Data Given


Power RPM of Penion RPM of Gear FOS

5 KW 720 rpm 144 rpm 2

Tooth Profile Types of Load Types of service Material for Gear Material for Penion Gear Quality

20° Full depth Medium Shock 8 to 10 Hrs/day SAE 1045 hardened by WQT SAE 1045 hardened by WQT Precision gears

Gear Ratio

i= 5

For 20° Full depth

let's assume the

minimim no of teeth for penion as Tp= 18

Teeth of Gear will be Tg= 90

Now find Lawis form factor Y Yp= 0.326 Yg= 0.453

UTS for Penion S p UTS for Gear S g

456 N/mm 2 456 N/mm 2

Now we have to find out the weaker element by using lawis form factor Y×Sp Y×Sg 148.66 206.57

Penion is Weaker

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