Get an alert when the delivery date of a purchase order is two weeks ahead

The following procedure describes how the rule in the example is set up to trigger an alert when the delivery date is two weeks away. The rule specifies that alerts are limited to deliveries on a specific project. 1. 2. 3. 4. Click Accounts payable > Purchase order. In the Purchase order form, click the Delivery tab, and then select the Delivery date field. Right-click the Delivery date field, and then select the Create alert rule menu item. In the Create alert rule form, select the following options to create the rule: o Under Alert me when, in the Field box, select Delivery date. o Under Alert me when, in the Event box, select is due in, and then select 2 weeks. o Under Alert me for, select Only records that match the selected filter, and then click Select to open the Inquiry dialog box. In the Inquiry dialog box you specify purchase orders on a specific project. o Under Alert me until, select No end date. Alerts continue to be triggered. The rule never becomes inactive. o Under Alert me with, verify or adjust the subject title. Optionally, you can write a message to be sent when the alert is triggered. 5. Click OK to activate the rule.

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