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Prt M Hru Ch 136

Prt M Hru Ch 136

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Chapter 136 of Prt M Hru (Translation and Transliteration)
Chapter 136 of Prt M Hru (Translation and Transliteration)

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Published by: Aankhu Menu Saa Benu on Jul 25, 2013
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Book of the Dead chapter 136
The composition designated 'chapter 136' by Richard Lepsius, from its position in the Ptolemaic Period papyrus of Iufankh, varies in length from manuscript to manuscript. From the New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC) sources, Edouard Naville distinguished two chapters, which he numbered 136A and 136B. Most of the contents occur already within the Middle Kingdom (about 2025-1700 BC) funerary composition known in Egyptology as the 'Book of Two Ways' (principally known from coffins from Bersha, and included by de Buck at the end of his edition of the 'Coffin Texts'). T G Allen compared the following parts with Coffin Texts: Book of the Dead chapter 136 A paragraph a A paragraph c A paragraph d A paragraph e B Coffin Text number 1030 1055, 1167 1060, 1169 1067, 1176 1032-1034

Many New Kingdom (about 1550-1069 BC) manuscripts follow the same order as the Book of Two Ways, with 136A paragraph a (Coffin Text 1030) followed by 136B (Coffin Text 1032-1034). Examples include the Book of the Dead of Satiah (UC 71001), and that of Maiherperi (in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo).

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f.i Hna. S. and I go out to the sky. I move the barque with him.f nDr dpw.f wDa. The god is born. T. and I cut with them to the tackle of the shipyard of the gods. t. h.f m gfw xsf awA nwt r rwd sbg Formula for sailing in the great barque of Ra See now the stars in Iunu.i im.f r nwt sqd. p. D) with translation Chapter 136A (part a. the sun crew in Kheraha.com .i wiA im. i. s.f n xA r tp. b. r. I sail in it as the monkey that repels the thieves of Nut at the terrace of Sebeg (Mercury) Chapter 136B (Coffin Texts 1032-1034) r n sqdwt m wiA aA n ra r swA Hr Snyt nt xt xt twy nn wbxt irt HA ra dmAw HA. k. a.i im.f Hna ra sqd. I sail in it to Nut.s nSny wiA n ra wbxt Dsrt open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. d. m. Coffin Text 1030) r n sqdwt m wiA aA n ra mk ir xbsw m iwnw Hnmmt m Xr-aHA ms nTr arq sSd. his steering-oar is taken up. X.f pr.f snD n. q. n. his headband is tied. the one of the lotus at its head.i r pt sqd. y. H.sn r sxnw wxrt nTrw Sd. I sail in it with Ra.Chapter 136A/B transliteration (using signs A. g.i im. w. x.

i r-gs smsw mtrw.n.i m Axw.f mtry mAat nb tm nis.f Dsr iw mA.Tn swA.f iw xsf.f aApp psg.xr n.f xt axm xt ir n.f mkt.i wAt ityw bnwt.f mTn wi ii.i pw mkt ra mTn wi m pXr.n.f DbA.i imy wiA.n wADyt mkt.i n.n iAw.f nb imyw iw wDa.imy DbAt aSA sw iArw iw mA.n.i ink wsr nb wsrw ink saH nb mAat ir.n.sn aq.f idn in.i bgst im.n.com .sn m Haaw Srryw.n.n n.i n.i Snyt xt HA nb Hnskt spXr in wHmw Hr Hr.i m itn.Tn ink imy nTrw mi dpty n nb siA twt iwa wr in r.i wAt m HAt wiA wTs.i m-m.sn i.i n.n.n.i m mSrw wnwt.i n.f arty r-sTAw in.i Hna sk-Hr m qAb n s.i r Axt swA.f SAs.f m-m rdi Htpwt open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd.f is mAi sp sn Dd.i tfnt anx.f it.i n.n.f Ssp.i sy n mAat xfrw iryw.k ip psDt.n.f aSAt.ii.sn m nfrw ir.f psdw imyw iwnw dmd.Tn HfAw aftt di.f nspw ir n.n.f sbx m nb mAat pwy gr in psDt Dryt nt ist mTn mtry n.i im iw Ha.kwi in.f m sxt Htp tAwy nTr aA r.i wAt swA.

The storm fears the barque of Ra for it. The fire circle behind the lord of the tress rushes for me. If there is fire. I am the one with the gods. I have seen the ones brought to Right. open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. the double lion accompanying them. Look. quench the fire. come then. his father lord of what is within gives witness for him. I rise in its disk. so that I may enter the horizon and pass by with the eldest. What is this one.com . The kite of Isis. their old ones are in joy.nTr aA r. My witness is the one in his barque. O he who is in the chest. and their young ones in happiness. I have cut away the hostile from him. says the Ennead. I summon in the evening at his hour. I have brought the two jaws of Resetjau. Look. I have brought Tefnet. glowing and sacred. so that he may live. glowing at the back of Ra. as substitute. I have spat upon the wounds. He should then be told the witness of Right. he clothes sheltered as the lord of Right.k ip psDt. tied behind him. I have brought the back bones that are in Iunu. I have arrived. Make way for me so that I may pass by with you. I have made a way at the front of the barque. When we rejoice. my light is in its powers.f m-m rdi Htpwt Formula for sailing in the great barque of Ra to pass by the circle of fire This flame it is. I have repelled Aapep for him. fathers and their kin (?). I have assembled for him his many parts. Make way for me. for you are the heir of the Great One. and I have seen there. Come double boat of the lord of Perception. he is numerous in reeds. Come then. I have come with the Destructive-of-face in the bend of its sacred lake. of the Lord of All.

made by Wadjyt. All rights reserved.com . His protection is my protection. On your faces.Circulated by the reporter. I am the mighty one. who counts his ennead among those who give offerings. I am the noble one of the lord of Right. open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. and the protection of Ra. far serpents! Let me pass. Copyright © 2002 University College London. lord of the mighty gods. the god greater than you. See I am in his circuit in the field of offerings of the two lands.

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