Application of Controlled Switching to 5OOkV Shunt Reactor Current Interruption

Takayuki Kohayashi, Shigeyuki Tsukao, lchiro Ohno, Tadashi Koshizuka, Member, IEEE Susumu Nishiwaki, Fellow, IEEE Nobuyuki Miyake Kozo Matsushita Toshiyuki Saida

Abstract- To suppress re-ignition overvoltages caused when a SOOkV shunt reactor current is interrupted by a 55OkV one-break circuit breaker, a study was carried out on controlled switching. Using a full-scale test circuit, reactor current interruption tests were carried out to obtain the relation between opening phase angle and generation of re-ignition. The results showed that even with the dispersion of circuit breaker operations taken into account, there were contact separation points free from high reignition overvoltages. It was also proved that no voltage escalations were caused by re-ignition and high-frequency arc extinction, and that overvoltages due to current chopping were at safe level in terms of equipment insulation.

Index Terms- small inductive current interruption, reactor current interruption, switching surge, controlled switching, reignition, high-frequency arc extinction, 550kV one-break circuit breaker, 5OOkV substation.

0-7803-7989-6/03/$17.00 02003 IEEE


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