June 3, 2013


:Emmanuel L. Gapuz Division Manager, HRGA :Eldo Casiño President, MWUUUUUUU


Dear Sir, In relation to memo dated _____ regarding the guidelines for sportsfest, I highly appreciate PSC management's concern on safety of its employees and that the management and the Labor Union have agreed to make it a departmental activity. However, as stated in the guidelines that, the venue for the said departmental sportsfest should be within Opol to Jasaan of Misamis Oriental only is a contradiction to the reason why we will not be having a plant-wide sportsfest in the Plant as PSC plant is within the site coverage of the guidelines. Will PSC employees and with or without their families be secured if the sportsfest be within Opol to Jasaan of Misamis Oriental only?

As far as peace and order is concerned , I believe it is not necessary to require all to participate in this departmentalized sportsfest. At this time, as far as peace and order is concerned , I personally believe the sportsfest be voluntarily participated. Thus, (as there have always been exemptions in the history of PSC memos) I beg for exemption from attending our departmental sportsfest and request that the individual budget share of Php 1350.00, aside from the Php650.00 allowance, be given to me and that I can still claim the 1-day leave with pay anytime this year in lieu of the compromised 1-day in a year plant-wide sportsfest. I am hoping for your kind understanding and consideration. Thank you very much. Sincerely yours,

Allan E. Bacaron BLP-Operator

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