Introducción a la Lectura Comprensiva de Inglés Académico para Medicina Veterinaria

Se pueden combinar dos o más afirmaciones o cláusulas dentro de un enunciado mayor a través de conjunciones, o bien combinar afirmaciones expresadas en diferentes enunciados o partes del texto a través de conectores. Los conectores y conjunciones lógicas cumplen la función de unir o combinar ideas dentro de un enunciado o afirmaciones de diferentes enunciados o partes del texto, como párrafos. Es fundamental que te familiarices con ellos a fin de que comprendas las relaciones lógicas entre las ideas del texto, a la vez que las jerarquizas. Según el tipo de combinación, reciben diferentes nombres. El siguiente cuadro clasifica, explica y ejemplifica las conjunciones/conectores y sus usos: ADICIÓN SIMPLE EJEMPLOS



You can pay your fees by credit card. You can also Expresan una simple adición. write a check. Tienen el mismo significado de also y too (también, además)

in addition

Ming has to register for classes today. In addition, he has to pay his course fees.


This plant requires sun all day. Furthermore, it needs rich soil. As your mayor, I promise to make this city safe for all. Moreover, I will create more jobs. ADICIÓN ENFÁTICA EJEMPLOS


CONJUNCIÓN CONECTOR what is more (más aún, y lo que más) as well (incluso) besides (this) (además de esto)


We have succeeded in cleaning up the river. What is Presentan province.




more, we have made it the cleanest in the entire enfatiza algún aspecto de lo que se ha dicho anteriormente. Su significado es similar a: “No Ricardo won the award for athletic achievement. He solo eso (lo que acabo de received academic honors as well. mencionar) sino también esto (lo que voy a decir a My brother goes to school full time. Besides this, he continuación) Not only ... but manages to work twenty hours a week. also … ADICIÓN INTENSIFICADORA EJEMPLOS



Spokane has a lot of rain lately. In fact, it has been Muestran raining all week.


la la


a idea

continuación fuertemente


as a matter of fact

You can take the rest of the pie with you. As a matter mencionada anteriormente. of fact, I wish you would since I am on a diet. (de hecho) Gretchen has never cared for the color magenta.


DE EJEMPLIFICACIÓN EJEMPLOS CONJUNCIÓN CONECTOR for example for instance SIGNIFICADO Reactions to bee stings can be severe.Conjunciones y Conectores Lógicos Actually. sea que se need to decide how to reduce the budget by one fourth. se ha mencionado un antes. un miembro o instancia importante de un in particular Learning the use for article use in English can be difficult. Action films Presentan especially appear to be getting more violent. that is. specifically. to illustrate The steps to save your computer files are quite simple. a Presentan ejemplos de lo que person could experience breathing difficulty. we will save the file you have just que consisten en una narración created. when elaboración más específica do you use “in fact”? o detallada. CONJUNCIÓN CONECTOR namely (es decir) specifically (para ser específico) DE IDENTIFICACIÓN EJEMPLOS SIGNIFICADO There is a very important issue before us. As an example. expresado nuevamente de otra manera You can’t go on with this hectic life style. o que va a ser . grupo. we Identifican algo. it’s one of her least favorite colors. you need to learn to relax. Presentan miembro instancia típica de un grupo. for instance. words. CONJUNCIÓN CONECTOR that is (es decir) in other words (en otras palabras) DE ACLARACIÓN EJEMPLOS SIGNIFICADO The garlic should be minced. o Some sports involve considerable body contact. consider the life of Mozart. Presentan ejemplos extensos To illustrate. In other aclarado. as an example Many great composers have had their share of misery. For example. o un proceso. the use of articles with generic nouns may be confusing. Take. rugby. namely. haya mencionado o implicado anteriormente. In particular. you should chop it Señalan que algo va a ser into very small pieces. especially Violence in movies seems to be increasing. Presentan una I have a question about connectors.

Otras conjunciones: although. pensado) a través This lake is not very good for fishing. are fictional. however (sin embargo) Some people think that whales are fish. Learning to play a musical instrument well requires in the same way (del mismo modo) practice. segunda idea o no que es la la The characters in legends may be based on people who esperada en relación con lo actually lived. these animals are actually mammals. however. the sun exists before people Muestran que dos ideas se do. In other. (si bien. In contrast. DE CONTRASTE EJEMPLOS CONJUNCIÓN CONECTOR however (sin embargo) in contrast (en contraste) SIGNIFICADO In some creation myths. (mientras que) on the other hand (por otro lado) though (sin embargo) no confundir con: “through”: (preposición). que que se la idea a the Universe. take in oxygen from water. though. people create the sun. gills. if you write in a journal every day. likewise (del mismo modo) If you study. (si bien. In the same way. It’s great for swimming and water skiing. Likewise. contraponen. However. you will probably become a better writer. whereas with increased traffic. the characters in fables. “thought” pensamiento. . aunque) The proposed new hotel complex will benefit our city. de “think” (pensó. you will probably do well in the exam. On the other hand. animals. often animals. the Earth revolves around the continuación es contraria a algo mencionó anteriormente. Señalan que dos o más ideas o Similarly. the respiratory organs of many aquatic situaciones son similares.Introducción a la Lectura Comprensiva de Inglés Académico para Medicina Veterinaria CONJUNCIÓN CONECTOR similarly (similarmente) DE SIMILITUD EJEMPLOS SIGNIFICADO The lungs of vertebrates absorb oxygen from the air. In fact. it will create serious problems aunque). expresado en la primera. learning to speak a second language fluently cannot be accomplished without practice. even though. in fact (de hecho) Early civilizations thought the Herat was the center of Señalan sun.

they avoid heights. Because of its strength. As a result of this phobia. pero la segunda o idea es debería Most of my meal was excellent. de formalidad.Conjunciones y Conectores Lógicos CONJUNCIÓN CONECTOR even so (aún así) however (sin embargo) DE CONCESIÓN EJEMPLOS SIGNIFICADO New York has many urban problems. (debido a (ésto)) Canvas is strong material. their rituals often focus on rain-making efecto o resultado de algo. nonetheless. it is used for tents. nevertheless sin embargo) Native Americans have often had difficulties preserving pass down old stories about their cultures to the new generations. on the other hand (por otro lado) Learning a new language can be fun. también verdad however. consiguiente) as a result (como resultado) as a result of (this) SIGNIFICADO Rain is an important theme in many African religions. they had been able to nonetheless (no obstante. it can be frustrating. Even so. La primera idea es cierta. it still a Señalan una reserva acerca de great city. The vegetables. were slightly overcooked. diferencian entre sí principalmente por sus grados English spelling rules can be confusing. some have proposed simplified spelling. Se and rain stopping. sin embargo) I know mountain climbing can be dangerous. con todo. Chifumi has to get up at five to get to school on time. con todo. As a result. we decided to take a hike. algo. their traditions. The day was cold and rainy. Some people suffer from acrophobia. Nevertheless. I would like to try it. considerarse. she has never missed a class. On the other hand. In spite of the inclement weather. (no obstante. because of (this). despite this (a pesar de ésto) in spite of (a pesar de ) Despite this. . Señalan que una idea es in por Accordingly. DE RESULTADO O EFECTO EJEMPLOS CONJUNCIÓN CONECTOR accordingly (así pues.

hence (de aquí que) hence they are inert and heat resistant. her manager scheduled several fund-raising dinners. in order that (para que) for this purpose (con este propósito) Fuente: FRODESEN. it is usually fairly clean. With Otras conjunciones: so as to. Catherine needed to go to the market after work. it can amplify sound. (de manera tal que). The plot of this book is not very original. this in mind. J. The ending. . DE PROPÓSITO EJEMPLOS CONJUNCIÓN CONECTOR SIGNIFICADO in order to (do this) We will test your cholesterol levels tomorrow. The ending of this book is easy to predict because the plot is not very original. The candidate for mayor needed to increase her campaign funds. with this in mind (con ésto en mente) expresan relación causal. 2000. (adaptado. Due to its shape. Spring water is filtered through permeable rock. También four hours. Fluorocarbons have stable carbon-fluorine bonds. For this purpose. EYRING. he wasn´t able to finish his research. 203-220. we must ask you not to eat anything for idea a continuación. mi traducción). de este modo) A megaphone is a hollow cone. In order Presentan el propósito de la (para ésto) to check it.Introducción a la Lectura Comprensiva de Inglés Académico para Medicina Veterinaria due to (this) (debido a (ésto)) consequently (en consecuencia) therefore (por lo tanto) thus (así. therefore. Consequently. Heinle&Heinle. is easy to predict. John couldn’t get to the library. J: Grammar Dimensions 4. Thus. pág. she took her grocery list with her.

Conjunciones y Conectores Lógicos .

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