104586 Juerjen Anne R.

Domingo 4 AB Communication TH 151 – F It is very hard to give a concise profile about the youth because they vary from culture to culture; the upbringing of today’s youth is also very different form the previous generations because they are deeply influenced by ideologies. The individual self of the youth if fragile nowadays because of their confinement in their own desires; which makes relations with other people quite difficult because they were brought up in a manner that is centered on emotional and immediate pleasures. The youth is already expected to know oneself at this stage, but there are still a lot of questions that remain unanswered ad the identities that they formed throughout their childhood is challenged when they come to the adolescence. Although it has been observed that they are not very comfortable creating new ties with other people, they still have that yearning to find the human love and the married life. The youth nowadays are not afraid to voice out their opinions, especially about things that matter to them. The World Youth Day is a good avenue for the youth to express their opinions especially about a pressing matter such as religion, but sadly it is not something that the media would like to participate in which makes us wonder how they prioritize their news, or if for the media people, this gathering of the youth all over the world for religion is something newsworthy. Their opinions are valid but they are not heard or even taken seriously by many.

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