Choose the best answer. 6.

The graph shows that the number of rabbits sold is A descending C not changing B decreasing D ascending

Set Breakfast (RM6.00) • Egg and toast • 1 cereal and milk • 1 orange juice

1. The set meal is served A at noon C till 2 pm B before 7 am D before 10 am 2. Which function should Harun use if he wants to play a game? A CD function C MP3 Playback B VCD function D Game function

I think I’m going to expand the house by adding a second room.

That will costs us a lot of money, Joe.

Keep away from children and pets. If accidentally swallowed, consult doctor immediately.

7. The word expand means A become bigger C become smaller B become tiny D become shrink

3. You will probably find this label on A insecticides C canned food B chocolates D shampoo 8. What do you think most probably is this sign about? A shooting C eating B gliding D swimming

• juice • blood • lava

4. The above matters are examples of A solid C liquid B gas D air 9. What can you describe about the water in the glass? A empty C half B full D quarter

10.When there is no more oxygen, the flame _________. A blows up C goes up B blows out D goes off 5. How many rabbits were sold in March? A 20 C 40 B 30 D 50

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