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Published by Todd Koenig
Reading Comprehension Grade 1
Reading Comprehension Grade 1

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Published by: Todd Koenig on Jul 24, 2013
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Subject: Year 1 Literacy Sheet: Reading comprehension

My name is Eddie. I am an elephant. I am very big. I have a long trunk and big feet. My trunk helps me to smell things. I can use my trunk to grab things. I am a vegetarian. I don't eat meat. I like to eat lots of grass and leaves. Berries are my favourite. I use my tusks to dig up tasty roots. I live in a place called Africa. It is very hot here. If I get too hot I flap my big ears to cool me down. I can make my trunk sound like a trumpet. I like to swim in the water. Do you like to swim?
Answer the questions below by putting a circle around the correct letter. 1. What is Eddie? a A bear b An elephant c A hippo d A A gorilla 3. What does Eddie like to eat? a Meat b Peanut butter c Grass and leaves d Fish 5. Can Eddie swim? a Yes b No 2. What does Eddie use his trunk for? a To see things b To hear things c To smell things

4. Where does Eddie live? a Africa b England c Spain d China 6. Is it hot where Eddie lives? a Yes b No

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