Top tips for slide presentations

Mark Dawson Student Development Coordinator University of Bradford

What will we cover today What is presentation?  Structure  Clarity  Design  .

clear points  Backing it up with evidence  “I am careful with my material & presentation” (Shelley Berman.What is presentation? Getting a message across  Using relevant. Performer) .

◦ Today I have covered these main points and my conclusion is.. .Structure The rule of three: ◦ Introduction/contents ◦ Key points under logical headings ◦ Summary In other words: ◦ Who am I and what am I going to tell you? ◦ These are my key points because....

Clarity      You know what you need to say/include Content is divided into clear sections Sections are presented in a logical order Material is summarised into key points You have provided evidence (results. 2007) . not long sentences (Harvard Business School. references) Use key words/phrases. examples.

 .Design Use a template to ensure consistency  Try to keep to the same font/font size where possible  Try to make it interesting (charts. images.)  Beware of too much on each slide. etc.

clarity and design are all important!  Get these right and you will have a great presentation!  .Conclusion A good presentation delivers a valid message!  Structure.

Harvard Press.Reference List    Cottrell. S(2008). Presentation skills ◦ Available at http://www.businessballs. The Study Skills Handbook (3rd Edition). Harvard Business School. Business Balls. Giving Presentations. 2007. (accessed December 2009) . Basingstoke: Palgrave Boston.

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