmth. beautiful surprises. I invite you to listen these next hours as you pray. we count on." You are each loved and renewed in a forever and ever Way! God. the Lord repeats to you. 2011 Message 3. and will be the miracle of your own lives. Amen. And that's the most important thing. There will be a "new light.. and I enter fully into your hearts to model them and make them worthy of this. this is. in order to be in peace. including natural disturbances. we need the most.surprises. and I will always be with you forever.. we will achieve the simplicity of an innocent child. and ever and ever into the New Era and beyond.. Your goodness is firmly in place.4:30 p. I bring all of your prayers to Heaven at this time of focus on the feast of My Assumption. in My love for My people who will accept Me.. in each hour of the day. I love you. children. Hope in My power to save. My dear ones. "He who eats My Body and drinks My Blood will be safe and sound. and beautiful ideas will come to our minds.. But then." "Love each other and your God. we wait for. You are all My precious ones..525 from 15/08/2011 The day will come when men will have a great chance of repentance.! Now wait serenely with the key that opens the gate of salvation. beautiful talents. sound.!" Mary Reconciler of the People RIvers of Light "It will start from the year 2004 on.Maria's cause for sainthood is under investigation Twelfth Apparition: June 21.. like oil poured upon the wounds of the world. will pave the way to what she describes mysteriously as "a new dawn of Jesus. and quietly say: "Lord Jesus.. children. I count on you. she says. and we are here to hold You." 7 . we are waiting for You.. the hour is soon approaching. This alone will be a huge vehicle of hope and mercy for all.." from Mystic's Mention Of 'Rivers Of Light' In 2004 Followed By Stunning Papal Announcement "There will be a new time. and the help I am giving you and always will." Love and courage to everyone who still reads and struggles to stay faithful. Pray constantly: "Hope and Trust for your people. and God's promises cannot be disregarded. and you will feel inside yourselves. I hold your hearts and souls in My Mantle keeping them clean. and more than anything else. give pause.

the Divine spark that will awaken our conscience. I. we must lead good lives. I PROMISE THAT YOU WILL NOT BE LOST BUT WILL SPEND ETERNITY WITH THE FATHER. He will give you the world but you will ROT IN HELL with him. a very great chastisement will come upon us. Before. Those who have CHOSEN to FOLLOW ME HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR. I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. This ERA is about to end and the NEW ERA that will replace it will be as MY FATHER ORIGINALLY PLANNED IT. MY LOVE FOR YOU WILL CONQUER ALL. Now the time has come that the world must be cleansed of its sin. and if we do not change. Many cardinals. You will belong to the one that is soon to come who will claim to be ME. As my message of October eighteenth has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world. Pray to Us with sincerity and we will grant your requests. If you have turned your HEART over to your JESUS. AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. If you have turned against ME preferring instead the WORLD and all that it has to offer then you have made your CHOICE. You are now receiving the last warnings. I am advising you that this is the last one. Before this ERA can come. When we get this light we will be able to feel God in our hearts again.It will truly be a CIVILIZATION OF LOVE. But first. 2011 Our Lady of All Nations has requested that the two messages given at Garabandal be spread worldwide. perform much penance. your mother. ask you to amend your lives." Beautiful words to Jesus littlest of servants August 27. The WORLD as you know it is going to undergo GREAT CHANGE AS I WILL BE PREPARING IT FOR THE ERA OF PEACE.August 19. DO NOT FEAR DEATH OF THE BODY BUT FEAR DEATH OF THE SOUL. To bring all who desire it home to MY FATHER. FINAL MESSAGE FROM JESUS TO THE LITTLEST OF SERVANTS FOR THE WORLD May 18. We must make many sacrifices. A SOUL THAT DIES SPENDS AN ETERNITY IN THE BURNING FIRES OF HELL. June 18. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts. through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel. and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. 2011 Our Lady of All Nations request to littlest of servants August 19. 2009 Over two thousand years I gave MY LIFE for the SALVATION of mankind. You should make more sacrifices. If you ask His forgiveness with sincere hearts. I LOVE YOU!! I LOVE YOU!!! 8 . The EVENTS that have been so long awaited will start soon and they will OCCUR WITH GREAT SPEED. If we do not. a chastisement will befall us. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. If you read these two messages please pass them on so they may be spread per Our Lady's request. Think about the passion of Jesus. 2011 The five most beautiful words to JESUS. We will feel Him all the time with us. He will pardon you. 1965. “ JESUS. For those who have FAITHFULLY FOLLOWED ME. many bishops. DO NOT FEAR! DO NOT FEAR!!! I will provide for you. the cup was filling up. SON. the world must be purified so that those who remain will truly belong to the FATHER."When the light arrives it comes with supernatural light and God will allow us to feel His Presence deep in our hearts -. The cup is already filling up. I TRUST IN YOU! “ Our Lady of All Nations . 1961. to help us realize that God is everything and we are nothing without Him. October 18. Now it is flowing over.

I LOVE YOU!!! REMEMBER THESE WORDS I HAVE SPOKEN AND REPEAT THEM OFTEN. by whose saving streams the thirst of souls is quenched. Prayer to Stop the War as given to Darly Chagas Silva . Amen. pray. as much as lies in my power. and their stains are washed away. and especially by those who rashly dare to blaspheme Thee. magnify Thee. now and throughout all ages. from the depths of my heart I adore Thee and desire. 2006 I ask My followers to pray. send Your Holy Spirit upon us and grant us the forgiveness. Your Loving and Merciful Savior.Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais. Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Have mercy on all the innocent who are suffering from wars. Before the Illumination of Conscience many. JESUS I TRUST IN YOU. purify the humanity and sanctify it.com/ 9 .com DARLY CHARGAS http://latinamericanapparitions. Who will not bless and praise this Blood of infinite value? Whose soul would not be inspired with love for JESUS Who shed It all for us? What would be my fate. 7 Hail Mary and 7 Glory be) LAST CALL FROM HEAVEN http://apparitionscomments. which has given us this saving balm! O priceless balm. had I not been redeemed by this Divine Blood? And what drew Thee from the veins of my Saviour even to the last drop? It was love! O boundless love. pour over the world Your Mercy." (Pray 7 Our Father. to make atonement for the injuries and insults that are constantly offered Thee by mankind. Implore My Mercy for them. Pray so that they may be saved from Hell. JESUS I TRUST IN YOU. welling from the fount of immeasurable love! Grant that all hearts and tongues may praise Thee. May your Holy Name be pronounced strong by all the Priests of the world. Amen. JESUS I TRUST IN YOU. I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS YOUR LOVING AND MERCIFUL SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST CRITICAL AND URGENT MESSAGE FROM JESUS From Jesus to the littlest of servants August 19. Thou Who dost plead the cause of man before the throne of infinite mercy. We ask you Jesus.blogspot. price of sinful man's redemption. many will die (over 1 billion). So pray the Rosary. and give Thee thanks. Come Holy Spirit. to overthrow the powerful from their thrones and exalt the humble.blogspot. Jesus Prayer to the Precious Blood Most Precious Blood of Life Eternal. pray. Brazil "Oh Jesus Sacramented in all the tabernacles of the world.

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