I am seeking your approval for an early initiation of O&M Package 2 handing over, Suggesting a joint inspection by myself and

En.Shawal on all 17 plants prior to 1st August 2013, This crucial as we need to update and verify matters as below: 1) Onsite equipment status. - To confirm that all equipment /instruments are in place as per asset list. - If any of them removed for repair, therefore information such as Fault Reports, Serial numbers will smoothen the process. - To identify theft cases and its details like Police reports. - Also to provide MMS Data for equipment. - To verify any equipment transfer. 2) Also to acquire compliance History for all 17 plants. - So That allowing myself to take necessary early process adjustment on Non-compliance plants. - To discuss on any matter arising such flood or vandalism issues on any plants. - Also safety issues.

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