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47 Reasons to Apply to Pomona College

47 Reasons to Apply to Pomona College

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Published by Muhammad Jalal
An unofficial guide to why Pomona College is awesome!
An unofficial guide to why Pomona College is awesome!

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Published by: Muhammad Jalal on Jul 24, 2013
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47 Reasons to Apply to

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A Comprehensive Liberal Arts Experience As one of the nation’s premier liberal art colleges, Pomona offers students an education that focuses fully on the 1575 undergraduates, emphasizes academic freedom, and provides an academically demanding yet extremely supportive atmosphere. No class is taught by TA’s. The Residential Community 98% of Pomona students live on campus, and 80% of professors live no more than 5 miles from campus. This means an incredible amount of interaction, growth, and community just about all of the time. Pomona is a wonderful place to make friendships that span a lifetime. Small Classes Mean Individual Focus Only 1% of Pomona classes are over 50 students, and 73.5% are 19 students or less. Professors will know your name and expect you to be an active contributor of your classes. You will get unparalleled individual professor attention both in the classroom, in your labs, and outside of the classroom. A Friendlier Ivy League Caliber Student Body Just by numbers alone, Pomona students are just as academically talented as their peers at the Ivy League and comparable schools. However, there is one big difference- Pomona students tend to be more collaborative and friendly. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who is cutthroat here. Exceptional Racial Diversity Pomona has become one of the most diverse top schools in the country, with the Class of 2016 composed of 9.2% Black, 15.8% Latino, 19.7% Asian, and .8% Native American Students. Beyond the numbers: Pomona students are extremely open-minded and value diversity. A Global Culture 66% of 2016 students come from out-of-state, and 9.5% are international students. 49 states and more than 20 countries are represented by current Pomona students. 34 different languages are spoken by the 2016 students, and 32% speak a language different than English at home.

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There isn’t a typical Pomona student Pomona’s diversity doesn’t just hold in numbers- the student body is extremely multifaceted and complex. No student is like the other, and each person has a unique quirk and reason for being at the school. Extracurricular hobbies and academic interests are extremely varied and diverse, but even the most clashing of personalities can become best of friends here. Pomona never feels like a cliquey, segregated school. One of the country’s best financial aid policies For all admitted students, Pomona promises to meet 100% of need with no packaged loans in the Financial Aid Package- even for international and undocumented admitted students. We’re one of the few schools that do this. Don’t let the sticker price fool you- Pomona makes sure to be affordable for people from all walks of life. Graduation Rate and Debt Pomona graduates 91% of students within four years; this is the highest rate in the country. Furthermore, Pomona students graduate with little debt- among the 20 lowest of any school or university in the country according to the Class of 2011 Report on Student Debt. This ensures that students can thrive without worrying about substantial loans. Ample Research Opportunities in a Variety of Areas Just about every Pomona professor is involved with research, and the lack of graduates makes it easy to join even as a first year. Furthermore, Pomona sponsors over 150 students each summer through its own Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP).


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A Flexible Curriculum Through the Breadth of Study Requirements, Pomona students are expected to take 1 course in 5 different areas, a physical education class, and a language requirement. After this, students are free to take whatever they would like, pending major requirements. Demanding Academics, Low-Stress Vibe Pomona classes are rigorous, engaging, and demanding. However, there are countless opportunities to receive help (such as free one-onone tutoring), professors genuinely want students to thrive, and each student looks out for one another. You won’t fall behind here. Friends and Family from the Start All incoming students are placed in a sponsor group of 15-20 other freshmen and three upperclassmen sponsors, all of whom live together. This group serves as a family away from home and helps students transition into the residential atmosphere. All incoming freshman are also expected to go to Orientation Adventures (OA), all-expense paid outdoor trips such as Yosemite National Park and Sea Kayaking with a group of 30-50 other freshmen and upperclassmen OA leaders.

The Claremont Consortium (CC) 4 top liberal art colleges, located right across the street from Pomona, make the experience more balanced and bigger. These are Claremont McKenna College, Harvey Mudd College, Pitzer College, and Scripps College, all of which have unique specialties. Massive catalogue of liberal arts classes Through the CC, Pomona students have access to over 2200 classes each year, including 200 unique English classes and 140 unique math classes. These are all taught liberal arts college style- small, nurturing classes with accessible professors. Cross-registration is a breeze and students can take up to ½ of their classes elsewhere. Open to One School, Open to All Schools Several unique programs not offered at Pomona, such as engineering and Arabic classes, are offered by the other colleges and open to Pomona students. Study abroad and special programs such as Claremont’s Washington DC Internship Program and Harvey Mudd’s Clinic Program are open to Pomona students as well.

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University Sized Resources Pomona students can eat at any of the 7 dining halls at all 5 schools have access to the largest library collection of any liberal arts college (9 million unique books through Link+), and can attend career and networking opportunities offered by any of the 7 colleges (including Keck Graduate Institute/Claremont Graduate University). Clubs extravaganza With about 227 different student clubs and organizations in just about anything you could think of, nearly $450,000 in student group funding just through Pomona alone each year, and the ease of forming a new club, Pomona is a great place to try new things. Countless events ensure you’ll never be bored With over 7,000 events organized at Pomona alone each year in just about everything- speakers, parties, off-campus events, field trips, performances, workshops, concerts- the social scene is vibrant. Furthermore, events at all of the CC are open to everyone, greatly increasing the opportunities available to Pomona students. It’s all your choice Students don’t have to take advantage of the CC if they don’t want too, nor is it a necessity, as Pomona is the most funded, largest, and most academically diverse of the 5 colleges. They could alternatively choose to take full advantage of all of the opportunities offered at all five colleges. The choice is yours to make, and there is no wrong path- one offers a closer, more tight-knit experience, while the other offers a bigger experience. Most students take both paths.

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A colossal endowment means your dreams will be funded With the fourth largest endowment per student of any school or university in the country, Pomona ensures that just about every opportunity here is funded for. The school spends $36,000 more on every student than the cost of tuition each year, even for full pay students, so no one pays anywhere near the full cost. Obtaining money to attend academic events and internships, as well as to fund and create new opportunities, is extremely easy here. Beautiful Weather Year-Round, Yet With Seasons Sunny Southern California is home to some of the best weather in the country. It’s always sunny and rarely humid, and it’s rare to find days that go above 85 degrees or below 60 degrees. The East Coast trees here still change their leaves, and snow covers the mountains. Brilliant, Caring Professors Just about every professor has the highest possible degree in their academic specialty. They come from some of the nation’s most distinguished graduate programs and have published in primer research publications. But they come to Pomona primarily because they genuinely care about teaching the students. Extremely Accessible Professors Pomona professors are extremely accessible- it’s not at all strange to be invited to lunch or dinner with all of your professors, or their houses. Even professors who you don’t have for a class are available to give you advice, support, or research opportunities. Grow as an Individual, with the Support of Everyone Else Pomona is the land of opportunities to seize and countless paths to choose, but you are not babied here; you have to trace out your own individual journey. However, everyone here wants to make sure you stay strong and thrive, especially after hardships and mistakes. You will be supported in every decision you make here. Top-Notch Facilities with an Environmental Focus Pomona’s facilities are beautiful, constantly renovated, and equipped with the latest technology. Pomona really cares about sustainability, with buildings built to top LEED standards. Study, research, and computer spaces are extremely plentiful throughout. Beautiful Suburb within a Thriving Megalopolis Pomona is located in the quiet, scenic, and safe town of Claremont, which is only 40 minutes away from Downtown Los Angeles and two hours away from San Diego. That way, you enjoy the best of both worlds- a nurturing and cozy college town, and access to world class cities and all that they have to offer.

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In The Heart of Just About Everything Located within an hour’s drive of the desert, the Pacific Ocean, 3 of the nation’s 10 most visited beaches, snow-capped mountains, Disney Land, Hollywood, ski resorts, national parks, botanical gardens, hundreds of museums, observatories, and thriving arts, sports, theater, and music venues, it’s very hard to be bored here.

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Our majors are extremely flexible You can major in 47 academic disciplines at Pomona as well propose another major. However, most majors have multiple distinct tracks. For example, the chemistry major includes general chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry, and geochemistry. This means you can major in precisely what it is you want. Pomona graduates do extremely well Pomona ranks among the top 15 schools for PhD production and placement into top graduate programs. The med school acceptance rate is more than twice the national average, and it ranks among the top 10 schools for graduates winning competitive fellowships. One of the best liberal art colleges for a STEM education Math, biology, molecular biology, neuroscience, and chemistry are five of the ten most popular majors, and over 40% of students major in a STEM field. With great professors, tons of research, a collaborative culture, and access to Harvey Mudd’s STEM offerings, Pomona offers students a top STEM education. Exceptional humanities and social science offerings More than 35% of Pomona students major in these disciplines. Most classes are offered seminar styled, and deep critical inquiry and thesis is required for all majors. Classes are specially designed to prepare students for graduate school level work and the transition. A Thriving Arts and Music Culture All students on financial aid receive free private music lessons. The facilities for dance and music are well-equipped and spacious, and a thriving new studio-arts building is in the works. Concerts, orchestras, a cappella, theatrical productions, art galleries, and movie productions happen each day and are open to all. Language and Interdisciplinary Hub Pomona is one of the best colleges for foreign languages, with a foreign language resource center, language table dining hall, and a language residence hall. 10 languages are available as academic programs, and 2 different ones are available as independent study. 13 interdisciplinary majors are offered, and around 20% of students major in them. Popular options include Media Studies, Environmental Analysis, and Public Policy Analysis.

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A Comprehensive, Affordable Study Abroad Program Pomona College offers 49 programs in 32 different countries. Nearly 60% of Pomona students study abroad in every academic discipline, including science and math. The cost of attending is the same as it costs each student to attend the college, and an additional travel stipend is included, making it feasible for everyone. Special Pomona Programs are Available Pomona College students are welcome to study abroad for a semester or year at Swarthmore, CalTech, Colby, Spelman, and Smith. A special 3-2 Engineering program is available with CalTech and WUSTL. 4-1 Accelerated Masters programs are available through the Claremont Graduate and Robert Day School. Anticipating a professional career? This is the right place. Despite being a liberal arts college, Pomona offers pre-med, prelaw, pre-business, pre-engineering, and pre-education advising. Students place extremely well in graduate programs and preprofessional fellowships like Teach for America. The Draper Center for Community Partnerships Pomona’s civic and community engagement center offers 11 unique engagement programs to Pomona students, funding for student initiated programs, grants for creating new community engagement programs, special courses in community partnership, and leadership opportunities for students who would like non-profit experience. Pomona College Internship Program (PCIP) Offered by Pomona’s Career Development Office, PCIP matches students to internships offered by Southern California partners in a variety of careers during the school year. Stipends for working and transportation are provided. An Administration That Cares Pomona’s administration is one of the most smoothly run in the country, and there is very little red tape to deal with. The staff is very supportive and receptive towards student feedback. The deans get to know each student personally and keep in touch often. A Commitment to Socioeconomic Diversity 18% of Pomona students receive Pell Grants, but as undocumented students cannot receive these federal grants, the low-income population is even larger. Pomona has the greatest proportion of students coming from the QuestBridge program, a low income college admissions program at 35 leading universities and liberal art colleges, and is also a proud Posse partner school.

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An Inclusive, Welcoming Atmosphere Pomona has support networks for all minority, low-income, first generation, international, Jewish, and LGBTQ students to ensure that students have another family at the school. These groups are not exclusive- all welcome students of all identities to participate in every event they host and gain new perspectives.

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Expand your Perspectives Intellectual discussions are a pivotal part of the Pomona experience, especially with such a diverse community of individuals who carry such a wide network of perspectives. The Pomona Student Union and Athenaeum at Claremont McKenna bring famous speakers to campus, such as Bill Gates and Condoleezza Rice. Quirky Traditions The Mysterious Number 47. Mufti, Pomona’s secret organization. The Borg and Star Trek Connection. Walker Wall. Cecil the Sagehen. Ski Beach Day. Snack. Pomona’s traditions are numerous and expanding- maybe you will create the next big tradition? A Beautiful Campus Red, stucco roofs, Spanish architecture, perpetually green grass, snow-capped mountains in the distance, fountains, evergreen and palm trees in coexistence, fruits waiting to be plucked from bushes, hammocks, and world-class landscaping make Pomona’s campus feel like a country club instead of a typical college campus. The Fantastic Technology With 2 cent double-sided printing, wired internet speeds at up to 1000 MB per second, free Microsoft Office, Windows, and other software for all students, 24/7 computer labs, and ITS, which fixes student computers for free, Pomona is amazing for technology. Just About Everyone Loves It With a retention rate of 99% for the 2011-2012 year, the highest of any college in the country, it’s clear that just about everyone loves Pomona. We’ve annually ranked in Princeton Review’s list for Happiest Students, and just last year, we were ranked 6th among 377 colleges for “Their Students Love These Colleges”.

Want to learn more? http://www.pomona.edu/admissions

Disclaimer: This was written by a Pomona College Student who loves his school dearly. It is not an official Pomona College Publication. All information should be current to the 2012-2013 school year.

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