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Call Parteneriate

Call Parteneriate

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Published by: Alexa Milea on Jul 24, 2013
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Parteneriate 1.

Andi Shkira uploaded a file. ACTION 3.1 YOUTH EXCHANGE CALL FOR PARTNERS EU COUNTRIES AND SEE COUNTRIES TITTLE OF PROJECT: "We do it" VENUE: POGRADEC, ALBANIA We will apply for this project on next deadline. Please fill the Partner Identification Form and the Preliminary Agreement, sign and stamp it, and after send them be e-mail at riniastudentore@gmail.com with subject " We do it! (name of your country) " Regards, Andi

Bo Jan URGENT!!!JUST FOR ORGANIZATIONS FROM EU!!! Training Course: “You can make a difference” Project dates: 28.01.2014 – 04.02.2014 Project venue: Struga-Macedonia Action 3.1, TC Summary: It is very important to empower youngsters with knowledge how they can be effective leaders and inspire other youngsters. As well is quite important to guide youngsters how they can be good coach for their peers in youth activities. Peer to peer has resulted as the most effective way of learning for young people while they share and feel comfortable in a learning environment with other youngsters. This is why we found essential to develop a training course in order to empower young people who are activists in youth organisations to get more information about coaching and leadership in youth work. All the features related with coaching will be explored such as: what is coaching, the role of a “coach”, tasks, main principles, competencies of youth worker for being a coach, when is needed, inclusion of people with fewer opportunities in a group. Please send as preliminary agreement at: stojanoski_bojan@yahoo.com


The main aims of the Youth Exchange are: To promote tolerance and solidarity among people. Serbia Aleksej Stepanov URGENT! CALL FOR PARTNERS FROM EU27 EUROLECTIONS – YOUR ELECTIONS 2014 Dear colleagues. youth participation in the decision making processes as well as the impact they can make on the upcoming elections for Representatives of European Parliament in 2014. Working language: English Funding: 100% for accommodation.1.Mamuka Khatiashvili CALL FOR PARTNERS!!! Action 3. Our association. The project will take place in Novi Sad.doc Preview · Download 4. national and local level and raise their capacities for coming up with creative and innovative approaches. Title of the Project: “We Are Together” Place: Batumi. Center for the Study of Social Democracy will implement in March 2014 an International Training Course with the title ‘’Eurolections – Your Elections 2014’’. campaigning and advocacy on an international. no age limit for leader. Serbia. In order to become partners on this project. Concretely. all linked to CSSD’s long-term ‘’Vision 2020’’ concept of establishing effective support systems for empowering active youth of Europe. Age: 18-25. we need you to fill in all parts of attached document: IDENTIFICATION OF THE PROMOTER word format and PRELIMINARY AGREEMENT scanned with signature and stamp and send to quant_association@yahoo. the Training Course will set the basis for the implementation of compulsory follow-up events. food will be covered and 70% of travel cost (Apex tickets) will be reimbursed. activists. To fight against discrimination. youth leaders and youth workers from both EU and neighboring countries to discuss the different perspectives of European active citizenship. . 2013 Participants: 5+1 leader (per partner).com till 30th of May 2013 Identification of the promoter & Preliminary agreement . ideas and support for their future work. Georgia Dates: 18-26 October. realized in the frame of the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission seeks to bring together volunteers. The project. partners and friends. The TC will develop participants’ skills and competences in dealing with the topics of participation. Youth Exchange. To provide involvement of rural youth and minority people.

doc Preview · Download · Upload Revision . interested to join the YE and to support the project please send us back the partner agreement (signed and stamped) as well as the partner identification form by email to the following address: international. If you are working in the respective field. EFTA + pre-accession) and partner countries from SEE (South Eastern Europe).cssd@gmail.Active participation in the decision making processes .com (keyword/subject: TC Eurolections14) Please make sure that you used the proper version of the partner agreement and filled correctly.Therefore the participants of the TC will gain new experience. Please note: Partners are selected upon the presentation of complete documents and proper description of working field.Strategic planning & project management .Advocacy & campaigning We are looking for partners from programme countries (EU27. Furthermore potential partners are asked to fill the attached “Partner identification form” (if not available please request by Email).Volunteering & youth participation . knowledge and make partnerships and discuss about ideas regarding the following issues: . Identification and preliminary agreement Eurolections14.

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