Tell me: 1) 3 jobs starting with letter “B” (barber, babysitter, bank clerk, butcher) 2) 3 kinds of sports 3) 3 animals starting

with letter “D” (dog, dolphin, deer, donkey) 4) 3 subjects at high school 5) 3 countries starting with letter “C” (China, Cambodia, Canada, Chile) 6) Which animal is the symbol of Australia? (kangaroo) 7) 3 jobs starting with “S” (scientist, secretary, singer) 8) 7 colors 9) 3 animals starting with “C” (cat, camel, cow, chicken) 10) How many days are there in a leapt year? 11) What is the opposite of “pass the exam”? 12) 3 verbs going with the word “job” (get, have, find) 13) 3 animals starting with “B” (bee, bat, bird, buffalo, bear) 14) 3 means of transportation 15) 3 adjectives to describe character/ personality 16) 3 jobs starting with “D” (doctor, dentist, driver) 17) 3 animals starting with “P” (panda, pig, pigeon, penguin, panther) 18) How many days a week starting with letter “T”? (Tuesday and Thursday)

19) 3 animals starting with letter “T” (tiger. June. tuna. red and yellow) 24) 3 kinds of music 25) 3 European countries . tortoise. turkey. turtle. July) 21) Where can you send a letter? (at the post office) 22) What do we call a room for scientific testing? (a laboratory) 23) What are the three colors of Germany flag? (black. trout) 20) How many months a year starting with letter “J” (January.

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